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During the year 2011:

Apprehension of Theft of Passenger Belongings(TPB) Offender
On 16-02-2011, RPF train escorting staff of Moula-Ali Post apprehended one outsider by name Shri.D.Akram, Resident of Anantapur in Train No.17604 Yeshwantapur-Kacheguda Express who committed theft of one luggage bag containing clothes, cell phone and other articles total valued Rs.10,000/- of Smt.Harika Chowdary travelling in berth No.8 of Coach No.S-5.  The accused person along with luggage bag handedover to Govt.Railway Police, Kacheguda who registered a case in Crime No.35/2011 u/s 379 IPC dated 16-02-2011.

Apprehension of Fake Train Ticket Examiner(T.T.E)
On 04-12-2011, Asst. Sub-Inspector/Moula-Ali along with RPF staff apprehended one fake TTE by name Shri.Srikanth, Resident of Alwal while he was posing as TTE and collecting money from the passengers of Train No. 57308 Passenger.  He was handed over to Govt.Railway Police, Secunderabad who registered a case in Crime No.513/2011 u/s 419 & 420 IPC dated 04-12-2011.

During the year 2012

Apprehension of Hoax Bomb Caller
On 26-01-2012, Inspector/Kacheguda along with RPF staff nabbed one person by name Shri.Rajendra Prasad, Resident of Mahabubnagar, who made hoax bomb call on 21-01-2012 that a bomb was placed in Train No.12251 Yashwantpur-Korba Express.  The said person was handedover to Govt.Railway Police, Kacheguda who registered a case in Crime No.29/2012 u/s 341, 182, 186, 505 & 507 IPC dated 26-01-2012.

Apprehension of Theft of Passenger Belongings(TPB) Offender
On 05-04-2012, RPF train escorting staff of Moula-Ali Post apprehended one outsider by name Shri.N.Satyanarayana, Resident of Gadwal in Train No.17604 Yeshwantapur-Kacheguda Express who committed theft of cell phone and money purse containing cash Rs.8,000/- of Sri.R.Mathur travelling in berth No.70 of Coach No.A-1.  The accused was handedover to Govt. Railway Police, Kacheguda who registered a case in Crime No.104/2012 u/s 379 IPC dated 05-04-2012.

During the year 2013

Apprehension of ToPB offender

On 28.09.2013 one ToPBoffender was apprehended by on duty Home Guard working under the control of RPF/KCG from booking office Kacheguda  and handed over him with stolen property to GRP/KCG, who in turn registered a case in Crime No.271/2013 U/S 379 & 511 IPC dated 28.09.2013.

Apprehension of accused with 2 idols of Gods

On 17.05.2013  Sri M.BalaramHC/260/MBNR while performing picket duty at Shadnagarrailway station, detained one person by name KuruvaNeelesh S/O Late SawariNagaiah aged 19 years R/O Mukalabad(vill) Ganded (mdl) Ranga Reddy (district) while he was found  in suspicious manner on PF No.1. The HC caused enquiries with him, while on search in his bag,   found 02 Idols of lord SreeRama and Laxmana. Further IPF/MBNR handed over the person along with idols to GRP/MBNRwho in turn registered a case in Crime No.80/2013/MBNRU/S 41 & 102 Cr.PC. During the course of investigation, it was learnt that already a case was registered by Local Police in Crime No.56/2013 U/S 380 IPC for the missing of idols from Hanuman temple, Krindigeri, GandweedMandal, R.R.Distrct. Later accused and recovered property was connected to the said crime number.


On 27-06-2013 ASIPF/Kamareddy  along with staff and GRPstaff  apprehended 02 persons who found with 05 bags containing 22 packets total weighing 40 kgs of Ganja in General coach of train No.08712Ex.VSKP-Shirdi Express at Kamareddy railway station and  handed over to IRP/KCG,  who in turn,  registered a case in crime No.102/2013 U/S 20(b) of NDPS Act dated 28.06.2013

During the year 2014


On 16.05.2014, at about 02.00 hrs, the train escorting party of Tr.No. 17405 express of Nizamabad  RPF Post apprehended one accused by name Tilakram @ Lakhan, S/o. Gorahu, Age 30 yrs, R/o. Kushahar, Post SuratGhar, Tq: Mishrovaiya, Dist: Siddarthnagar, who has committed theft of cash Rs.40,000/- from one passenger by name AnkarlaPrasad, S/o. NarsimhaRao, Age.30yrs, R/o. H.No. 3-3-601, Venkatesh Nagar, Nanded, Cell.No.09763336333 in general compartment of the train between NVT-BSX stations and handed over him at GRP/NZB with handing over letter, but GRP/NZBdid not give acknowledgement on the letter. However, the complainant has attended GRP/NZB office and  lodged a complaint for his cash theft of Rs.40,000/-. In this regard GRP/NZB registered a case in Cr.No. 66/2014, U/S 379 IPCdt.16.05.2014 and took up further investigation. Further, on 18.05.2014, GRP/NZBarrested the above accused and connected to previous Crimes of GRP/NZBi.eCr.No. 05/2014, u/s 379 IPC dated 11.01.2014, Cr.No.06/2014 u/s. 379 IPC dated 11.01.2014 and Cr.No.66/2014 u/s 379 IPC dated 16.05.2014 and recovered amount Rs.5,000/- duly sent him for judicial remand.


On 11.08.2014 Sri. K.Shankar, SIPF/NZB along with Sri.R.Rajender HC-106/NZB while on rounds at NizamabadRailway Station platform No.1, detained one person on suspicious manner. On enquiry he revealed his name & address as Putti Raju, age 34 years, S/o. Ramulu, R/o. Bansuwada, Nizamabad district and on searching him before mediators, found 13 nosof cell phones of various companies and one black purse containing net cash Rs.900/-, one SBHcheque for Rs.15,000/- of account No.SB52067986941 which was concealed in a cloth. The accused further stated that the cell phones and purse were stolen items which he committed theft from various passengers in different trains and stations. The accused along with the above items were handed over to GRP/NZB under acknowledgement, who in turn registered a case in Cr.No.116/2014, U/s. 379 IPCdated 11.08.2014.  Total property valued is  Rs.22,900/.

During the year 2015


On 19.02.2015,   Sri. Krishna Naik, ASIPF/MBNR RPF Post  along with  on duty RPF staff of Mahabubnagar railway station  apprehended 01 ToPB offender who committed theft of one hand  bag containing one Nokia Lumia Phone and cash of Rs.20,000/-; total worth Rs.45,000/- belongs to one lady by name Dr.DeepthiK.N.  The accused along with recovered hand bag was handed over to GRP/MBNR.  After obtaining a complaint from the victim, GRP/MBNR has registered a case in Cr.No.37/2015 U/S 379 & 356 IPC dated 19.02.2015.


On 23.11.2015 at about 07.30 hrs, SIPF/KRNTalong with  staff while making  rounds on PF at KRNTstation, noticed one person aged about 60 yrs, making conversation with two young girls (aged about 18 years) on PF No.2.  On suspicion caused enquiry with the 02 girls, they revealed their name and address as 1) UppariPrabhavathi, KrishnagiriMandal, KRNTdist and 2) KurvaHemaLatha, Nehrunagar, PagidalaMandal, KRNT district and also stated that, they came to Railway station and waiting for passenger train in order to go to  Jadcherla Railway station, in the meantime the 60 year old person by name SundharRaju offered them Rs.1000/- and told them that  he would show the way for easy method for  earning money, and also given his mobile number to the girls for further contact. 

SIPF/KRNTcaused enquiry with SundharRaju, S/O A.Thimmanna, age:60yrs, R/O H.No.45/332A, Labour colony, KRNT, he stated that, 05 years back he took toilet cleaning  contract at KRNTand  now he came to Railway station causally.  SIPF/KRNTbrought the above said 02 girls and the accused SundarRaju to RPF Post and called District Child Protection Unit Officer & Women Welfare Organization officer SmtIndhumathiand also informed to the  parents of the 02 girls.  In the presence of the above said officers Smt.Indhumathi, DCPU/KRNT caused enquiry with the two girls and recorded their statements in which they stated that, the above said SundharRaju tried to offer them money and encouraged for committing Prostitution.  Then DCPU/O/KRNTrequested SI/GRP/KRNT to book the case against SundharRajuSIPF/KRNThanded over the person to GRP for further legal action.  In this regard GRP/KRNTregistered a case in Cr.No.101/2015, U/S 354, 506 IPC, dtd:23.11.2015. Electronic  and Print Media have  also covered the same

During the year 2016(upto June)


On 08.02.2016, the Crime Prevention and Detection (CPD)  team of KCG RPF Post apprehended one suspect by name Mohd. Rafiq, aged 30 years S/o Md.Nawab Miya R/o Talab Katta, Yakutpura, Hyderabad while attempting to pickpocket a passenger on PF.No.02 of KCG railway station.  On the same day he was handed over GRP/KCG under acknowledgment.  Further IRP/KCG and IPF/KCG interrogated the accused jointly in which he confessed regarding previous offences that he had stolen 8 grams of gold and a mobile phone from a passenger in MMTS train in the year 2014 and cash of Rs.6,000/- from a passenger during the year 2015.  The accused was arrested  and connected to GRP/KCG Crime Nos. 384/2014 dated 27.12.2014 and 31/2016 dated 06.02.2016 U/S 379 IPC respectively and recovered stolen property worth Rs.12,000/- (i.e, 08 grams of gold, one mobile phone and cash amount of Rs.2,000/-) from him and on the same day he was sent to  judicial remand.  The case is under investigation with GRP/KCG. 


On 27.02.2016, Train escorting staff of Exp Sri.V.Damodar Rao, Con. 923/NZB RPF Post & Sri.R.B.Gaikwad, Con. 391/NZB RPF Post apprehended one person in S-3 coach, by name Kalla Sahu, age 23 yrs, S/o. Anjuna Sahu, R/o. Bhabinipur (part) Satakutni Town, Berhampur Sader PS, Ganjam District, Odisha State, while he was carrying with  02 bags of Ganja  and handed over the person to ASIPF/NZB at NZB railway station where the accused was enquired and found 14 no’s of ganja packets packed in 02 bags with adhesive tape, weighing about 20 Kgs (approx.) total valued Rs.2,00,000/-(approx.) and later on 28.02.2016 he was handed over  to GRP/NZB for further action. In this connection GRP/NZB registered a case in Cr.No.26/2016 U/S 20(b) of NDPS Act dated 28.02.2016 and sent the accused to judicial remand.  Case is under investigation with GRP/NZB


On 15.04.16 at 08.04 hrs Security Control/Hyderabad Divisionreceived a complaint through Security Help Line No. 182 from one passenger by name Arpitha Panday aged 25 yrsstatingthat while she was travelling by Tr.No.12650 (NZM-YPR) Exp in S-1 Coach berth No.26 & 27 , oneCo-passenger travelling in thesame coach misbehavedwithher after passing NGP railway station.On arrival ofthe trainat KCG station, RPF/KCG & GRP/KCG attended the coach and detrained theresponsible person by name SK.Shanwaj aged 22 yrs and took him into custody by GRP/KCG and registered a case in Cr. No. 09/2016 u/s 290 IPC,Dt.16.04.2016.Later accused was released on bail with clear instructions to attend the Hon ’ble IInd MM Rly’s/SC as and when called.


On 26.04.2016 IPF/NZB, ASI/MVR/NZB along with HC-106 and 02 SI cadetswhile on roundsat Dharmabadrailway station apprehended one person by name Anand Maruthi s/o Maruthi, age-60 years, R/o Shanti nagar,Dharmabad Nanded dist having 04 polythene bag containing 80 liters toddy valued Rs.2,000/- (approx.) from Tr.No.51433 Passenger. The apprehended person with Toddy packets werehanded over to Sri.A.K.Pathan SI/state Excise/DAB,(Biloli ‘B’ Division) with clear acknowledgement for further action.  In this connection SI/Excise/DAB registered a case in Cr.No.29/2016, U/S 65 (E) of Bombay Prohibition Act 1949 dated 26.04.2016.


On 10.05.2016 on dutyRPF staff at MBNRstation platformapprehended02 suspects by nameMd.Rafi, aged 23 years S/o Md Washim R/o Yakutpura& M.Shekhar, aged 22 years S/o Shaukar, R/o Huppuguda fromTr.No.16003Expressas per the information receivedfrom passengers about their suspicious movements.Later both of them werehanded over to GRP/MBNR for further action. Further, during the course of investigation by GRP/MBNR it came to light that the accused by name Md.Rafi, aged 23 years S/o Md Washim R/o Yakutpura has previously committed theft of passenger belongings in a case registered by GRP/MBNR vide Cr.No.38/2015 U/S 379 IPC and NBW was pending against himsince 20.02.2015.The other accused by name M.Shekhar, aged 22 years S/o Shaukar, R/o Huppuguda had previously committed a murder near the railway canteen of Mahabubnagar railway station and he was connected to GRP/MBNR Cr.No.230/2013 U/S 302, 216 IPC. Thus both the accused were connected to previous offences by GRP/MBNR. In this connection GRP/MBNR registered a case in Cr.No.74/2016 U/S 109 Cr.P.C


On 25/26.05.16 Sri. A. Venkateswarlu, on duty RPF Constable of KMC station apprehended one accused by name Batitapuri Ravi Kumar, S/o. Viswanath, aged 19 years, R/o. H.No. 6-22-138, Gowtham Nagar, Nizamabadwho tried to snatch gold chain from a lady passenger travelling by Tr.No. 57563 HYB-PBN passenger.Later, the accusedperson was handed over to GRP/KMC for further action. GRParrested theaccused and connected to Cr.No.53/16 u/s 379 IPC dt 16.04.16 and recovered01 Samsung mobile valued Rs.5000/- from the accused.


On 15.06.2016, from 07.00 hrs onwards, ASC/HYB, IPF/WS.LGD, IPF/MLY, 04 SIPF, 02 ASIPF, 22 RPF personnel and Local Police, rendered assistance to Engineering department  officials & staff in removal of   about 125 soft encroachments   from Triangle bit, Railway land in between Alugaddabavi, Railnilayam, Chilkalguda RUB ( Rail Under Bridge),Secunderabad,  occupied by about 400 immigrants from Maharastra, Uttar Pradesh states. Etc.,. The eviction process has completed peacefully without any untoward incidents by 14.30 hrs.

Source : South Central Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 22-07-2016  

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