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About Us:

  1. This organization deals with maintenance of Traction Power Supply installations, Over Head Equipment, Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition systems etc.
  2. The electrification processstarted inbetween Vijayawada to Balarshah from July 1987 and was completed in June 1989. The second section to be energized was Kazipet to Sanatnagar which commenced in December 1991 and concluded in December 1993. The The third stage of electrification was taken up between Dornakal-Karepalli –Singareni (Ellandu)in 1996. Fourth stage of electrification was between Sanatnagar to Lingampalli to facilitate the MMTS services to Lingampalli, during 2003. Later the section Karepalli-Bhadrachalam Road- Manuguru was electrified in 2008. The on- going electrification between Lingampalli and Wadi is under progress, with section between Lingampalli and Tandur electrified. The number of route kilometers electrified in the division has reached 2200track kilometers, contributingsignificantly to movement of freight and passenger traffic.

  • The Organisation is headed by Sr.DEE , and assisted by sub-divisional Officers at Dornakal, Kazipet, Sirpurkhagaznagar, Secunderabad and Tandur. The division consists of 17 Over Head Maintenance(OHE) depots and 18 Power System Installations(PSI) depots/ sub-stations. The OHE depots carry-out preventive maintenance of the traction installations i.e. the wires over the track from which the Locomotive pantograph draws the current. The PSI depots maintain the Railway traction sub-stations which feed the OHE with 25KV A.C. Power.
  • The PSI and OHE activities are monitored by the Traction Power Controller (TPC), who monitors the voltages of the system and advises the Section Traffic Controller to regulate trains when there is bunching of trains leading to low voltage and stalling of trains.
  • The equipment at traction sub-stations and switching stations is controlled remotely by TPC. The monitoring of the Remote control equipment is also being.
We Perform:

  • The activities of this department are maintenance of Traction power supply installations, Over head equipment, SCADA, construction activities pertaining to the section, and monitoring of energy conservation in electric traction.
  • The Power to OHE required for hauling of electric locos is fed from the 17 Traction sub-stations maintained by Railways, with fool proof protective equipment. A 100% standby Power supply arrangement is designed for feeding un-interrupted power totraction.Railways takes supply from Supply authorities i.e. MSEB/APTRANSCO at 220/132kV for more reliability. The 220/132kV is stepped down to 25kV and fed to the Locos via the overhead equipment.
The Population of important Power supply installation are furnished under:

No. of Traction Sub-stations

No. of Power Transformers

No. of 132kV CB’s

No. of 25kV CB’s

No. of 25kV BM’s

No. of 132kV CT’s

No. of 25kV CT’s

No. of 25kV PT’s

No. of kV LA’s

No. of AT’s

No. of Isolators












The energy consumption of the division has increased in the manner shown:


Energy Consumption (Million Units)











*The Over Head Equipment is built on state of art technology, and designed to cater to Loco speeds of 160kmph.

Innovations / Improvements:

  • Isolation of fault in sidings from the main lines is ensured at SNF / TSS, KZJ / TSS, BKL / TSS, where Power is being fed to main lines, sidings, loco sheds. Sidings at Motumarri, Jaggayapeta, Manikgarh, Ghatchandur and Loco sheds at KZJ, MLY have been provided with separate isolation arrangementby providing additional Circuit Breakers with protective relays , which will prevent main line detentions.

  • During the nesting season of Birds, the birds nest normally on portal booms which carry metallic wires for nesting which causes trippings. These have been controlled by providing simple bird scares, which are kept at nesting prone places.

  • A modification has been carried-out in OHE for EOL loading with electric locos at all the coal loading points which facilitates optimum utilization of the rake.

  • Levelers have been erected at all coal loading points to prevent heaping of coal in the wagons which was causing breakdown of OHE.

  • Provision of PT fuse in place of jumpers:

    A fuse has been provided on HT side of the PT instead of a jumper. During the internal failure of PT’s the fuse will isolate OHE from the defective PT. Thus avoiding OHE getting earthed and causing detention to traffic.

  • Energy Conservation:

    The latest APTRANSCO tariff to Railways is based on the KVAH of energy consumed. Maintenance of good power factor entails payment of less energy charges, for which this division is employingstatic capacitor banks of 2400kVAR capacity, and some more mini banks for effective improvement in power factor.

  • Computerized Current collection and Stagger Checking equipment (Oliver ‘G’) with GPS mapping is being used for detecting sparking in OHE which removes any scope of errors which was prevailing in the earlier conventional method.

  • Thermal images of the jumper connections are taken for monitoring the conditions of the connections, since it is not always practically possible to check the same physically under power block conditions.

Thrust areas:

  • To improve the reliability of OHE 35kms of Aluminium Catenary wire has been replaced out of 567 kms available.
  •  68 Nos. ofAluminium Cross-feeder wires have been replaced with more reliable Copper Cross-feeder wire out of 165 Nos.. Rest are being planned.
  • The failure prone Winch type auto-tensioning devices are being weeded out with more reliable Modified 3 –pulley type ATD’s and the work is expected to be completed in the current financialyear.
High lights for the current month

02 Nos LED based Miner's Cap lamp of 1800 LUX have been facilitated to depots to provide focussed light during work, to avoid the need for holding light by OHE gang staff, there by complying with CEE/SC's inspection note of KZJ depot on 29-03-2013.

Source : South Central Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 04-12-2013  

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