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            Notifications and Results

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Notifications and Results


  List of eligible and Ineligible candidates for the post of CLI/Dsl and CLI/Elec of notifications dated 01.12.15

Filling up the tenure posts of Crew Controller/Traction Loco Controller on SC Divn. in PB-2 with GP 4200/-
Revised panel for the post of LP (Goods) in PB-2 with GP 4200/- in Mech. Loco Running Dept. on SC Divn.Selection to the post of JE/Tele in PB-2 with GP ` 4200/- in S&T against 20% Deptl. Quota in SC Divn .Promotion to the post of Asst. Loco Pilot in PB-1 with GP ` 1900/- with 50% Deptl. Quota lateral induction             from Maintenance staff of Electrical/Diesel loco sheds.
         (Covering letter  Question Bank (Descriptive & Objective)

InEligible list of SPORTS quota (open Advt. quota 2015-16) of SC Divn.

Formation of panel for filling up the post of Tech. Gr.-III in PB-1 with GP Rs. 1900/-against 20% LDCE quota in   Mech (DSL) Loco shed/KZJ of SC Divn.     Question Bank  -- (Electrical and                                                                                                                                                                                                       Mechanical)

Memorandum of Selection to the post of Shunting Master Gr.II in PB-1 with GP ` 2400/- in Optg. Dept.Selection to the post of Section Controller in PB-2 with GP ` 4200/- against 75% Dept. Quota

Q-Bank for     selection from Gr 'D' to 'C' as Ticket Examiners 33 1/3% promotional quota & 16 2/3% LDCE quotaSelection to the post of Ticket Examiner in PB-1 with GP ` 1900/- against 33 1/3% promotional quota to be filled by Non-Matriculate employees in GP ` 1800/- of Comml. Dept. of SC Divn.

 Selection to the post Trains Clerk against 33 1/3% promotional quota in PB-1 with GP ` 1900 of Optg. Dept.

Formation of panel for filling up the post of Tech. Gr.III in PB-1 with GP ` 1900/- against 25% LDCE   quota/qualified staff quota in Mech.(C&W) Dept. of SC Divn.

                                                                                         C & W Q-Bank
Selection for filling up the post of JE/TELE in PB-2 with GP ` 4200 in S&T against 20% LDCE quota, SC Divn.

Selection to the post of Goods Guard in Pay Band Rs 5200-20200-2800 against 15% LDCE Quota in OPTG. Dept - 19.06.2015             Results

NOTIFICATION for Trains Clerks with GP 1900 against 33 1/3% promotional quota ny Non-Matriculate employees in GP  1800 of OPTG. Dept. in SC Divn.   Syllabus & Question Bank

 NOTIFICATION for Traffic Apprentice in PB-2 with GP4200 against 10% LDCE quota Dt. 26.05.15


NOTIFICATION for JE Electrical Maintenance (Non AC) in PB-2 with GP 4200/- against 25% promotional quota

RESULT - Qualified candidates in SCOR departmental quota written examination held on 02.04.15 for further stage of selection process

Notification for SHUNTING MASTER Gr II in PB-1 GP 2400 Dt. 08.05.2015 

Questions & Answers

Notification for selection of GOODS GUARDS against 15%LDCE quota dt 08.05.201

Questions & Answers     Maths

Notification for the post of S&WI /Pers. Branch/SC Divn. against 50% quota in PB-2 + ` 4200(GP) amongst optee Sr. clerks of Pers. Branch/SC Divn.

List of Qualified staff against 25% LDCE quota in Elect./TRD Orgn. on SC Divn. for the post of         Tech. Gr.III/OHE in PB-1 with GP ` 1900/-

Formation of panel for filling up the post of Tech. Gr.-III/OHE in PB-1 with GP ` 1900 against 25% LDCE Quota/qualified staff quota in Elect./TRD organization in SC Divn.        Question Bank

32. Formation of panel for filling up the post of Tech. Gr.-III/PSI in PB-1 with GP ` 1900 against 25% LDCE Quota/qualified staff quota in Elect./TRD organization in SC Divn.   Question Bank

Notification for LDCE 25% JE at ELS/LGD

31. Formation of panel for filling up the post of Jr. Engg. in PB-2 with GP  ` 4200/- against 25% LDCE Quota in Elect. TRD organization

30. Formation of panel for filling up the post of Tech. Gr-III/AC in PB-1 with GP `1900/- against 25% LDCE Quota/Qualified staff quota in Elect./GS department.              Hindi Question Bank

29. Recruitment in Sports quota-2015

28.Provisional  Eligible Candidates for trails in Sports Quota recruitment/SC Divn. Ineligible Candidates

27.GOODS GUARDS  60% Departmental quota selection panel

26.# Flash #  Results of Goods Guard Exam Held on 26 & 29th Sep 2014,  against  60% Departmental      Quota                

25. Memorandum dt. 30.09.2013 for LARSGESS - 2012 (2nd Phase) (01.10.2013)

24. List of staff nominated for Pre-Promotional training to fill up the post of JE in PB-2 against 25% PRQ in Elec/GS Dept.       (04.09.2013)

23. Notification for filling up of post of JEE(TRD) in PB-2 with GP Rs.4200/- in 25% LDCE quota in Electrical TRD Dept.       (28-08-2013)
22.  Formation of panel for filling up post of JE in PB-2 Rs. 9300-34800, G.P Rs. 4200 against 25% promotional quota in Electrical(TRD) department (22.08.2013)
21. LARSGESS notification for second half of 2013 (i.e July'13 to Dec'13). (22.08.2013)
20.  List of candidates of RRC-SC absorbed as Trackman dated 27.06.2013  (01-07-2013)
19 List of provisionally eligible employees for VR and appt. of their wards in Engg Dep 2011-2nd & 2012-1st phase (14-6-13)

18. Notification calling for volunteers from the staff of Electrical department to work in RE/Projects/SC.(06.06.2013)

17.  List of candidates provisionally eligible for LARSGESS for the year 2011(2nd phase) and 2012(1st phase) in Civil Engg dept of SC Divn subject to conditions(04.06.2013)
16. List of employees eligible for V.R under LARSGESS and appointments to their wards for the year 2011(2nd phase) and     2012(1st phase) in Civil Engg department of SC Division. (31.05.2013)
15.  Selection to the post of Good Guard in pay band Rs. 5200-20200 G.P Rs. 2800/- ) against 60% dept quota Eligible and in-eligible lists.(10.05.13)

14. Panel of Scouts and Guides  in erstwhile Grouyp 'D' posts for the year 2012-13.(28.03.13)

13. Recruitment of Scouts and Guides in erstwhile Group 'D' posts for the year 2012-13 - Divl quota - SC Divn (26.03.13)

12. ALPs Allotted to SC Division and Offer letters dispatched (20-03-2013)
11. Medical examination for wards of employees of Engg. Department under LARSGESS. dt.21.02.2013 (21.02.2012)

10.Filling up of vacancies of Passenger Guard in GP Rs. 4200/- dt 07.02.2013 (07.02.2013)  

09 Office order for filling up of Sr. Goods Guards in GP Rs. 4200/- dated 04.02.2013 (04.02.2013)

08 LARSGESS 2011 & 2012 Call for medical to staff of Electrical dept : dated 01.02.13 (04.02.13)

07 Re-engagement of retired staff in Sr DMM/O/SC - Calling of applications

06 List of emp who are fit in Aaa-1 medical class and are eligible for WT in 50% Lateral Induction (24.01.13) 

05 Intra Divisional Requests of ALPs and Sr.ALPs 

04 Question Bank for Trainee Assistant Loco Pilot against 50% lateral Induction
      a. General Awareness

      b. Mathematics

      c. Railway Working

      d. Electric Locos

      e. Diesel Locos

      f. Objective Type

03 Calling for Medical examination for candidates passed LARSGESS 2011-2012 Exam dtd. 23.01.2013 (23-01-13) 

02 Filling up of GDSGD post - 60% Dept quota - Notification/Syllabus/Application format dated 10.01.2013  (23-01-13)

01 Filling up of the post of Sr. ALP S. O. O. No, 106/ELR/12/2012 (31.12.2012) 01-01-2013

Source : South Central Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 12-05-2016  

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