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Signal & Telecom

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Provisional seniority list of  Helper Gr. I & II of S&T Department up to 31.05.2013 issued

Question bank for JE - II Signal & Telecom LDCE Quota  

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The efficient upkeep of Signal and Telecommunication assets is the responsibility of the Signal and Telecommunication Department of the Secunderabad division in South Central Railway.

Secunderabad division is having 127 number of block stations with more than one lac number of Signaling assets such as Block instruments, Signal Units, Point machines, Track Circuits, Axle Counters ,IBs and IPS etc. These vital Signaling systems are essential and come under safety category for safe running of Trains.

Telecommunications plays important role in the division and is associated with Safety Communication, Operational Communication, Administrative Communication system and Passenger Amenities in the station. The passenger amenities provided in the stations are Platform Clocks (Analog and Digital), Public Address System (Manual and Microprocessor based), Train Information Boards, Coach Guidance display boards, At a glance coach guidance display boards and Divisional Train Enquiry system with Touch Screens gives various types of information to the passengers. In the security front line, IP based surveillance system plays key role. In addition to these, various data networks like PRS (Passenger Reservation System), UTS(Unreserved Ticketing System)and FOIS (Freight Operations Information System) are being maintained by this division.


Sr DSTE. Senior Divisional Signal and Telecommunication Engineer is in charge of the Signaling and Telecommunication Branch of this division. He is responsible to the Divisional Railway Manager for the maintenance as well as the correct functioning of the installations under his charge.

He is under the technical control of the Chief Signal and Telecommunication Engineer to whom he is responsible for a technical matters. He will be assisted by a team of officers in different grades.

S&T Organisation Structure

Major Activities:

  1. At Hyderabad PRS, “Electronic Token System for PRS reservation counters” has been providedto facilitate the passengers for easy and comfortable reservation ticket booking.


   2.At Mehbubabad station,true color LED basedAt a glance Coach guidance Display boards/ Train Information boards andCoach guidance display boards have been commissioned on platform number 1 & 2 to guide passengers for easy identification of arrival and departure of Trains, Platform number & Coach position. The operating console unit has been handed over to commercial department for day to day operation.


     3. At Tandur station, 3 Numbers of 300 mm , 24 hours format LED based GPS digital platform clocks have been provided to facilitate the passengers to know exact time.

   4.  3 Nos of WLL exchanges of SIEMENS make have been commissioned at the Secunderabad, Kazipet and Bellampalli ARTs to facilitate better wireless communication at the unusual/accident site.


    5. At 8 stations viz. Secunderabad, Hyderabad, Kazipet, Warangal, Khammam, Peddapalli, Bellampalli, Sirpur Khaghaznagar and Ramagundam, Face to Face enquiry system have been enquiry counter for better communication between passengers and enquiry clerk.

6. At Bellampalli Goods cabin, Solid State Interlocking(Microlok-2) has been commissioned in place of worn out and overaged lever frame duly providing Motorised points, Track circuiting of entire yard, IPS and Datalogger by Dy.CSTE/P/SC for improving safety in train operation.


7.At Papatpalli, old and overaged panel has been replaced and Relay room to Panel new cables have been provided for improving reliability of signalling system.

8 .Bidar post office, PRS has been commissioned on BSNL channel betweenBidar station and Bidar post office.

9. At Tandur station, 47 nos of LED based Coach indication boards on platform no: 1 & 2, have been commissioned on , to guide the passengers for theposition of coaches.

10. OFC in Vikarabad – Parli section (245 Km) is Lit by M/s Rail Tel corporation ofIndia Limited. The control circuits are transferred into OFC system at Kohir, Mattlakunta, Bhalki, Her & Ghatnandur stations. Railway auto telephones are provided at these stations {Kohir (81067), Mattlakunta (81006), Bhalki (81070),Her(81002) and Ghatnandur (81071) stations}.

11. BSNL telephone no: 27829999 with 4 line hunting and NTES terminal is provided
at centralized enquiry system in Sanchalan Bhavan .

12. New BSNL Telephone No: 08728 – 222031 is provided in enquiry counter
at Peddapalli station.

13. - WLL phone No. 08482-208020 has been provided at newly opened Khanapur station between Bidar and Halburga in Vikarabad – Parli section as standby communication.

14. At Kazipet, a coordination meeting has been conducted by DSTE/KZJ with AIRTEL officialsto draw action plan on improving AIRTEL signal strength along the Railway track

15.   At 11 stations viz. Bellampalli, Kesamudram, Bonakalu, Yelgur, Jammikunta, Ghatkesar, Lalaguda, Hafizpet, Mantatti, Vikarabad and Kohir, directed maintenance has been carried out to attend the maintenance deficiencies thereby improving reliability of signaling system.

16. At 8 stations viz. Whirgaon -02 , Manikgarh-02, Bellampalli-4, Ramagundam-09, Dornakal- 2 , Kazipet/RRI -01,Kazipet ‘E’ & ‘F’ cabin- 04, Jammikunta-01 and Ghatkesar- 02 Nos,27 Nos ofworn out tongue rails have been replaced to improve the safety.

17. At 5 stations viz. Khammam, Kazipet, Waragal, Ramagundam and Manchiriyal, Train Indication and Coach GuidanceDisplay board system operating console have been shifted from Dy.SS room to booking office for operation of these systems by commercial staff. This work is long pending and the TIB/CIB are inoperative at the above stations for last 6 months. This work has been completed departmentally by mobilizing the staff and material from other sections.

18. At 3 stations viz. Nekonda, Kesamudram and Garla, 8 port routers have been provided in place of existing 4 port routers for UTS/PRS networks to upgrade network reliability and to enable to connect more number of route diversity channels in future

19. At 10 stationsviz.Vikarabad, Tandur,Bidar, Parli, Bonghir, Warangal,Ramagundam, Manchiriyal, Bhadrachalam and Khammam, Train Number and Coach Numberdisplay duration timing on Coach Indication Boards have been changed to 8 & 12 sec respectively to facilitate easy identifacion of the coach number to the passengers.

20..At Sirpur Kaghaznagar station, Thin client has been provided for UTS network to facilitate for continuousworking of UTS counters in case of data channels link failure.

21. At Darur station, LC No 16 has been closed in view of RUB provision thereby saving in manpower has been achieved.

22. At LC gate no 40 between Bidar and Hulbarga stations, PA system and LCDprojector have been provided for safety awareness programme for LC gateusers.

23.At Parli station, Operating Console unit of Train Information Boards and Coach guidance display boards has been shifted to booking office.

24. At 10 stations, viz. Secunderabad, Hyderabad, Kazipet, Warangal, Khammam, Ramagundam, Manchiryal, Sirpur Kaghaznagar, Vikarabad and Tandur, telephones of BSNL and Railwayhave been provided in Help line Counters in view of the rail roko agitation by telangana joint action committee in telangana regionon 14-07-2011.

25.At Parli station, Face to Face enquiry system has been provided in enquiry counter for better communication between passengers and enquiry clerk .

26. At Lingampalli station, PA system console rack replaced and rewiring done to improve the reliability in train announcement system .

27.At Lingampalli station, 6 numbers of 30W horn speakers have been provided in the existing PA system network on Platform no: 1,2 & 3 to improve the audio quality in PA announcements to the passengers.

28. At Begumpet station, 3KVA stabilizer has been connected for Train Information Boards and Coach guidance display boards available in Platform no: 1&2 to avoid the failure of these display boards in case of AC voltage fluctuations.

29.Thin client has been provided for UTS network at Kesamudram, Nekkonda & Mahabubabad station

30. At 12 stations, viz. Sadasivapet, Marapalli, Zahirabad, Bidar, Khanapur, Halburga, Khalgapur, Kamlanagar, Udgir, Latur Road, Janwal & Pangaon, data logger have been connected on existing 6 quad cable and made through into OFC net work to integrate with the existing data logger network. With this, 17 out of 19 stations in Vikarabad – Parli section (except Chakur & Pangaon) have been connected in network to monitor at Secunderabad.

31. At 4 stations, viz. Rajura, Pandarpawani, Marathwada cement works & Ghatchandur in Manikgarh – Ghatchandur section data logger have been connected on existing 6 quad cable and made through into OFC net work to integrate with the network to monitor at Secunderabad.

32. At Kazipet new goods cabin, data logger has been commissioned and connected in network to monitor at Secunderabad.

33. At Ghatkesar Station, T- port network connectivity on OFC has been provided on SCS data logger to speed up the posting of the data.



    This is a next generation technology initiative from South Central Railway essentially to provide real - time information on the current status of running of Multi Model Transport System (MMTS) trains over 26 MMTS stations of twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad for the benefit of rail users.  This Application also provides the actual arrival/departure timings of express/passenger trains and their nominated platforms at the three major passenger terminals - Secunderabad, Hyderabad and Kacheguda Railway stations. In addition, this app contains useful information required by the rail passengers in general on a host of other subjects like

    Live MMTS Running Status: 

    MMTS Time Table

    MMTS Route Map

    MMTS routes 

    MMTS fares 


    Nearest Station by Locality: 

    Live Status of Express/Passenger Trains: 

    General Information

    Time Table

    Help lines

    Ambulance, Hospitals, Hotels and Cabs

    A passenger friendly initiative has been taken by the division by hosting the “Live status of train arrival and departure at the Secunderabad and Hyderabad station” on SCR website and also launched “Face book” account for Secunderabad division for better social networking in bringing the potential of information technology towards improving the customer services. Now, Kacheguda station Live status has  also been  included in the website. 


    This system generates and sends the failure information instantly to the concerned, whenever various signaling gears like track, point and signals fail.  This helps in attending the failures promptly, reduces the train detentions and ensures better safety in train operations. NMDL software Processes the On-line station Data from Data Logger network, for Exception Occurrence. It will Pop Up a On-line Fault Screen with information regarding the Current Exception. This has been implemented in Bellampalli subdivision.


    Division has innovated a system which gives the Audio & Visual warning to the station master. The existing data logger inputs are fed to a micro processer in the data logger, which is programmed with necessary logic for identifying the condition in which points not set against the occupied lines within 03 minutes and generates the Audio & Visual warning to alert the station master.

    PRE WIRED NON INTERLOCKED PANEL :Electronic Interlocking was installed at 11 stations in ‘A’ Route of SC division. In the 

     event of failure of EI, complete yard becomes paralized.Through the NI panel safety is achieved with “one train one  signal” concept. 

    Detention to train services is minimized, piloting is avoided & S&T staff can concentrate on restoration of EI. 


     Monitors the voltage & the temperature of the individual cells in a bank, the bank voltage and bank capacity, detection of smoke arising out of short circuiting of wires. It monitors the current by using a Hall Effect current transducer so that there is no series connection with the load.


    A continuous e-learning system has been developed in Secunderabad division.  All the sub-divisional head quarters are provided with visual display units which are facilitated with e-learning modules. The DSTEs/ADSTEs of concerned section are nominated to prepare the presentation on maintenance of signalling gears. On every Saturday, classes are being conducted with Audio and Visual aids by the concerned sub divisional officers to improve the knowledge of ESMs and Khalasis for better maintenance of assets and ensuring safety. 


    Two innovative trials have been conducted in Secunderabad division on SPAD ALERT SYSTEM. 


    The SPAD Alert System is to give alarm to the loco pilot on approach of the First Stop Signal (FSS) when the FSS is at Danger and the locomotive is moving at a speed greater than the permissible speed.


    The SAS used for trial has deployed on board equipment, station equipment, on track equipment.

    The FSS aspect input from the interlocking is communicated to the on board equipment (Loco cab) through RFID readers, radio modules and controller units. If the aspect of the FSS is RED and the speed of the locomotive greater than the permissible speed, it gives an audio alarm to the loco pilot.


    This is a location based hooter system using audio frequency track circuits (AFTC). A control unit housed in location box receives aspects of FSS and status of AFTCs which are fitted near the distant signal 60m apart. The controller unit calculates the speed of the train using the time stamps of the occupied and Free State of AFTCs & their length.

    If the FSS is ON and the speed of train is more than permissible (50 KMPH during trial) the controller will trigger a hooter placed at 2 Km from the FSS to alert the loco pilot.

Highlights / Events of the Current Month

Closure of LC Gate:

LC No 92, ‘Special’ class LC gate at Dornakal Bypass has been closed and single line distant aspect control circuit alteration has been commissioned on 20.06.14.

3.Replacement of SM’s Slide with Mini control cum indication panel:

 LC 79, ‘C’ class LC gate at Km no.428/9-11 between Kesamudram-Tondalagopavaram the existing SM’s slide have been replaced with mini control panel on 13.06.14  to improve reliability of signaling system. 

Shifting of gate lodge:

LC 79, ‘C’ class LC gate at Km no.428/9-11 between Kesamudram-Tondalagopavaram, the gate lodge has been shifted from UP line to Down line and complete rehabilitation has been carried out on 13.06.14 to improve better visibility and safety of road users.

System Integrity test:

As per the directives issued by CSTE & COM vide letter no. SG/130/2/3/Vol.IX Dt: 30.07.10, the system integrity test of panel interlocking installations is conducted at the following stations as per para no. of SEM.

S.NoStationSectionDate of test

CMW 23.05.14

Shiting of location boxes:

At Charlapalli, point no. 17ATF, 17BTF, 16ATF, 17ATR, 18, Signal no. 35 & Signal no. 1 circuit functions have been shifted from old location boxes to new location boxes to improve reliability and safety of signaling system.

Provision of conventional earths:

At 04 locations, viz., pagidipalli (08) for location boxes, Peddapalli-Kolnur for down BPAC(1), Peddapalli-Raghavapuram for  Up & Down Axle counter location boxes(4), Hasanparti-Uppal IB(2), Total 15 nos.of conventional earths have been provided  to avoid failure of circuits during bad weather conditions to improve reliability of signaling system. 

Replacement of calling on signal boards:

At Badrachalam road, 04 nos of Calling on Signal boards have been replaced for better visibility and to improve safety of signaling system on 21.05.14.

Provision of PPTC Fuses:

At 02 stations, viz., Ramagundam-80 and Manchiryal-50, 130 nos of PPTC (Polymeric Positive Temperature coefficient) have been provided in addition to existing 2 Amps fuses to avoid failure of circuits during bad weather conditions on 30.05.14 & 05.06.14 respectively.

Directed Maintenance:

At 06 stations/IB, viz., Uppal, Pagidipalli, Secunderabad RRI, Ghatnandur, Kohir and Kesamudram-Tadlapusapalli IB,   Directed maintenance has been carried out to attend the deficiencies for improving reliability of signaling system.

Measurement of quad & signalling cable parameters:

At 11 stations/IBs, viz., Sirpur town, Bellampalli-Rechni IB, Rechni, Mallemadugu, Manuguru, Raghunathpalli-Ippaguda IB, Udgir, Kamalnagar, Marpalli, Pangaon and Chittapur-Malkhaid road IB, the Measurement of quad cable & signalling cable parameters has been carried out to improve reliability of signaling system.

Replacement of Point machines:

At 03 stations/Cabins, viz., Ghatkesar-1, Sanathnagar’A-1, Lingampalli-2, total 04 nos of overaged point machines (universal make) have been replaced to improve reliability of signaling system.

Provision of Modified Current Regulators:

At 28 locations, viz., Whirgaon-1, Rajura-1, Whirgaon Up IB-1, Ramagundam Bp-2, Peddampet-1, Mandamarri’B-1, Pandillapalii-2, Mahabubabad-Gundratimadugu IB-3, Papatapalli-3, Gajulagudem-1, Badrachalam road BP-1, Tadikalapudi-1, Bethampudi-1, Kazipet’E & F cabins-35, Nekkonda-2, Mahabubabad-2, Moula-ali’C-1, Charlapalli-2, Nagalapalli-2, Chitgidda-1, Dharur-1, Pangaon-1, Janwal-1, LC 27(BIDR section)-1, Bhalki-1, Halburga-1, Sulehali-1 and Nawandgi-1,  total 72 no.s of modified current regulators have been provided.

Replacement of Secondary Cells & defective cable:

181 nos of aged secondary cells of different capacities & 23.47 Kms of defective signaling cables have been replaced.

Safety counseling: 

  As a part of Safety counseling “E learning classes” have been conducted on every Saturday at Secunderabad, Bellampalli, Kazipet, Khammam and Vikarabad, by DSTE/KZJ, ADSTE/KZJ, ADSTE/SC, ADSTE/BPA, ADSTE/KMT and ADSTE/VKB on different topics.

Road Safety Works:

LC No 92, ‘Special’ class LC gate at Dornakal Bypass has been closed and single line distant aspect control circuit alteration has been commissioned on 20.06.14.

LC 79, ‘C’ class LC gate at Km no.428/9-11 between Kesamudram-Tondalagopavaram, the gate lodge has been shifted from UP line to Down line and complete rehabilitation has been carried out on 13.06.14 to improve better visibility and safety of road users.

LC 79, ‘C’ class LC gate at Km no.428/9-11 between Kesamudram-Tondalagopavaram the existing SM’s slide have been replaced with mini control panel on 13.06.14  to improve reliability of signaling system. 

LC 52(PPZ), Boom has been replaced since damaged by unknown vehicle.

LC 24, EKT has been replaced.

LC 25T, up boom has been replaced since damaged by unknown vehicle.



Day time

Night time



Sr.DSTE/Co-ord /SC


















































Source : South Central Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 17-12-2015  

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