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 दक्षिण मध्य रेलवे

South Central Railway

దక్షిణ మధ్య రైల్వే

(सवारीऔर माल डिब्बा) शाखा

Mechanical (C&W and Power) Department

యాంత్రిక (క్యారేజ్ & వాగన్ మరియు శక్తి ) శాఖ

This web page is last updated on 10.02.2019

ABOUT US: Sr.DME is the head of this department assisted by three ADMEs for C&W and one for Power organisation.

The activities of Carriage and Wagon department in Vijayawada division are spread over Six major and six minor depots.

In the Power organisation, activities such as Diesel Loco operations, Maintenance of Running room/rest rooms, fuel installations, weigh bridge and boiler organisation are included.   

1. Organization chart - BZA Division


1.  2.Infrastructure:

               Details of Office Buildings :



Wagon Depot/BZA








     Pit lines:


No of Pit Lines




(In mtr)

Pit capacity in coaches














24(Camtech design)
















 24(Camtech design)






ROH/IOH/Sick sheds:

WD/BZA        :        Covered Accommodation  (4 sheds) - 12786 sqm. 
Chg/BZA       :              IOH shed of 70mtrs.x16mtrs.for attending 4 coaches capacity.

          COA               :       Sick shed size 75x25 mtrs. for attending sick wagons.

      NS                 :      Covered coach sick shed of size 1 coach length.

IOH shed of one coach length with two pit lines 35x18mts with two nos.   of EOT    cranes of 25/5 Tones capacity.

      RJY               :        Sick line consisting 1 line-cap of 15 wagons.

        KI                  :        One sick line inside   : VTPS

2.  3.Performance:







(Up to Jan-19)


Coaching Ineffective % of AC(Avg)



Coaching Ineffective %  of Non-AC (Avg)




En-route coach detachments (Ownership) 




En-route coach detachments (Territorial) 




Secondary coach detachments (Ownership)




Secondary coach detachments (Territorial)








Direct punctuality loss on Chg. Trains 




In-direct punctuality loss cases 









(Up to Jan-19)


Ineffective wagons % (Avg)




ROH out turn in (vu) (Avg)




Way side detachments  / Year




Hot axles/RB failures  / Year




Train partings / year





   4. Innovations :

Retro-fitment of CBC Coupler with Transition Screw Coupling:

4 nos of coaching CBC Couplers with Transition Screw Coupling were procured and Retro-fitment was successfully carried by the Depot staff on SLRD 07709/Con 28.05.2013 and SLRD 07711/C on 31-05-2013 for 12711 Exp.

COA Depot developed Bolster Spring gadget:

COA Freight depot staff developed the following 3 gadgets in-house for changing of snubber springs, lifting of centre pivots and Gas cylinders carrying trolley. With this staff can change the snubber springs attend the repairs and welding work easily.


Provision of Wire mesh to Coach Ventilators:

The process of provision of wire mesh to ventilators of GS & SLR Coaches is started from 22.07.2014. As on 31.07.2014, 31 coaches have been completed. PDC for completion of all 170 coaches is set as 31.08.2014. This would prevent passengers from inserting waste papers/cigarette butts in the ventilators thereby avoiding potential fire hazards.


COA Depot developed Centre Pivot lifting gadget:


          Working model of CBC at Coaching depot/BZA:

A working model of CBC has been installed at IOH shed. Staff & Supervisors can be trained in actual coupling and uncoupling of CBC coaching trains for ensuring proper locking of CBC and gauging of H-Type CBC can be demonstrated to the staff working at PF & in RM.

During CME/SC inspection on 09-07-2014, CME has appreciated the CBC working model and trolley lifting gadget and awarded the team involved in these innovations.


H-Type CBC working model with Gauge Board.

 Wagon Depot/BZA developed Two numbers of Bogie Stands:

Wagon Depot / BZA has developed two numbers of bogie stands to attend welding / grinding works for easy comprehension of staff.


                 Commissioning of  ART towing equipment :

Seized roller bearing gadget (towing equipment) pertaining to ART/RJY and BTTR tested on 13.2.2014 between SLO-CCT section in presence of ADME/C&W/BZA.


Provision of holding clamps to Adopter at Wagon Depot/BZA :

Hitherto the assembly of wheel sets ,Adopter and E M Pad assembly done manually which results into minor  injuries  to staff .Now the system has been improved by providing “holding clamps " and make them to sit directly on wheel sets.

            Fabrication of BOXN Flap doors at Wagon Depot/BZA :

For the last nine months, the depot is facing acute crisis of BOXN Flap doors because of non-supply of the items either from RYPS or from Sr.DMM/BZA. Therefore assistance has been sought from RYPS for supplying of tailor made pieces of door material. The depot started fabricating the doors with the help of spare staff out of ART/AMRV. So far, as many as 22 doors were fabricated. During inspection of CRSE/SC on 29.1.2015, cash award of Rs. 3,000/- was announced for the exemplary work done by the staff. 


CTRB Gadget developed at Wagon Depot-BZA :

Motorized CTRB rotating gadget was developed by the wagon depot staff to find out the defective CTRB wheel sets in stimulation mode, due to this enroute RB failures can be minimized.


Wheel changing gadget:

Wheel changing gadget has been developed by Wagon depot staff to change the defective wheel set on formation without detaching. Normally time taken for defective wheel changing of wagon will take 64 hrs, by using this gadget the wheel is being changed within one hour. 

Gadget for coach end body cleaning:

For cleaning of end body of the coach gadget was designed indigenously to clean the end body of a coach on pit line.

            COA Depot staff constructed Pathway:

COA C&W staff constructed temporary pathway between freight shed to CAMTECH pit line with the available scrap material. Now the distance has come down to 300mts only between freight shed and CAMTECH pit line instead of 1.8km and also revenue is saved to Railways. This parthway is useful to all other departments also. 


Development of Equalizing stay holding bracket:

An Equalizing stay holding bracket was developed indigenously as per the directives of CRSE/SC so that coaches having equalizing stay failures can be allowed upto destination by fixing the holding bracket which effectively serves the purpose of Equalizing stay.

Improvements envisaged in outsourced contracts:

OBHS team is carrying a GPS based Bio-Metric system for checking the availability of staff at 3 enroute stations from 17-02-2016 for 17225 Amaravathi Express at BZA, for 17211 Kondavedu Express at MTM on Jan.16. and 17205/17221 Shiridi/LTT Exp. on Jan.16 at COA depots provided.

Mechanised Coach Cleaning team has been provided Bio-Metric system for regular monitoring of attendance at Coaching depot/BZA from May-2015, and at MTM 26.02.2016 and at COA on 27.02.16 onwards.


Dosing equipment :

The Dosing equipment supplied by Johnson Diversey India Ltd, 250 litres water tank and 4 plastic drums of capacity of 200 litres with taps were made by Coaching Depot/BZA and the equipment was installed on 22.03.2016. 


HP jet pipe lines at PF/BZA:

HP Jet pipe lines available on PF 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7 were in dysfunctional condition due to corroded pipes and leaky joints.To reduce wastage of water from main hydrants, these HP jet pipe line repairs were undertaken line by line, starting from PF 2, duly ensuring tapping points for cleaning apron and platforms. This task estimated of Rs 4 lakhs including material cost was carried out departmentally, duly replacing the damaged M.S pipes and joints with G.I pipes. 6 HP jet pipe lines with HP jet system motor pumps were handed over to Health Department.


Inauguration of Train No: 17215 / 16 Express from BZA-DMM with 15 LHB coaches

Dharmavaram special train (BZA-DMM-BZA) was inaugurated on 12.07.2016, though the rake was placed in pit line on the date of inauguration. This could be achieved by coaching depot staff who worked assiduously for cleaning and decorating of the coach. CME is pleased to announced a cash award of Rs. 3000/- for best cleaning of the rake.Eight nos. of surveillance cameras were installed at Coaching Depot / BZA in vital locations and trial conducted successfully and the images captured.

                      Surveillance Cameras (8 cameras)

CME unveiled a Hand book on LHB Coach Maintenance in vernacular language at Wagon Depot on 12.07.16.

CME is pleased to announce a cash award of Rs. 3000/- for ATC/BZA for their diligent work in translating the hand book into vernacular language.

  On 07/08.10.2016, train No: 18496 Exp (ex BBS-RMM) BZA arrived on PF No: 5 at 01:25 hrs while Rolling-in-examination at VSKP end Bolster coil spring breakage was noticed in trailing trolley east side of Coach No: Eco ACCN 14103 and the same was detached and SC ACCN 12123 was attached to accommodate the passengers. 


              On 20.10.2016, train No: 18503 Exp (ex VSKP-SNSI) coach No: ECo SLRD 11709 noticed brake binding by Guard at Tuni same was isolated and TXR Staff at RJY noticed that Ferrule joint of FP to AR tank was worked out and all FP, BP & DV cocks isolated and train allowed without Brake power for Coach No: ECo SLRD 11709 which was next to engine. After arrival to BZA AR tank ferrule studs were opened and dummied duly inserting a plate at AR hole and studs were locked and ensured proper dummy of AR towards FP connection. The train was further allowed without any extra time taken at BZA.

                                       Air leaking                                        Position of dummied flange


On 11/12.11.2016, Train No: 18496 Exp (ex BBS-RMM) BZA arrived on PF at 01:10 hrs while Rolling-in-examination at Off side, Sri P.Muni Mohan, Tech-I, T.No: 324 noticed breakage of 3rd Bolster coil. On arrival to PF examined and observed as fresh breakage and coil spring slightly out of alignment. Coach marked sick and informed Dy.SS at 01:18 hrs, shunting completed duly detaching E.Co ACCN 05116 and attaching SC CN 96257 at 02:30 hrs and train left at 02:50 hrs with a detention of 75 minutes.


Long standing heavy repair wagon for replacement of striker casting released:


Ø2 nos. of Surveillance cameras were provided at Rolling in examination points of North end platform No.1 of BZA station on 2.2.17. Photos showing the locations of CC cameras installed are affixed below.


ØAir-dryers connected to air compressors at Wagon depot and Freight Yard have been commissioned on 20.02.17.


Electrical winch provided at end of Line no.23 towards KI end on 02.03.2017 for the purpose of pulling of wagons where ever the wagons are over a distance of 40mts for easy tackling under EOT in covered shed.

ØA new special train No. 20890/20889 consisting of 19 LHB coaches   Ex.BZA–HWH-BZA Humsafar Express was inaugurated on 15-06-2017.  The same train is being given Terminal Attention at Coaching Depot/BZA on every Sunday. 

ØRetro fitment of 2- piece sliding door on BCNHL wagon by removing the existing doors of wagons of 1st and 2ndgeneration had been under taken at Wagon Depot-Vijayawada for the first time in open line.

After Modification

DRM/BZA during inspection of WD/BZA on 13.06.2017 had appreciated the modification work carried out on the wagon and pleased to sanction of Group Cash award of Rs.5000/-.

ØModifications on all SLR luggage doors have been completed during the month.


Body bulged projected inside, Floor damage, body pillars broken, 04 side Body patches broken, one new full length pillar provided, 06 side channels broken, replaced and made fit for the 7th NPOH wagon.

    WAGON Particulars: No. SC BOXN 69878,POH:JHSW/22.01.16,RD:08/20

TRAIN No : BZA UP MIX,MARKED SICK : 30.06.17& FIT DATE : 17.07.17

ØIn order to facilitate the trainees of ATC/BZA  and staff of wagon depot/BZA for practicing measurement of wheel distance  and to differentiate between good and rejectable wheels , a separate wheel set is made available/ kept in wagon depot premises 


     The Cut model of Bio Toilet Tank was kept at ATC/BZA to make the trainees understand the significance of the structure of a Bio-Digester system in a Bio-Tank with Modified Operating Mechanism.


During inspection of wagon depot on 07.12.2017, GM is pleased to announce a cash award of Rs.25000/- to WD/BZA for better productivity with less number of staff.


Wall Paintings were drawn on the walls of ROH depot to make employees thrive in a positive and optimistic environment, and research suggests that having art in the workplace increases creativity, efficiency and even productivity.

Mobile compactors for storing of Linen items are procured and commissioned on 29.01.2018 containing 02 sets (06 racks per set). All the linen items were kept in order duly providing naphthalene balls.

On 18.04.2018 ,DRM/BZA conductedinspection at Wagon depot/BZA and has pleased toannounce a group cash award of Rs.5000/- to Bogie section staffwhich is exclusively dealt by women employees, in appreciation of their good performance as a team and also announced a Group cash award of Rs.5000/- in appreciation of theexpeditiousdisposal of MS Scrap generated in the depot surpassing the laid down targetof 400 39%.


A Safety Seminarfor educating C&W staff and as well as Running staff of BZA division had been organized at BTTR and RJYdepots on 12.04.2018 and 25.04.2018 respectively, in view ofrolling down of 18406 exp. (HWH-AHI) on 07.04.18 at TIG station of Sambalpur Division of E.Co.Rly.. During the Safety Seminar, guidelines were given to all LPs & C&W staff on the precautions to be taken at the time of Power interceptions / Power reversals.

Centre pivot changing jig has been fabricated departmentallyat wagon depot/BZAwhich is very useful for replacing of centre pivots of wagons. Hydraulic jack has been provided for lifting.


Centre pivot changing Gadget indigenously developed at WD/BZA.

          On 11.08.2018 and 25.08.2018 Safety Seminars were conducted in the presence of ADRM/Op/BZA, Sr.DSO/BZA & Sr.DME/BZA at Coaching Depot/BZA regarding Brake binding, ACP resetting in LHB coaches and demonstration on using of Fire Extinguishers.


                    BOOT Laundry at Coaching Depot/BZA:


A 1.5-T Capacity Laundry on BOOT model has been put into operation w.e.f 01.09.2018 at Coaching Depot/BZA.The Laundry is yielding an out-put of 1500 to 2000 bed rolls per day catering to the linen requirement of Coaching Depots at BZA, MTM & NS. With close monitoring of activities of the Laundry, it is expected to achieve better Passengers’ satisfaction, comfort & experience.


A 140-T capacity of Electronic-In-Motion Weigh Bridge of M/s. Meritt MBH Engineers Pvt Ltd./Chennaimake, was commissioned on 04.09.2018 at Annavaram. 

         Annual Inspection of NS-BVRM-GDV, MTM-BZA sections was conducted by Sri Vinod Kumar Yadav, General Manager/SCR on 20.11.2018 (accompanied by all PHODs & CRS).During the Inspection, GM/SCR had inspected C&W depots at NS and MTM situated in the above sections. Some of the highlights of inspection at the C&W depots are as under.


         C&W Depot/Narsapur:During the inspection at C&W Depot/NS, GM/SCR had inspected variousInnovative features such as In-situ replacement of Bolster coil spring changing gadget, Hydraulic operated Centre pivot changing gadget for BOXNHL Wagons, Test Bench for Air Hoses, BCN HL door closing gadget, Equalising stay replacement gadget, PEV testing bench, Trolley for carrying LHB outer coil spring, Trolley for carrying ICF Bolster coil spring, Gadget for replacement ofSide Buffers in ICF coaches (Scissors type),Wheel changing gadget, Trolley for carrying material during Pit examination, Trolley for carrying CBC components, Model of Bio Toilet with forced ventilationetc.,developedby BZA Division, performance highlights of BZA division and green initiatives undertaken by the Depot. During the inspection, GM/SCR had also inaugurated newly constructed sub-stores near IOH shed to ensure availability of vital rolling stock items round the clock. A demonstration of various features of the above innovations / highlights by using flex boards has been carried out.


Modified ladder to facilitate Passengers of FAC coaches to climb up to the Upper Berth has been fabricated departmentally at COA and provided in all seven coupes of AC Coach No. SC FACCW 00001 of Tr.No. 12775/76 (COA-LPI-COA exp.).With this coach, all first AC coaches based in BZA Divn. are provided with modified ladders in all coupes.


In-situ replacement of Bolster Coil springs in en-route trainsat RJY & BZA stations:

Three Nos.of Broken Bolster springs one each on three en-route trains have been noticed by r&D C&W staff of RJY and BZA stations during Rolling In examination of trains. All the three broken bolster springs were replaced in-situation, without detaching the coaches from trains and thereby avoided inconvenience to the travelling public besides ensuring safety. The details are as under:

Performance Review meeting with all depot incharges in the division held on 30.01.19 at Wagon Depot/BZA:

On 30.01.2019, performance review meeting with all Unit C&W in-charges of BZA division was conducted. During the meeting a power point presentation evaluating the performance of each depot was done. Day today issues with a special emphasis on safety of train operations, public complaints was made and various instructions of HQRS have been reiterated for strict adherence.



Photo Gallery:
Efficiency shield for best maintained Coaching Depot/BZA:

DRM & Sr.DME received the shield for best maintained coaching depot/BZA from GM during 60thRly. Week celebrations held at Secunderabad on 10.4.2015.

Second Best efficiency shield for ART/BTTR:

DRM & Sr.DME also received the Efficiency Shield for the second best  maintained ART/BTTR from GM during 60th Rly.week celebrations.

CAMTECH design Pit Line (LV-9) was inaugurated by Sri P.K.Srivastava, GM/SCR       on 17.4.2014 during his inspection.


Upbhokta Pakhwada program on 28.5.15 at Samalkot Station conducted by Sr.DME/BZA:



National Cleanliness Campaign under Swachh Bharat Mission:

All the staff including the Officers have assembled in front of Station/BZA to take the pledge on Swachh Bharat mission on 02.10.15. After the pledge, all the staff walked through Railway colony duly displaying slogans on Swachh Bharat.


 Provision of display board regarding availability of OBHS :

One display board was provided with phone No. to the OBHS coach on the formation to know the passengers availability of OBHS facility for Kondaveedu Express.


 Mobile material bins at FTEY/BZA:

Two Jumbo battery operated trucks were modified with mobile bins for ferrying material in Yard.


 Bio toilet Model:

A bio toilet model was provided in Model room for the benefit of trainees at ATC/BZA.

 GM inspection on 26.2.2016

During GM inspection at MTM station on 26.02.2016 plantation was done at coaching depot MTM by GM.



 Best ROH Out Turn  at Zonal level -  Wagon Depot/BZA :

Wagon Depot has been adjudged as one of the best ROH outturn depots at zonal level and received Rolling shield on 18.4.16 from sri K.P.Somkuwar, CME at Rail Kala Rang, Secunderabad.

 Best maintained Coaching Depot/ BZA:

BZA Coaching Depot received 2nd successive year “Best Maintained Coaching Depot” shield for the year 2015-2016 for its sustained efforts in IOH, Rake Maintenance and highest no of en-route trains and attention with all-round improvement in coaching performance indices.


Inspection of Coaching Depot/MTM :

CME/SC visited coaching depot/MTM on 30.4.2016 and announced a cash award of Rs.3000/- in appreciation of best maintained rake MTM express (17249/50) and best maintenance of records.


Inspection of Wagon Depot/BZA :

Sri K.Venugopala Rao, ADRM/BZA visited wagon depot on 11.04.16.Impressed by the work culture among workers especially the women folk, ADRM announced a cash award of Rs 5000 in appreciation of staff. 


<!--[endif]-->Swachh Bharat  at SLO on 26.5.2016 :

SLO station is nominated by DRM for conducting Swachh Bharat by Sr.DME/BZA regularly.

Inspection of Coaching Depot/COA by GM :

General Manager/S.C.Railway Sri Ravindra Gupta inspected Coaching depot on 12.05.16 and appreciated performance and cleanliness of the Coaching depot  and announced a Cash award of Rs.25,000/-.


Construction of Rain Water Harvesting pits at Wagon depot/BZA


Krishna Pushkaram :

BZA division has planned and executed the task of Krishna Pushkaram Special trains during August-2016 at BZA,KCC,RYP MDNU & RMV satellite stations and has completed the task satisfactorily by pro-active placements of staff anticipate ACP and detentions and cleaning / watering activities, aided by other division/out-station staff, which resulted without public complaints and trains are not detained on account of Mechanical department.


CME/SC inspection on 30.08.16 at FTE yard/BZA:

CME is impressed with the in-situ wheel changing gadget in yard and announced a cash award of Rs.3000/-

Felicitation to Sri P V Ramana D/o P V Sindhu in presence of MR at BZA on 23.08.16:

Sri Suresh Prabhu, Minister for Railwaysfelicitated Sri P V Ramana, Asst.Sports officer/SC in appreciation of his daughter PV. Sindhu for winning silver medal in Rio-Olympic games on 23.8.16 at BZA organised by BZA division sports officials. Sr.DME, being a Sports Officer, has introduced Sri P.V.Ramana to Minister of Railways (MR).

Releasing of video on Rolling in & Rolling out Examination voice in vernacular by CWE/SC on 05.08.16 at Wagon Depot/BZA.

CWE inspected the depot on 5.8.16 and formally released the video taken on Rolling in Examination and pleased to announce a cash award of      Rs 1500/-.

Gold medal in National Railway Billiards championship:

Sri L Durga Prasad, C&W/Helper/RJY won Gold medal in National Railway Billiards and Snookers Championship held at Chennai. DRM is pleased to sanction a cash award Rs.2000/- for his achievement.

Provision of OBHS Display stickers available at coaches:

BZA division based trains having OBHS facility are provided with the sticker in all the coaches to avail the facility of On board housekeeping services by the passengers.

 Swatch Rail Neer conducted at SLO on 20.9.2016  : 




Swatch Aahar conducted at SLO on 23.09.16:



Rangoli Competitions at Divisional Level conducted by Sports Association:

Women Folk of this Division actively participated in Rangoli Competitions conducted by Sports Association.  Smt Chitra Ashok Kumar, President of SCRWWO is the Judge. Staff of Wagon Depot Smt B. Kumari and Smt G.Suneetha stood 1st& 2nd in the prelimanary competitions at divisional level and are qualified for Zonal competitions.


Sr.DME’s Swatch Bharath at SLO on 18.9.216 :



Full Scale technical Mock drill of Lukas towing equipment for casnub trolley and 3-phase AC loco of BTTR was conducted on 17.03.2017 & 18.03.2017 respectively.

Train No. 17225/17226 Amaravathi Express has been conferred on the award of “Best Long Maintenance Train” for the year 2016-2017.


Sri Arjun Mundiya,CME/SC during his inspection at Wagon Depot/BZA on 24.10.17 is pleased to sanction a cash award of  Rs.5000/-.



Source : South Central Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 21-02-2019  

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