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The Public Relations Department of South Central Railway is engaged in the task of continuously building and sustaining the positive image of South Central Railway in particular and Indian Railways in general. The department successfully handles the various aspects of dissemination of railway information to the public so as to keep pace with the changing times, particularly in the light of proliferation of Print and electronic Media in the region.


Suitable Public Relation strategies and tools are being deployed depending on the occasion thereby achieving maximum coverage in Print and Electronic Media. The Public Relations Branch informs the public of the policies, programs, operations, maintenance,development activities, performance, achievements etc of South Central Railway in a sustained manner through out the year by issue of Press Releases, Guided Media Tours, Press Meets and Interviews, interviews, articles, features, cinema slides, TV quickies, radio jingles, brochures, booklets, posters, exhibition, tableau, etc. Several publicity campaigns are being carried out in order to inform and educate the traveling public on railway operations, maintenance, services offered, etc.


Public Relations Department maintains continuous dialogue with the target groups through regular flow of positive information in order to educate, motivate and mould their opinion with the aim of gaining their positive understanding about the organization and its services thereby securing their willing cooperation for its successful functioning. It serves as the link between the public and the organization by being the right voice.


Public Relations Department always strives to maintain cordial relations with the Public, especially the traveling public, by disseminating positive information through mass media. To achieve this crucial task, this department always nurtures cordial relations with Print and Electronic Media personnel. This department also maintains working relations with Heads of various executive departments. Internal Public Relations (communication with Officers and staff) is cultivated by publishing General Manager’s Message on various occasions and ‘Hum Dum’, the quarterly House Journal of South Central Railway.


With cordial relations with Mass Media and better co-ordination with all departments of SCR, the PR department has achieved excellent results in terms of high profile publicity, thereby gaining better appreciation and cooperation of the rail users which creates a platform of goodwill and mutual understanding enabling the organization to play its role successfully.


Source : South Central Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 16-07-2012