Vijayawada Division.

Vijayawada Division of South Central Railway primarily serves Andhra Pradesh State with 1,068.194 Route Kilometer and 156 Railway Stations. The present Vijayawada Division came into existence when South Central Railway was formed in 1966 when Hubli and Vijayawada Divisions of Southern Railway and Sholapur and Secunderabad Divisions of Central Railway were carved out and merged into a new Railway Zone. The Division prides itself in leading the path by launching various digital initiatives which are then successfully being utilized on Indian Railways too.

With over 20,000 plus employees, Indian Railways is one of the largest employer not only in India, but also in the world. The workforce of IR is a varied mass of people from the Gangman/Khalasi at one end to Chairman, Railway Board at the apex level. The task of the personnel department of Railways is to manage and look after the welfare of this large mass of employees and their families.




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