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Posting orders in Civil Engineering - Gazetted arrangements

Gazetted Arrangements-Posting Orders in Civil Engineering Department - 2023

O.O.NoDateName of the Officer(s) Smt./Shri 
Transferred to / Posted asRemarks
 - - - - -
 - - - -
 Gaz/159/2023 26.06.2023Ch. Vijaya Kumar, SS/IRSE, XEN/C/PDPLXEN/C/Darsi 
 GAZ/151/2023 15.06.20231. A. Achuta Rao, NF-HAG/IRSE, CE/Works

2. D. Anjaneyulu Reddy, NG-HAG/IRSE, CTE
3. Mothilal Bhookya, SAG/IRSE, CE/RSW

4. Manoj Kumar, NF-SAG/IRSE, Dy.CPM/GS/HYB
5. Sunik Kumar Verma, SAG/IRSE
1. CE/Works

2. Will continue as CTE against the SAG post of CE/W
3. CE/TM against existing vacancy

4.CE/RSW vice Sl.3
5. CE/G
 1. The HAG post of CPD/BW/SCR, which is presently operated in SAG as CTE, is restored to HAG for operation as CE/Works in HAG.

3. Shri Mothilal Bhookya, SAG/IRSE will continue to look after the duties of the post of CE/SD as ordered vide orders vide O.O.No. Gaz/132/2023 dated 17.05.2023.

5. Shri Sunil Kumar Verma, on reputation from deputation to RLDA.

 GAZ/150/2023 15.06.2023K.Chudhary, HAG/IRSE, CE/GEastren Railway on his posting as PCE/ER 
GAZ/143/2023 05.06.20231. B.Rama Rao, JAG/IRSE, Sr.DEN/N/SC
2. Y.Srinivas, SS/IRSE, DEN/West/SC
3. Kaushal Pandey, SS/IRSE, DEN/South/GTL
4. Saanpala Abhiram, SS/IRSE, DEN/North/HYB
5. Shahank Namdeo, SS/IRSE, DEN/Bridges/GTL
6. V.Subba Rao, SS/IRSE, Principal, ZCETC/KCG
7. K.Venugopal, XEN/SD/HQ
8. M.N. Murthy, Gr-B/JS, AXEN/C-III/SC

2. Sr.DEN/West/SC
3. Sr.DEN/North/SC
4. DEN/South/GTL
5. DEN/North/HYB
6. DEN/Bridges/GTL
7. XEN/SD/HQ(Continued in the same post) 
8. Principal, ZCETC/KCG
GAZ/126/2023 15.05.2023 V.Kanaka Sailesh, JAG/IRSE, Dy.CE/C/Genl-I/SC Dy.CE/C-II/SC 
 GAZ/97/2023 12.04.20231. P.V.Sudhakar, JAG/IRSE, Dy.CE/C/BZA
2. K.Venugopal, SS/IRSE, XEN/Tr.Std./hHq
3. L.Narender Reddy, JS/IRSE, ADEN/NZB
4. D. Stanely JS/IRSE,AIE/GTL
5. Ch.Vijay Kumar, JS/IRSE, AXEN/C/PDPC
6. V.Subba Rao, JS/IRSE, ADEN/Brids/BZA
7. A. Baddiuua JS/IRSE, AXEN/C-IV/KZJ
8. Pranjal Kesharwani, JS/IRSE, ADEN/N/KZJ
1. Dy.CE/Tr-II/Hq
3. XEN/Tr.Std./Hq
6. Principal, ZCETC/KCG
8. DEN/Central/SC
1. Shri P.V.Sudhakar, Dy.CE/C/BZA Who is under orders of transfer as Dy.CE/SD/HQ vide O.O.dated 05.02.2023 now posted as Dy.CE/Tr-II/Hq.

GAZ/45/2023 09.02.2023 M.V. Chalapathi Rao, NF-SAG/IRSE, Sr.DEN/LGDS Chittaranjan Locomotive Works(CLW) 
GAZ/42/2023 08.02.2023
1.K. Tulasi Ram, SG/IRSE, Sr. DEN/Co-ord./GTL
2.U. Akki Reddy,SS/IR SE, Sr.DEN/N/BZA
3. A.V.H. Mallikharjuna,NF-SAG/IRSE,Sr.DEN/Estate/HYB
4. P.V.Sudhakar, JAG/IRESE,Dy.CE/C/BZA
5. P.V.N. Naidu, SS/IRSE, XEN/C/BZA
6. Swetha Panwar, SS/IRSE, DEN/Bridges/HYB
7. Arun Kumar Sharma, JS/IRSE, ADEN/MDR
8. Yadgir Shashank, JS/IRSE, ADEN/BPA
9. Ravi Kumar Swamy, JS/IRSE, ADEN/HX
10. V.V.J. Nagendra Rao, Gr.B/JS, ADEN/Eest/GNT
11. M. Radhakrishnaiah, SSE/PW/KCI
12. M. Rayappa, SSE/PW/GNT
13. A.Gopi, SSE/PW/C/KZJ
1. Dy.CE/TM Lines/BZA
2. Sr.DEN/Co-ord./GTL
3. Sr.DEN/Co-ord./HYB
4. Dy.CE/SD/HQ
5. Dy.CE/C/BZA
6. Transferred to NR on her own request
7. DEN/Bridges/HYB
9. DEN/North/BZA
12. ADEN/West/GNT
GAZ/28/202318.01.20231. N.V.Venkata Kumar,SG/IRSME, Sr.DSO/GNT
2. L.Sambasiva Rao, NF-SAG/IRSE, Dy.CSO/Engg/HQ
3. B. Vijaya Keerthi, SS/IRSE, DEN/Genl/BZA
4. K.M. Sheyazuddin, SS/IRSE, XEN/C-II/Plg/SC
5. S.K.Verma, SS/IRSE, DSO/HYB
2. Dy.CE/C-I/Plg/SC
3. Sr.DSO/GNT(Promoted to JAG)
4. Dy.CE/C/D/I/SC(Promoted to JAG)
5. Sr. Safety Officer/Engg/Hqrs.
GAZ/21/2023 13.01.20231. J.V. Anoosha
2. S. Varun Babu
3. Unnan Akki Reddy
4.N.B.Surya Prakash
5. Yoganand Babu Yagani
6.G.C. Nimje
 --Granted Selection Grade in Level-13 of Pay Matrix w.e.f. 01.01.2023
GAZ/12/202309.01.2023M.V. Chalapathi Rao, NF-SAG/IRSE, Sr. DEN/LGDS CLW on promotion to SA gradeConsequent to the dismissal of OA No.212/2022 by Hon'ble CAT/HYB vide orders dated 23.12.2022 duly vacating interim stay granted by them on 07.04.2023.


V.V.Sudhar, JAG/IRSE, Dy.CE/C/D/SC

Railway Electrification Organization and posted as Dy.CE/RE-II/SC

Source : South Central Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed : 01-07-2023  

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