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नागरिक चार्टर

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हमसे संपर्क करें

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General Manager

·Overall In-charge for function of Zonal Railway

Addl. GM

·Manpower Planning and Human Resource Development (retraining and redeployment of staff) Redeployment and operation of vacancy bank

·Passenger amenities including cleanliness of Stations and Trains

·Public Grievances,

·Financial and Budgetary reviews, including disposal of draft paras, audit objections, special letters etc.

· Administrative Reforms

·Review of works undertaken by PSUs such RVNL, RE, CRIS, RAILTEL etc.

·Task force and Law & Order meetings with State Govt. Officials

·Day to day monitoring of Daily position of freight operations, punctuality, accidents & other unusual incidents, loco outage, carriage and wagon position etc.

·Any other co-ordination function or duties entrusted by the General Manager.

DGM (Coord.)& Secretary to GM

·Being interface between GM’s office and Officers of Railway Minister/Ministers of State for Railways and State Government

·In-charge of GM’s Office – to look after staff matters of GM’s office

·Coordinating information inputs from various Departments and Divisions and disseminating GM’s instructions

·Scheduling meetings, issuing minutes and monitoring compliance of GM’s instructions

·Interacting with representatives of Public, Trade, Industry, Governmental and non-governmental agencies

·Organizing GM’s inspections, issuing inspection notes and monitoring compliance.

·Any other duties entrusted by the General Manager/AGM


·Dealing with Arbitration cases

·Schedule of Powers & issue of Correction slips

·Coordination of Parliamentary Committee Meetings, Replies to Parliamentary Questions & MP/MLA references

·Organizing official functions and Railway Week Awards

·To act as Secretary for ZRUCC, PREM and Controllers of Civil Defence

·Any other duties entrusted by the General Manager/AGM

Secretary (PG)

·Redressal of Public and Staff grievances – Coordinating with different Departments, Divisions, Railways, Central Ministries and Railway Board to redress the grievance.

·Right to Information Act – As assistant Public Information Officer of General Branch, ensuring the implementation of RTI Act and disposal of applications in time.

·Acts as webmaster of SCR website – Upkeep of SCR website, upkeep of GM’s server, taking care of IT requirements of GM’s office and SC Railway.

·Any other duties entrusted by the General Manager/Addl. General Manager

Dy.Secretary/ Protocol

·Allotment of ORH at SC, Rail Niwas at NDLS

·Protocol duties including liaison with Railway/non-Railway agencies

·Air Ticketing

·Staff Cars of General Branch

·Any other duties entrusted by Secretary to General Manager.

Asst. Secretary/ Confdl.

·Matters pertaining to Annual Confidential Reports and Immovable Property returns of officers

·Issue and safe custody of Metal passes to officers

·Receipt and Dispatch section

·Matters pertaining to Territorial Army

·Matters pertaining to allotment of Officers’ Quarters in Secunderabad area.

·Any other duties entrusted by Secretary to General Manager.

Asst. Secretary/ General

·Staff matters in GM’s office

·Stores and Imprest in GM’s office

·General correspondence and organizing meetings pertaining to GM’s office

·Allotment of Rail Nilayam Auditorium & GM’s Conference Hall

·Awards announced by CRB, Railway Board members and GM including GM’s Annual Award

·Railway Week Celebrations

·Civil Defence, ZRUCC, DRUCC, SCC

·PREM, Parliamentary and other Committees

·MPs, Ministers & MLAs references

·Gazette publications.

·Any other duties entrusted by Secretary to General Manager.

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