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No.S.236.RTIA.2012.4(1)(b) dt.27.06.12                                       Stores Branch        

                      Sub : COMPLIANCE TO RTI ACT, 2005

                       Ref  : AGM’s ltr No. G.50/RTIA/2005/vol-II dt. 26.06.12





Particulars of Organization, functions and duties

Organisation structure available at SCR website – stores.


The Materials Management Department is in-charge of -

(a) Purchase/Procurement of stock and non-stock items.

(b) Stocking and supplying of stock items to its own consignees.

(c) Disposal of scrap: Identification, mobilization, Custody and Sale of scrap.

(d) Supply of Uniforms to the Railway staff.

(e) Printing of Railway Books & Forms, card Tickets and Money value items.

Please refer South Central Railway website - Stores.

Functions of Depots/Divisional set up


There is a General Stores Depots, located at Mettuguda, for serving the requirement of Railway stations and small consumers, imprest holders etc. in the divisions. In addition to these, divisional purchase organizations are functioning in each division under the administrative control of

Divisional Managers for assisting the Divisions in Stores matters and to liaison with COS Office. Besides, these Divisional setups also arrange small value purchases and monitor supply of Uniforms to staff.

WORKSHOP STORES DEPOTS Depots are attached with workshops to cater to the material requirement of workshops. They are located at Lallaguda, Tirupathi and Rayanapadu.


Diesel Locos, Electric Locos & EMU sheds have Stores Depots attached to them to meet their materials requirements exclusively.

These are Diesel Loco Depot/ Kazipet, Vijayawada, Gooty, Guntakal, Moula-Ali; 

Electric Loco Stores Depot /Lallaguda, Kazipet, Vijayawada;

EMU sheds at Moula-ali.


In addition to this, Divisional Stores Depot is functioning at Vijayawada under the control of the divisional Stores Officer serving the division. Items of regular consumption required by the various indentors of the Railways are stocked in this Stores Depot.

For enabling systematic management of the purchase and warehousing functions, all these items are categorized into 79 major groups with each item being given a unified 8-digit Price Ledger number all over the Indian Railways. These stock items are stocked in various Stores Depots as already stated above. Procurement of stock items is done in the Headquarters purchase wing. The Stores Depot has the responsibility of maintaining the inventory, accountal of receipts and issues, inspection and acceptance of stores and feeding the necessary data for accountal and generation of recoupment sheets which are done through the centralized computer system. In addition to procurement and warehousing of the stock items as detailed above, the Materials Management Department also arranges procurement of non- stock items by placing purchase orders against the non-stock indents received from the indenters, the supply of which is made directly to consignee at consignee end. Also  non-stock demands from the indentors are complied, by the Materials Management Department.


Power and duties of officers and employees

Duty of purchase officers of the Materials Management Department is to arrange the right material at right price for the right quantity from right source, and to stock and issue the material to consignees attached to workshops, sheds and in Divisions and also disposal of Scrap to the best advantage of Railways.

Schedule of Powers (SOP)Stores Matters, Part D.


Procedure followed in the decision making process
including channels of supervision and accountability

Schedule of Powers (SOP) Stores Matters, Part D.

1) Available in Tender conditions.

2) IRS Conditions of contract at ireps website.


Norms set for the discharge of functions

The norms as given in the records mentioned below

1. Stores Code I & II

2.Rules for entering into contract

3.Stores compendium

4. DGS&D Manual

5. IRS conditions of Contract

6. Schedule of Powers

7. General condition for auction sale of scrap materials

8. Railway Board orders

Railway Board Directorates @ Indian Railway website


Rules, regulations, instructions, Manuals & Records used for discharging its functions

1. Stores Code I & II

2.Rules for entering into contract

3.Stores compendium

4. DGS&D Manual

5. IRS conditions of Contract

6. Schedule of Powers

7. General condition for auction sale of scrap materials

8. Railway Board orders

On the Indian Railway website under stores

RB stores directorate




Statement of the categories of documents held by
it or under its control

In case of purchases,

1.Main document – Stock Recoupment Sheet for stock item and Non-Stock indent

for non stock requirements.

2. Purchase note for mode of tendering

3. Tender Schedule

4. Tabulation Statement of offers received against tenders

5. Technical Scrutiny of offers by Technical Departments based o­n the requirement and merits of the case.

6. Purchase Order.

In case of sales,

1. DS8- ( Advice Note of Returned Stores) condemnation authorizing certificate

2. Auction Catalogue

3. Tender Document for Sale

4. Bid sheet

5. Sale Advice

6. Delivery Order

Details will be provided o­n demand.


The particulars of any arrangement that exists for
consultation with, or representation by, the members of the public in relation to the formulation of its policies
or implementation there of

on the Indian Railway website under different

RB stores directorate


A statement of the boards, councils, committees
and other bodies constituted

 Standing Tender Committee and Survey committee has been constituted & the details are available o­n demand.

Survey Committee:

Survey Committee consists of 4 members. 3 from consuming department and 1 depot officer as convener and member. It is appointed by the General Manager and the Secretary is also nominated by him. An Administrative Officer is nominated by him as the President. The recommendations of the Survey Committee are to be approved by the Competent Authority.

Tender Committee:

Tender Committee:

In case of Tender valued Rupees Ten Lakhs and above for the purchase of stores arranged by the Controller of Stores, a Tender Committee consisting of 3 members is constituted to consider the tender.

For details please refer Schedule of Powers (SOP) Stores Matters, Part D.


The directory of its employees and its officials

SCR Telephone Directory


Monthly remuneration received by each officer
and employee, including the system of compensation
as provided in its regulations

Does not pertain to COS.


The budget allocation to each Department
indicating the particulars of all plans, proposed
expenditure, and reports o­n disbursements made

The budget allocated to each of its agency, indicating the particulars of all plans, proposed expenditures and reports o­n disbursements made; Stores organization functioning under the control of Controller of Stores, proposes its requirements 6

months in advance for Parliament approval in the form of budget allocation, to incur the expenditure, the disbursement of the same is made through associated Accounts Officer.

Stores Budget Pink Book.

SCR plan head budget allocation at :

 Plan Head Expenditure

Ordinary Working Expenses


The manner of execution of subsidy
programmes, including the amounts allocated and
the details of beneficiaries of such programmes

No subsidized program exists in

Materials Management Department.


Particulars of recipients of concessions, permits or authorizations granted by the Institute.


1. Eligible to participate in bulletin and limited tenders (Bulletin tenders: the purchase of items less than Rs. 10 lakhs in value will be made through the issue of bulletin tender. E-bulletin is sent by e-mail to all the registered suppliers).

2. Exemption from payment of security deposit within the monetary limit for other than safety item.

3. Exemption from payment of EMD against open tenders and Special limited tender up to the monetary limit given to the firms.

4. Eligible to draw 95% and 98% advance payment against receipted challan and inspection certificate. Facilities to the SSI units registered with NSIC:

a) Issue of tender documents free of cost.

b) Exemption from payment of earnest money deposit.

c) Waiver of security deposit up to the monetary limit for which the unit is registered.

d) Preference is given for purchase of Khadi from KVIC & Handloom from ACASH.

List of registered vendors- Trade group-wise is available o­n SCR website under stores.


Details in respect of the information, available to or  held by it, reduced in an electronic form

stores Directorate on Indian Railway website.

 website for purchase details.

SCR website for any other details under stores department.

Other information can be made available o­n demand.

The following details are available in S. C. Rly website

1. Tenders advertised through newspapers for downloading by the suppliers and submission to purchase office along with requisite fee.

2. Details of Purchase orders released.

3. Auction schedule for sale of Railway material to public

4. Auction catalogue

5. Requisite particulars for vendor registration.


The particulars of facilities available to citizens for
obtaining information, including the working hours of a library
or reading room, if maintained for public use

 The following methods are adopted by the Railways for the dissemination of the information

  1.  Website
  2. Gazettes
  3. Print Media
  4. Electronic media
  5. Announcements
  6. Newspapers
  7.  Notice Boards
  8. Printed Manuals

a. Public can have access to the information available o­n Materials Management Department Website -

b. There is an Information Centre in the Office Of the Controller of Stores,

c. There is no separate library or reading room for public at present.


The names, designations and other particulars
of the Public Information Officers

Assistant Public Information Officer:   Secy. To COS

Also at RTI Information under “Contact Us” Main Menu

Please see review o­n PIO and AA



Such other information as may be prescribed

Information is available at our website, 

a)The information available in website is updated periodically, as and when advice/ amendment / instructions received from Railway Board.

(b) Published all relevant facts while formulating important policies or announcing the decisions which affect public; This aspect is dealt with at Railway Board.

(c) Provided reasons for its administrative or quasi-judicial decisions to affected persons.

 through Arbitration governed by Arbitration Act 1996 embedded in IRS conditions of Contract.

 d) It shall be a constant endeavour of every public authority to take steps in accordance with the requirements of clause (b) of sub-section (1) to provide as much information suo moto to the public at regular intervals through various means of communications, including internet, so that the public have

minimum resort to the use of this Act to obtain information.


                                                                                                  Office of the

                                                                                            Controller of Stores

                                                                                         Rail Nilayam


No: S.236/RTIA/2012                                                                 Dt: 30.10.2012.



Sub : Review o­n PIO and AA for implementation of RTI Act in HQ.

                       Ref  : SDGM’s ltr No. G.50/RTIA/Vol-II dt.       .10.12.



With reference to the above, the Stores Department has nominated the following officers as AA, PIO & APIO. This has the approval of the Competent Authority.

Name of the



Phone No. (both RLY & BSNL)

Email id of AA & PIO

(official mail id o­nly provided)


Appellate Authority (AA)


Rly: 86302

BSNL:  27834512

Public Information Officer (PIO)


Rly: 86330

BSNL:  27832595

Assistant Public Information Officer (APIO)

Secy toCOS

Rly: 86317

BSNL:  27820077






Source : दक्षिण मध्‍य रेलवे CMS Team Last Reviewed : 16-07-2021  

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