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Allotment Policy

Policy for allotment of Railway Quarters to the Officers working in Secunderabad area

except those working in IRISET, Secunderabad.

Allotment authority

SDGM is the allotment authority for all types of Quarters except the cases considered on ‘out of turn’ basis or in deviation to the Policy, which are decided by the General Manager on merits of each case. 

Any request for out of turn allotment in exceptional cases to be forwarded with recommendations of PHOD/DRM concerned.

Who are considered for allotment

Officers posted to work in Secunderabad area including officers of Audit, RE & RPSF but excluding the officers working in IRISET are considered for allotment of Railway Quarters from Gazetted Pool.

Registration for allotment

Application for registration of Railway Quarter is to be submitted in prescribed format to SDGM or Asst. Secretary (Confidential) to General Manager. Officers joining Secunderabad on transfer shall apply for registration only after assuming charge against a post in Secunderabad.

Group ‘C’ employees working at Secunderabad and posted against a post in Secunderabad on their promotion to Group ‘B’ service, shall immediately on assumption of Gazetted post, register for allotment of a Quarter from Gazetted pool and on allotment, vacate the Railway Quarters of Non-Gazetted pool under their occupation.

It is submitted to introduce the prescribed format already earlier in vogue in practice to be adopted henceforth.

Entitlement- Type of Quarters

Entitlement of Officers to various types of quarters is as per the directives of Railway Board communicated vide RB L&A No. 02/2011 (CPO/SC’s Serial Circular No. 13/2011)

Grade Pay

Eligible type of accommodation

Officers with Grade Pay less than 6600/-


Officers with Grade Pay 6600/-

Type-IV Special

Officers with Grade Pay more than 6600/-

Type V


Sr.Scale and Jr. Scale Officers will be allotted Type- V Quarters provided the quarter is vacant for more than 6 months and there is no demand from SG/JAG Officers at that point of time.



 Railway Quarters in Gazetted pool are available at various locations as detailed below:


Areas/Colonies covered in the pool

Supervisory Officials




Phone No.




Secunderabad Area

Rail Nilayam Colony





Lancer Colony





Lancer Lines




























Maintenance complaints including water supply problems are to be registered·

  with the Centralized Complaint Cell, Hyderabad Division on Phone Nos. 88888


Non-Pooled Accommodation

      The following Railway Quarters in Secunderabad area are earmarked for allotment to incumbents holding specific post(s).

Earmarked for allotment to the incumbent holding the Post of

Bungalow No.  and Area

General Manager

Rail House (Bungalow No. 99) at Lancer Lines


Type VI Spl Bungalow No.1 at South Lallaguda


Type-V Spl Rly Qtrs No. 99/1 at South Lallagud

 Commissioner of   Railway   Safety,   South  Central Circle,   Sec’bad

Bungalow No. 302 at South Lallaguda


Priority for allotment of Bungalows



3.Non-Functional HAG Officers

4.SAG Officers

5.Non Functional SAG Officers

6.SG Officers and

7.JAG Officers

Note: Chairman & Members of RCT as per their entitlement


Waiting List

Waiting list is maintained for each type of quarter separately i.e. Flats and Bungalows (Type-V/Type-IV) priority-wise viz., in the order of PHODs,CHODs, Non-functional HAG, SAG Officers, Non functional SAG Officers, SG Officers, JAG Officers, SS and JS Officers according to the date of registration.  PHODs,CHODs are considered allotment from out of 19 Bungalows categorized as Type VI Bungalows in South Lallaguda. However, depending on individual choices, these Officers are considered allotment of other Bungalows also. SA Grade Officers are considered for allotment of other Bungalows and also type VI Bungalows in the absence of demand for the same from a PHOD, CHOD, Non-functional HAG. Likewise, in the absence of demand from SA Grade Officers for allotment to a Bungalow, SG or JAG Officers are considered for allotment of a Bungalow. Officers temporarily allotted with a lower type of Quarter than their normal entitlement due to non-availability of Quarters at the relevant time, do not lose their original seniority for consideration to the allotment of the quarter of their entitlement.

Procedure for allotment of Railway Quarter to the Officers

Initial Allotment

           Officers are permitted to seek allotment of Quarters from an area but not a particular Quarter in that area/colony. They can however exercise their option for a specific floor i.e. Ground Floor or First Floor or type of quarters (Independent /Flats etc.)

           If, after submitting the application, an Officer wishes to make changes in the options already exercised, he/she can do so before allotment of Quarters.  However, the officer loses original seniority and will have his option counted from the date of revised application

          An Officer wishes to apply for a higher type of accommodation on his/her becoming eligible for the same after registering for a lower type of Quarter, has to apply afresh for the registration of the higher type of Quarter. In such cases, the registration made for lower type of Quarter gets cancelled

             Allotment is made strictly on the basis of waiting list and immediately on allotment of Quarters, name of the Officer will be deleted from the waiting list

Allotment of Lower Type Quarter than Entitled:       

When an officer has applied for a quarter, and in case a vacant quarter is available as per the entitlement of the officer but not in a particular pool/area as requested by the officer, one quarter among the vacant quarter (as chosen by the officer) will be allotted to him.  His original request will continue to be registered and as and when his turn comes up, he will be allotted quarter in the requested pool/area.  This will not be considered as change of quarter.

On allotment of the Quarter, the Officer has the option to express his willingness to the occupation of the allotted quarter within 7 working days from the date of allotment.  If no intimation is received within 7 days, the allotment is liable to be cancelled and the quarter will be allotted to the officer next in turn in the waiting list. If the officer refuses occupation of quarter he/she will be debarred for one year for allotment of Railway Quarter either on initial allotment or on changeover basis.

Allotted quarter should be occupied within 15 days from the date of allotment.  The period of 15 days is to enable the Engineering, Electrical & S&T Department to attend to minor or allowable works like repairs to doors, windows, plumbing, brightening wiring, telephone line etc., of the unit. Any requirement that does not come in the ambit of allowable work and treated as improvement/modification/alteration of the allotted unit would be taken up, if permissible, after occupation of the quarter by the officer and therefore no extension of time limit is permitted on account of these works. 

Rent will be recovered from the 16th day of the allotment, or the date of occupation, whichever is earlier

    Change Over for Quarters:     

On occupation of the quarter officers desire to have a change from their existing accommodation to another area, floor, type etc., have to register for the same through a fresh application. Registration for Changeover will be allowed after six months from the date of occupation of the existing quarter.   No separate waiting list is maintained for requests of change over. They will be registered in the common waiting list along with other requests for initial allotment with ‘date of registration’ as the criteria.


Only one changeover is permitted within the same area.   Changeover  is not permitted to the same floor within the same area.  Requests can be to a specific floor or area but not to a specific quarter. An Officer already in occupation of a quarter, on allotment of another quarter on changeover basis will be allowed 15 days time for occupation of the allotted Quarter and 21 days time for vacation of the existing accommodation.  After 15 days, stay in the original quarter will be treated as ‘un-authorized’ and damage rent at the prevailing rates will be recovered for the same till its vacation

Procedure for vacating Railway Quarter

Officers who want to vacate the Railway Quarter under their occupation on their transfer, retirement etc. shall apply in writing to SDGM for necessary permission to vacate the same.  Requests of Officers, who want to vacate the Quarters on reasons other than retirement or transfer, shall be recommended by the respective PHOD /DRM.


Retention of accommodation


Officers wishing to retain the quarters on transfer, retirement etc. shall apply to PCPO for obtaining the sanction of the competent authority in advance.  Retention of the quarter without the sanction of the competent authority is treated as unauthorized occupation of the quarter attracting levy of damage rent as per telescopic charges as applicable for GPRA rates besides initiation of eviction proceedings.

Transfer of Officers - Regularisation of quarters

Railway Quarters retained by an officer on his/her transfer to an outstation will be regularized from the date of joining back Secunderabad provided the officer assumes charge on or before the expiry date of permission so granted to retain the quarter.

Validity of registration in case of Transfer

On transfer of an officer from Secunderabad, his / her name will be deleted from the waiting list.  The Officer will only be permitted to retain the accommodation under his/her occupation on the day of transfer and no request for change over will be permitted during the period of retention. In case, the officer joins back Secunderabad and wishes to move to another quarter of same/higher type, he/she has to register afresh for such accommodation.

Responsibility of Occupants of Railway Quarters

     Allotment of Railway accommodation is only meant for bonafide use of the allottee Officer and should not be used for any purpose other than residence.  Any violation in this respect would result in cancellation of allotment besides initiation of action under RS (D&A) Rules, 1968 in terms of Railway Board’s letter No. E (G) 2002/QR1-3 dated 29.04.2002 (RBE No. 54/2002).

Source : South Central Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed : 16-07-2024  

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