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Kacheguda Station


K A C H E G U D A     R A I L W A Y    S T A T I O N

Kacheguda Station is o­ne of the important NSG-2 category station o­n Hyderabad division located in the heart of the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad. It has been given Gold rating by IGBC for environmental friendly practices.

On an average 43,400 passengers are dealt at this station with average daily earnings of Rs. 47.53 Lakhs. 06 pairs of Daily Express trains, 20 pairs of Non- daily express trains and 14 pairs of passenger trains and 47 pairs of Suburban trains (including 35 pairs of MMTS trains) are given stoppage at this station.




First Digi- Pay station in Indian Railways formally inaugurated o­n 20.02.2017


First energy efficient station in Indian Railways.


First Railway station in Twin cities for introduction of Sanitary Pad vending & incinerator machine


First station to install PET bottle shredder over S. C. Railway (Total 7 machines )


Free Wifi facility for ½ hour for valid passengers


Rail Museum at Kacheguda.


First station to introduce Mobile Digital Movie theatre for passengers over Indian Railway.




Provision of Water Re-cycling plant of 5.00 Lakh liter capacity.


Provision of cover over sheds for full length Platform o­n PF1, 2/3&4/5


Provision of At a glance board over FOB o­n PF-1,2/3 and 4/5 and train information display system with Electronic train reservation chart display.


Enhancement of existing Surveillance Digital Monitor system.


Provision of Stainless steel TWIN Dustbins.


Provision of Touch Screen POET


App based Cab facility (Call/Radio Taxi) awarded to M/s.OLACabs


Provision of Bio- Toilets o­n PF 2/3 and PF 4/5


Provision of Television sets in the Waiting halls


Provision of Elevators and escalators o­n all Platforms


Extension of Platforms


“Fresh-up Space” Retiring rooms with modern facilities


Navigation app ( NAVRAS)


Vehicle Lane system


Cloak room facility o­n Platform No.1


12 Massage chairs o­n PF 1 and PF 2/3 .


Provision of 3 baggage scanner




Washable Apron o­n Road No.2


Improved Circulating area o­n Golnaka side with parking , Train Indication boards etc.


Extension of platforms and path way


Automatic Coach washing plant


Mobile digital movie Theatre

Fresh up space Retiring rooms



Escalators have been commissioned o­n Kacheguda PF No.1, 2/3 & 4/5 for convenience of passengers


Elevators were commissioned o­n PF1 & 2/3 at Kacheguda on 30.09.2014


Prepaid AC waiting hall was opened o­n 05.05.2014 at Kacheguda station


Battery operated truck for Senior citizens and Physically Handicapped was started at KCG from 28.12.16.


New Booking office at Kacheguda was commissioned o­n 07.01.2014 with improved concourse and additional counters.


Free Wifi facilityfor ½ hour for valid passengers were provided at Kacheguda.


Kacheguda has become the first Digital station in S.C.Railway which was formally inaugurated by GM/SCR o­n20.02.2017


Parcel Management System (PMS) was introduced at KCG w.e.f.16.01.2015


Rail Museum was opened at Kacheguda.


Telangana Tourism counter has been provided o­n PF-1


5 ATVMs and 2 CoTVMs are providedwith facilitatorsfor issue of general tickets.


Spacious waiting Room for sleeper and upper class passengers was provided at

Kacheguda for the convenience of passengers


29 nos. CCTV provided at Kacheguda


Electronic Reservation chart display has been provided at PF1 and 2/3 at Kacheguda


Food Plaza was commissioned at Kacheguda o­n 27.07.2014.


Two water vending machines were inaugurated at KCG PF 4/5 o­n27-05-2016 by DRM/HYB.


One R.O plant was commissioned o­n 26.04.2016 at KCG PF.No.: 1 (FM End) with 1000 litre/hrcapacity, sponsored under CSR activity by M/s. HAL.


Seven PET bottle shredders was installed o­n Platforms sponsored under CSR initiative by IRCTC.


At Kacheguda, as a part of improvement to cleanliness, 125 Nos of Stainless Steel twin dustbins were provided.


Out-Sourcing of Face to Face EnquiryCounters at 04 stations including Kacheguda for a period of o­ne year wasawarded and15 TEswere deputedfor manning reservedcoaches


App based Cab facility (Call/Radio Taxi) has commenced services at KCG from08.11.2017 with an annual license fee of Rs. 7,92,000/- per annum


Pre-paid Autoparkingprovided at KCGstation with an annual license fee of Rs. 1,89,999/-.


A fully automatic Sanitary Napkin Vending machine and Sanitary Napkin incineratorMachine has been installed at KachegudaLadies Waiting hall o­n PF-1on 02.03.2018for the convenience of women passengers.

Airport connectivity:

Distance between Kacheguda Railway stations and Hyderabad Airport is just 18 kms. There is also train connectivity to Umdanagar Railways station which is just 04 kms away from the station.

Bus connectivity:

There is a bus terminal in front of the Railways station (300 mtrs. away) It is well connected to all the parts of the city.

Pick up and Drop off points:

The station has been provided with pick up and drop points due to the introduction of vehicle lane system. There are 64 licensed porters working in 2 shifts.

Energy efficient:

The station is converted in to 100 % LED lighting. Solar panels have been provided o­n platform roofs.

All the platforms are having Coach Indication /Train indication boards.

Baby feeding cubicle and sanitary napkin vending and Incinerator machine have been provided in the Ladies waiting room.

Smart Passenger services provided:

  • Prepaid Cab facility is available

  • Free Wi-Fi facility available at station

  • Automatic ticket vending machine is available

  • CCTV surveillance for safety is provided

  • Telangana Tourism information centre is available

  • Vehicle lanes for smooth traffic flow

  • Smart massage chairs

  • Book stalls

  • Touch screen information kiosk

  • Food plaza

  • Child helpline booth

  • Electronic chart displays

  • Water vending machines

2. Existing method of Cleanliness :

  • KACHEGUDA station received 14th Ranking at all India level in Swachh Rail Swachh Bharat Cleanliness assessment of A1 and A category stations by the 3rd party audit by Quality Counsel of India during 2018.

  • KCG station obtained Consent for CFE, CFO & HWA from TSPCB valid up to 30-04-2026
  • KACHEGUDA station has been awarded “GOLD rating” by IGBC o­n 02-10-18 in existing building Green Rating Certification.

  • KACHEGUDA Station has been certified with ISO-14001:2005 for Environmental Management System

  • KACHEGUDA station cleaning has been outsourced and Mechanized cleaning is done round the clock in three shifts at all platforms, waiting halls, concourse, circulating areas etc.

  • Cleanliness and segregation is being done regularly and waste is being disposed through contractual agencies.

  • Biometric attendance of cleanliness staff is being ensured and all statutory provisions of Labour laws like minimum wages, PF, ESIC, periodic rest, uniforms etc. are being followed.

  • All the Plat forms are covered under mechanized cleaning contract and waste generated is being disposed to municipal agencies.

  • Public Toilets are provided in circulating area by Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation.

  • Toilets are provided o­n all the Plat forms of KACHEGUDA Railway station which also includes Bio-toilets o­n Plat form - 1&2 and Plat form 3&4.

  • The station platforms, circulating areas and concourses are regularly cleaned by machines and efforts are o­n to maintain cleanliness of station round the clock. The stainless steel twin dust bins with segregation are provided for biodegradable and Non-biodegradable wastes o­n all platforms, waiting halls, concourse, circulating areas.

  • The machines deployed for cleaning includes Ride o­n sweeper, Ride o­n scrubber, walk behind scrubber, High pressure electrical jet machines, High pressure diesel jet machines and back pack Vacuum cleaner, Power sprayers, single disc scrubber, Garbage push trolleys and different types of cleaning tools & gadgets.

3. Solid waste management:

  • The solid waste at KACHEGUDA Railway station is being segregated at source itself by provision of bifurcated collection of Biodegradable waste and Non-biodegradable waste through 173 numbers of dust bins o­n all the five platforms.

  • The segregated waste in the dust bins is monitored thoroughly for getting filled up and being shifted to master dust bin and transported through lorry to the location provided by Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation.

  • Wet and Dry (Green & Blue Colour coded) dustbins have been provided.

  • The segregated waste is collected in eco-friendly polythene covers and closed before these are shifted to central dump yard.

  • Seven nos. of Plastic Bottle crushing machines are installed at Railway station. The plastic waste is collected through plastic bottle crushing machines is being disposed to  authorized Plastic Recycled agency, the amount by selling plastic waste is deposited at Booking counter of KCG sation and same maintained in Register.

  • Also a De-composting machine is installed at KACHEGUDA station to take care of bio-degradable waste and the generated manure is used for the gardens at office premises and colonies.

    4. Verifiable Indicators:

  • Water Recycling Plant of 500 KLD capacity is installed at KACHEGUDA station.

  • Water Audit was conducted on 21.08.19

  • Energy Audit was conducted o­n 21.08.19.

  • The station cleanliness is regularly monitored through CCTVs.

  • 29 nos. of CCTVs are arranged at KACHEGUDA Railway station for monitoring of cleanliness and littering.

  • Further, to upkeep the cleanliness of station, Anti-littering drives are being thoroughly conducted and offenders are being penalized as per the guide lines

  • Creating cleanliness awareness in passengers, the video displays are being done at station using Public Address System, via TV/Audio systems.

  • Also Musical jingles are being played in the PA system frequently to educate the railway passengers o­n platform

  • Swachh Bharath Programmes are being organized throughout the year.

  • Energy consumption/day = 1.9 KW

  • Water consumption/day= 150 KL

  • Garbage generated/day= 03 Tons

  • Taskforce comprising of Railway officials of various departments nominated to monitor and supervise open defecation in and around railway premises.

  • All the encroachments removed and station is free from encroachment. 

5. Action plan for improving Cleanliness: 

  • Monitoring mechanism is already available for avoiding encroachments under Railway act 1985, PPE Act–1971 with the help of state government authorities and is being monitored regularly.

  • Polluters and Litterers are being penalized by RPF and Commercial department regularly.

  • Passengers’ awareness board is provided regarding penalty against littering in Railway premises apart from providing dustbins.

  • To remove the existing encroachment under Railway act, 1989 and PPE act, 1971 with the help of state Govt. authorities and police for which they are being pursued regularly.

6. Broadly 4 areas have been identified.

  • Solid Waste Disposal

  • Littering of Solid and Plastic Wastes

  • Open Defecation along the Railway Track

  • Removal of Encroachment

  • At KCG station, all steel twin dust bins are provided with bifurcation ring and either sides are provided with separate plastic covers with distinguished colours.

  • Station cleaning contract is included with rag picking activity up to 50 mtrs. from the edge of longest Platform for maintaining track cleanliness at station approaching areas.
  • CCTV cameras are utilized for monitoring the cleanliness activity and bio metric attendance for the cleaning staff is incorporated for promptness in duties.

  • The water audit and energy audit last conducted are verified by IGBC.

  • KACHEGUDA railway station has been awarded with “GOLD” rating by the IGBC (Indian Green Building Council) Green Railway Stations Rating system in the month of October-2019, The rating system is comprehensive and includes audits conducted o­n Energy, water, facilities provided, methods adopted o­n disposal of waste, Health and sanitation.

  • Provided 07 nos. Plastic Bottle crushing machines o­n platforms.

  • The water and Energy audits are being conducted periodically at the Railway stations.

  • KACHEGUDA Division has partnered with Swachha Mission officials during a meeting held o­n 02.10.2018 and have initiated the mandate of "Swachh Rail-Swachh Bharat" by eliminating open defecation, eradication of manual scavenging, implementing systematic Solid and Liquid Waste Management, Information, organizing awareness campaigns to maintain sustainable cleanliness and hygiene.

  • Afforestation of land/stretches of land along the track as per Clean India-Green India programme. Campaigns were conducted during Swachhta pakhwada .

  • To maintain the upkeep of station a co-ordinated approach is being followed which include representatives from Civil engineering, Electrical, Mechanical, Commercial, S&T, Medical and Operating departments.

  • Committee of ‘Service Improvement Group’ is in place for regular monitoring of implementation, Operation & Maintenance of existing green features at station, consisting of ADRM(I) & branch level officers who inspect the KACHEGUDA station o­n regular basis. SIG committee supervisor level consisting of SMR and other departmental in-charges for inspection o­nce in a month. Station director is nominated for heading the green railway station committee at station level.

Comments and Suggestions by Passengers/Public :

The passengers/ public can communicate the comments and suggestions through the following means.

A link has been provided in SCR official website for registering all grievances and suggestions with regard to cleanliness and hygiene issues.

Rail Madad portal - Registration form


Source : South Central Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed : 13-04-2023  

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