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Registration of Indents and Allotment of Rakes

Registration of Indents and Allotment of Rakes

Registration of Indents:

1) All demands for despatch of goods in wagon loads will be entered in the Wagon Demand/ Priority Register maintained at the stations or goods sheds open for booking of goods in wagons loads.The signature of the sender or his representative will be taken in the appropriate column provided in the register after duly filling in all the other columns.The prescribed registration fee will have to be paid by the sender or his representative at the time of registration of demands for wagons.

2)A forwarding note duly filled in should be tendered by the sender at the time the goods are physically brought into the Railway premises.

3) (a) A limit may be placed by Railways on the quantity of goods permitted to be registered at a time by one indentor.

(b) When booking is restricted to a particular station or by a particular route, full details regarding the restrictions will be exhibited at the station.

(c) When limits are placed on the Registration of goods in the manner indicated above, full details thereof will be exhibited at the stations.

4)When booking is restricted to a particular station or a particular route, full details regarding  restrictions will be exhibited at the station.

5)The prescribed Wagon Registration Fee to be deposited at the time of registration of indents is as under:-

Type of Gauge

Registration Fee

per Wagon (Rs.)

Registration Fee per Rake (Rs.)







6)Exemption from payment of Wagon Registration Fee: No Wagon Registration fee will be required to be paid in respect of the following traffic:

a)Traffic in any commodity offered by Platinum & Gold card holder from their siding.  (If they cancel their indents under any of the circumstances notified in Rule 201(15) of Goods Tariff M.41,Part.I, Vol.I an amount equal to wagon registration fee may be collected.

b)Container Traffic booked by CONCOR.

c)Railway materials and Stores booked by Railway officials in their official capacity.

d)Household kit of Railway employees on transfer.

e)Military traffic booked on Military Credit Notes.

f)   Certain traffic subject to road competition specifically notified by the Railway Administration as exempt from payment of Wagon Registration Fee.

7)Lumpsum deposit in lieu of Wagon Registration Fee:

            Lumpsum deposit for Government Department shall be Rs.30,000/- (Thirty thousand only).

    The parties having regular transactions with a Railway may be permitted at the discretion of the Railway, to        pay a lumpsum deposit in lieu of payment of registration fee each time an indent is made for wagon supply.        The lumpsum deposit payable will be fixed by Railways in such cases taking into account the number of              wagons that the parties concerned have to register at a time.

8)Forfeiture of Wagon Registration Fee:Wagon registration fee will be forfeited when a wagon indent is cancelled by the indentor within 10 days from the date of registration, irrespective of the commodity.

9)The type of wagon required, whether open or covered, should be indicated in the Wagon Demands/Priority Register by the Consignor or his authorised agent.  If the consignor is prepared to load either an open or a covered wagon, both the types will be shown in the Wagon Demands/Priority Register and whatever type is available first will be supplied.

10)Railways may restrict from time to time the type of wagon (covered or open) that will be supplied in respect of specified commodities.  Railways do not guarantee to supply at stations wagons of any particular type or carrying capacity. 

11)The Wagon Demand/Priority Register will be open for inspection by merchants and traders during the hours of working of goods sheds at stations.

12)Allotment/loading orders - Each item of wagon registration is given a serial number in the order of registration.  Allotment/Loading orders are issued in accordance with the priority of registration and also having regard to preferential schedules prescribed by the Railway Board, quotas and restrictions in force and other operating considerations.

13)Station will load wagons only in accordance with the Allotment/Loading orders from the appropriate authority, except at stations where Station Masters are authorised to allot wagons themselves in accordance with the instructions issued in this regard.

14)The Allotment/Loading Orders should be exhibited on the notice Board of the station for the information of the public.

15)Change of commodity is not permitted in a registration already made.

16)A separate receipt shall be given to the indentor for the registration fee paid for each wagon.  The receipt foil will consist of two portions.  The upper portion will be retained by the indentor and the lower portion will be returned to the Station Master duly signed by the receive r when the registration fee is refunded.

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Source : South Central Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed : 11-08-2016  

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