ࡱ> ?A>q` bjbjqPqP **::dddddddx\\\\ h4x$h:$ddd6ddV@dd V\ WD0 ^f^^d`|xxx \xxx\xxxdddddd TENDER FORM FOR LEASING OF SLR/Assistant Guard Cabins Space for 4/1 Tonnes Capacity in SLR/Assistant Guard Cabins. Tender Notice No. From, To, Affix latest passport size photograph of ApplicantThe Divisional Railway Manager, South Central Railway, Sir, Sub: Tender form for leasing of SLR/Assistant Guard Cabins space for 4/1 Tonnes capacity. *** With reference to your Press Notification dated..calling for tenders for allotment of 4/1 Tonnes in SLR/Assistant Guard Cabins by Trains on Division of South Central Railway. I. I/We have gone through the Terms and conditions enumerated by the Railway Administration for leasing of SLR/Assistant Guard Cabins space for 4/1 Tonnes capacity by Train. I/We do hereby offer my/our rates and agree to abide the said conditions subject to the conditions covered by. II. I/We hereby tender for leasing of *4 tonnes SLR space/one Tonne AGC space at the rates as under: i) Train No. : ________________ ii) Description of the Train : ________________ iii) *SLR/Assistant Guard Cabins : ________________ iv) From Station _________ to Station__________ v) Lumpsum rate for tonnes per day Rs.___________ (In figures) (Rupees __________________________________(in words) Note: (*: Select either SLR or AGC & strike out whichever not applicable) ..2/- :: 2 :: III) Earnest Money Deposit amount DD No.______________ Rs.___________ (DD should be drawn in favour of Date __________________________ Sr.DFM/S.C.Rly/ ) Drawn Bank ____________________ Or By cash to be paid to the Divisional Money Receipt No._______________ Cashier(Pay)/S.c.Rly. Date___________________________ Rs.____________________________ IV. I/We agree to keep this tender open for acceptance for a period of 90 days (ninety) days from the date of opening of tender and extend the validity period beyond 90 days from the time to time if required by the Railway Administration. The Earnest Money Deposit shall be liable for forfeiture without rights or remedies if The tenderer fails to execute the contract documents within fourteen days after the receipt of advice of acceptance letter issued by the Railways, that such documents are ready. If the tenderer fails to commence to offer the leased quantity within 14 days after receipt of order to that accept. Withdraw the offer before finalising the leasing process by the Railways. VI. Until a formal agreement is prepared and executed, acceptance of this tender shall constitute a binding contract between us subject to my specific modification as may be mutually agreed to and indicate in the letter of acceptance issued. VII. The details of other contracts of transport held by me/us for Railway Administration/other agencies are given below: i) ___________________________ ii) ___________________________ iii) ___________________________ VIII. Documents/Certificate in respect of the above and about my/our financial stability are enclosed. IX. All rights are reserved by Divisional Railway Manager(Commercial) Branch, ____________________ Division, South Central Railway __________ to withdraw/cancel the tenders without assigning any reasons. ..3/- :: 3 :: X. Railway reserves the right to change or amend any of the clauses in the scheme due to the change in policy. The tenders should submit the following documents along with the tender form. i)Full details of the tendering firm/tenderer. ii) Particulars regarding details of work of similar nature executed by the firm to the submitted along with the certification of the offer. Receipt of original EMD/DD along with the tender document. Credentials such as financial status particulars of moveable/ immovable properties. The tenderer except EMD/DD should sign all the documents. Copies of all certificates should be attested by Gazetted Officer. Note: If the date of opening of tenders happens to be declared as a holiday tenders will be opened on the next working day. I/We affix the passport size photograph as required. Yours faithfully, Place : Date : Encl : as above Signature of the Tenderer (Name in bold letters and Address) *** s  Z Q µhh$CCCJOJQJhCJOJQJh5CJOJQJh5B*OJQJphh5B*OJQJphh5OJQJh s| $$>&`#$/Ifa$gd$a$gdgd  5 L W X Y Z [ ` sngd$^`a$gd$^`a$gd$a$gd$a$gd[kd$$IflT04 la Q ~   4 g  W O.TUD $`a$gd$a$gdgdDEO|}PQ/01> $^a$gd $ & Fa$gd$ & F^`a$gd$a$gd>?@A.JDEz{|} $ & Fa$gd $^a$gd$a$gd$a$gd$a$gd(/ =!"#$% ~$$If!vh5#v:V l0548`8 Normal_HmH sH tH DAD Default Paragraph FontVi@V  Table Normal :V 44 la (k(No List @B`@  Body Text$a$ CJOJQJ4>`4 Title$a$5CJJP`J  Body Text 2$a$5>*CJOJQJ*s|5LWXYZ[`Q~ 4gWO.TUDEO     | } P Q   / 0 1 > ? @ A .JDEz{|}00000000000000 0 00000000000000000000000000000000000000 00 0 0 0000000000000000000000000 0 0 0 0@0@0@0@0@0@0@0@0@0@0@0@0@0@0@0@0I0  D>DJ%$*Uc 46V ^ ~  $,NV|Q}KMB E 9 < 3333333333ik i$2AVpAD0^`0o(.88^8`o()0^`0o()pAiki$;=DG2_vh!\Ut%jRI:U fX N Ui K. 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