• Tender Procedure



  • Tender closing/opening Timings followed by COS office are:

Type of Tender Closing Time Opening Time

Bulletin & Limited tender 10.00 AM 10.15 AM (tender to be dropped in tender box before 10.00 AM)

Advertised tender 02.00 PM 02.30 PM

(Tender to be dropped in Tender box before02.00 PM)

  • Tenders are required to quote relevant tender number and type of Tender viz. Limited Tender, Advertised Tender, Bulletin Tender etc., and Date & Time of the opening of the tender in there offer as well as on the top of the envelope.
  • Each envelope should contain only one offer
  • For prompt payment of bill the following instructions are to be followed:
    • Use Railway Standard Form in duplicate
    • Affix Revenue Stamp and record
      pre-receipt/acknowledgement on the reverse of the bill.
    • Obtain delivery date extension first and attach Xerox copy thereof to the bill.
    • Quote prominently references to all amendments.
    • Attach Xerox copy of ITCC, if it is to be submitted as per P.O. attested by Chartered Accountant.
    • Attach Original Gate Pass whenever E.D. is claimed.
    • Attach Inspection Certificate of nominated inspecting authority (RITES/RDSO etc.,) marked as Original payment copy.
    • For Stores supplied to Stores department (stock purchase orders) attach with 100 percent and balance payment bills, suppliers foil of receipt note in original. For stores supplied directly to consignees (non-stock purchase orders), submit bill form to bill-passing officer indicated in the Purchase Order.
    • Attach MODVAT declaration where purchase order does not indicate that Modvat credit was taken into account.
    • Attach Indemnity bond whenever RR/PWB contains qualifying remarks. Book the consignments to the nominated consignee. RRs will not be accepted for making advance payments.
    • Obtain Counter signature of the Gazetted Officer in the challan when Stores are delivered at Consignee’s premises. Execute a power of attorney if payment is to be made to Bank.

·         Warning to the Suppliers: The suppliers should not entertain POs of S.C.Railway received by them through unauthorized persons or unauthorized channels. They should also not hand over stores meant for Railways to any unauthorized persons. Before parting with the material, they should verify the identity of the persons and also his possession of a proper authorization letter from S.C.Railway Administration.



  • Tender Procedure


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