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Price Rs.100 (not refundable)


Form of Application for use of firms in India for enlistment as approved contractors to this Railway

NB: Complete and definite answers to the questions must be given, otherwise the application is liable to be ignored. Please also see instructions at page 9


Name of The firm:

Telegraphic Address:

Address of the Head Office


Address of the Branches Fax:

E Mail ID:

Fax No. 040- 27825316


Item or items of Stores giving reference to Group No. for which enlistment is desired



a) Is your firm incorporated under the Companys Law or any other Law of India, if not who are the partners/ proprietors (please give their names and addresses)

b) Is your firm registered under the Indian Partnership Act 1932?

c) Is your factory registered under Indian Factories Act 1948?



Does your firm come under the scope of the Industries (Development) and Regulation Act, 1951 and if so, the No. and the date of registration or license held under the Act.



If the firm is registered under the Indian Companies Act 1913/ Companys Act 1 of 1956, state

a) The name in which it is registered

b) The registrar with whom it is registered and his place

c) The date of registration and the no. of registration certificate

d) Subscribed capital



If the firm is registered under the Indian Partnership Act 1932 or any other Act requiring the registration of firm/ partnership.

a) The name and/or styled in which it is registered

b) The place of registrar of the firms with whom registered

c) The date of registration and the no. and the date of registration certificate

d) The name and addresses of all the partners and the extent of their shares

e) Whether under Partnership Deed any one partner has been authorized to sign and bind the firm in all contractual obligations

Including power to refer cases for arbitration. If not, whether a separate power of authority exists in favor of a particular partner to perform such functions. In the later case a copy duly attested by a Notary public should be submitted.



In any other case

The name and address of the proprietor and/ or all the partners and the nature and extent of their interest in the joint business (in the case of joint Hindu family firm give this information regarding all persons who have any interest in the business)



The Income Tax Circle/Ward/District in which the concern and each of its proprietors/partners are assessed to Income Tax and G.I.R No. each



If you are manufacturer:-

a) Location of manufacturing of Works/factory, factories owned by you (documentary evidence of ownership must be produced.

b) Brief description of the Factory (e.g. area, covered accommodation departments into which it is divided, laboratory etc.,)

c) Whether the firm comes under the scope of Industries (Development and Regulations) Act 1951 and if so the No. and the date of registration or license held under the Act.

d) Details of Plant and Machinery erected and functioning in each department (monographs and descriptive pamphlets should be supplied, if available)

e) Whether the process of manufacture in the factory is carried out with aid of power or without it.

f) Details of Stores or class of Stores with the factory as equipped, is capable of production (specifying each item separately)

g) Details of arrangements for quality control of products, such as laboratory etc.

h) Whether stores were tested to any standard specification, if so copies of the original certificates should be submitted in triplicate.

i) (In case you do not own the factory but utilize the factory of some other firm for the manufacture/fabrication of the stores for which you apply for registration on lease or other basis, you should furnish a valid legal agreement that the factory of **_---------------------------- has been put at your disposal for the manufacture/fabrication of the stores for which registration has been applied for).

**Here indicate the name of the firm whose factory is being utilized.



If you are accredited agents of any Manufacturer give:-

a) Name and address the manufacturer

b) Articles for which you have Agencies

c)Stocks carried by you



If you are stockists:-

a) Items stocked

b) Approximate value of your stocks; and approximate value of annual sales

c) Address of your shop or shops

d) Address of your godowns where your stocks can be inspected



Classes of articles imported by the firm



Classes of imported articles normally stocked by the firm



State particulars with value (approximate) and the date of any contract (of considerable magnitude) executed in the past 12 months by your firm for the industries and supplies department. Railway or local body.



Recognized cottage industries and Small Scale Industries Units should submit a certificate from the Regional Director of the Unit in support of their statement.



Are you on approved list of DGS&D, and if so give details of items for which enlisted and registration no. and date



If you were on the approved list of any other Railway give registration no. and item s for which registered.



Who are your bankers, give complete address and Account No.



Further remarks if any



Do you pay Income Tax, if so, current Income Tax Clearance Certificate to be furnished



Mr. -------------------------------------------------------- who has signed this application and of any other person who in future may be appointed by me/us in his stead to carry on business of the concern whether an intimation of such change is given to the Railway or not.

I / we ------------------------------------------------------- do hereby declare that the entries made in this application from are true to the best of my / our knowledge and also that we shall be bound by the acts of my / our duly constituted attorney. I / we do hereby confirm that I / we have read the conditions governing Railway Contracts as amended from time to time and would abide by these conditions in all respects.

(Signature of Partners, Proprietors or Manager etc.,)

All subsequent changes in the constitution or working of firm affecting the accuracy of the answers now given will be promptly communicated to the Railway.


Designation of the Person signing the application form



Instructions for filling up Application form and supplying of other particulars required for Registration

1) Grouping of Stores

a)Stores are grouped in different sections as in the list attached. Separately lists of contractors are being maintained

for each group of stores.

b) Firms may apply in the prescribed form for registration for the supply of one or more groups of stores giving

reference to Sl.No. of the group of the attached list.

2)Security Deposit

Firms desiring to be enlisted for the supply of stores to this Railway must complete the application form attached. No security deposit is required to be taken from contractor for group for which they are registered with this Railway.

This is however necessary for items for which they are not particularly registered @5% of an order in cash subject to a minimum of Rs.10,000/- each case

3)Weekly Bulletin of Stores.

Offers are invited for the supply of Stores by advertisement either publicity or in the Railway Stores Weekly

Bulletins or through limited tenders. The Weekly Bulletins are sent to all approved suppliers who pay the annual

subscription of Rs.1200/- only in cash for it (not refundable). As most of this Railway requirements are published

in the Bulletins, it is in the interest of the suppliers to subscribe for the bulletins.

4)Right to refuse registration and removal from approved list.

The Controller of Stores reserves the right to decline to register any firm or to remove the name of any firm either for a specific period or permanently from the approved list without assigning any reason and his decision shall be final.

5) IRS Conditions of Contract

Firm will have to abide by the IRS Conditions of Contract and Rules and Regulations issued by the Controller of Stores from time to time in regard to the purchase of stores.

6) Cash receipt

The cash receipt for Rs.100/- being registration fee granted by the Chief Cashier, South Central Railway, Secunderabad should invariably be affixed on the space provided for the purpose an inside front cover while submitting the application form .

7)Signing of application form

a)Proprietorship firm: The application form should be signed by the proprietor.

b)Partnership firm : The application form should be signed by all the partners or by any one of the partners who holds a general power of attorney authorizing him to sign for and bind the firm in all contractual obligations.

c)Limited Concerns : The application form should be signed by any one of the directors or Managing Director of the firm

The application may also be signed by a person other than those mentioned above only when such a person holds a general power of attorney in his favor from the firm giving him authority to do so in which case such power of attorney in original (together with the copy thereof should also be forwarded along with application.)

8)Ownership documents

All the firms should produce documentary evidence for ownership of their godowns and factories and machinery installed therein:

a)In case of manufacturing firm original rent receipt and cash vouchers, etc together with copies thereof for the Plant and Machineries installed in the factory should be forwarded.

b)In case stockists rent receipt for their godowns together with proof of ownership of the stocks with the copies of documents should be furnished.

Alternatively an affidavit sworm before the first class magistrate to the effect that Plant and Machinery building etc are owned by the applicant firms may be forwarded.

9)Income Tax Clearance Certificate

Current ITCC bearing seal and dt. signature of the Income Tax Officer concerned should invariably accompany the application.

State and Central Tax Registration certificates should be submitted along with the application.

10) Other documents to be forwarded.

a)In case of limited company a copy of memorandum and articles of association and a certificate of incorporation, and in case of partnership concern, a copy of the entry in form (A) from the Registrar of firms concerned should accompany the application. In addition to this, list of sitting directors in case of limited concern and a certified copy of the partnership deed in case of partnership concern, should be submitted.

The following is the crieterial for considering on an authorized agent

As per the general tender conditions.

Where a manufacturer appoints an agent or a distributor on the basis of a written agreement with him for a specific

territory or specific set of items, he shall give an undertaking to the following effect.

i) that he does not have sufficient marketing arrangements in respect of the specified territory or set of items to participate in Central Government/DGS & D purchases.

ii) that he will accept the responsibility for the satisfactory execution of orders placed on the authorized agents/distributors.

iii) that he will provide requisite inspection and testing facilities at this works in respect of orders placed on authorized agents/distributors.

iv) The authorised agents/distributors price will not exceed that which which the manufacturer would have quoted:

v) that he will be responsible for all the contractual obligations including quality aspects, replacement of part/items and Warranty/Guarantee obligations.

vi) that he will be responsible for after-sale-service.

b) The vendor seeking registration with the monetary limit over Rs,10 lakhs ISO 9000 certificate is obligatory.

11)Registration of branches.

In case where the firm desire registration of their branches in addition to their head offices they should forward a declaration to the effect that the branch managers are competent to bind the firm in all contractual obligations and that the head office will be responsible for the commitment of their branch manager and for the satisfactory execution of the contract placed on them.








Sub: EFT Payments

We refer to the Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) being set up by South Central Railway for remittance of our payments useing RBIs EFT scheme and confirm that we are agreeable to our payments being made through the above scheme to our under noted account.






















PER A/C                            :



SUPPLIER                         :






SIGNATURE & STAMP                                         SIGNATURE OF SUPPLIER WITH

CONFIRMED BY BANK                                                 STAMP & ADDRESS



Enclosure : A copy of Crossed Cheque.

NOTE: EFT mandate can be made on letter head/plain paper.

13)Annual Report/Balance sheets/Profit and Loss Statements

One copy each of the following should be furnished.

1)Last Annual Report

2)Profit and Loss Account and Balance Sheet for and at the end of the last year.

3)A Statement showing the results of operation and financial position of the during the preceding three years in

the proforma given below:-

Year Ending

Year Ending

Year Ending









Gross Profit






Pretax Profit






Net profit after tax



Percentage of Net Profit on Sales



Dividend declared



Net Block



Capital Employed






Percentage Profit on capital employed