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AP State accorded Priority in Strategizing Plans for Introduction of New Trains, Provision of Stoppages and Extension of Train Services

The priority being accorded by Shri Piyush Goyal, Hon’ble Minister of Railways towards meeting the expectations of rail users in the State of Andhra Pradesh has formed the basis for South Central Railway to implement the plan of action for introducing train services, providing stoppages and extension of train services. This initiative in the last 4 years between 2014-18 has resulted in great benefits to the rail travelers in various sectors.

The high points of this endeavor of the railways to meet public needs in Andhra Pradesh State are:

Several Cities of Andhra Pradesh have been immensely benefited
by the introduction of new trains.

·The newly formed state of Andhra Pradesh was connected with the National Capital New Delhi by Train No. 22415 / 22416 Visakhapatnam-New Delhi-Visakhapatnam Express.

·For the benefit of Secretariat Employees of new Capital of Andhra Pradesh, an exclusive Intercity Superfast Express Train No. 12795/12796 Secunderabad-Vijayawada-Secunderabad was introduced with a travelling time of5 hrs 30 minutes.

·Within the State of Andhra Pradesh also, farthest points of Dharmavaram & Tirupati were also connected by introducing a new Train No. 17215/17216 Vijayawada-Dharmavarm Tri-weekly Express and a Tri-Weekly Double Decker Train No. 22708/22707 between Tirupati-Visakhapatnam –Tirupati.

·The temple town of Vishnavi Devi temple, Katra is now connected with Andhra Pradesh by introducing a new Train No. No. 22705/22706 Humsafar Weekly Express between Tirupati-Jammu-Tirupati.

·Kakinada area was connected to Raichur and Kurnool Town via Vijayawada by running special trains No. 07245/07246 Kakinada-Riachur Tri-Weekly Special and Train No. 07238/07237 Kakinada-Kurnool Town Bi-Weekly Special. These trains are connecting Rayalaseema area with newly formed capital of Andhra Pradesh State.

·During Godavari Pushkarams held inJuly-2015, 407 special trains were run for the convenience of pilgrims from different parts of Andhra Pradesh. Further, 1300 additional coaches were attached to various trains.


·During Krishna Pushkarams held inAugust-2016,458 special trains run for the convenience of pilgrims from different parts of Andhra Pradesh. Further, more than 3000 additional coaches were attached to various trains.

·For Iztima, an international muslim congregation held at Kurnool Town 15 special trains were run during the month of December-2018.


New trains introduced (11 pairs) Originating from Andhra Pradesh.

  • Train No. 17622/17621 Renigunta - Aurangabad - Renigunta Weekly Express.
  • Train No. 12783/12784 Visakhapatnam-Secunderabad-Visakhapatnam AC Weekly Express.
  • Train No. 17417/17418 Tirupati - Sainagar Shirdi - Tirupati Weekly Express.
  • Train No. 12795/12796 Vijayawada - Secunderabad – Vijayawada Intercity Express
  • Train No. 17215/17216 Vijayawada - Dharmavaram - Vijayawada Triweekly Express.
  • Train No. 17419/17420 Tirupati - Vasco-Da-Gama - Tirupati Weekly Express.
  • Train No. 22708/22707 Tirupati-Visakhapatnam-Tirupati Double Decker Triweekly Express.
  • Train No. 77405/77406 Kadapa - Pendlimarri - Kadapa 6 days a week DEMU.
  • Train No. 20890/20889 Vijayawada -Howrah - Vijayawada Weekly Humsafar Express.
  • Train No. 22705/22706 Tirupati - Jammutawi - Tirupati Weekly Humsafar Express.
  • Train No. 11066/11065 Renigunta - Mysore - Renigunta Express.

New trains (18 pairs) passing through Andhra Pradesh

·Train No. 17021/17022 Hyderabad - Vasco-Da-Gama - Hyderabad weekly Express.

·Train No. 16353/16354 Kacheguda - Nagercoil - Kacheguda Weekly Express.

·Train No. 11073/11074 LTT Mumbai - Chennai - LTT Mumbai weekly Express.

·Train No. 19419/19420 Chennai - Ahmedabad - Chennai Bi-weekly Express.

·Train No. 16229/16230 Mysore - Varanasi - Mysore Bi-weekly Express.

·Train No. 18112/18111 Yeshvantpur - Tatangar - Yeshvantpur weekly Express.

·Train No. 16864/16863 Mannargudi - Jodhpur - Mannargudi Weekly Express.

·Train No. 22863/22864 Howrah - Yeshvantpur - Howrah weekly Express.

·Train No. 22837/22838 Hatia - Ernakulam - Hatia AC weekly Express.

·Train No. 12504/12503 Kamakhya - Bengaluru- Kamakhya HumsafarExpress.

·Train No. 22887/22888 Howrah - Yeshvantpur - Howrah Humsafar Express.

·Train No. 22877/22878 Howrah - Ernakulam - Howrah Antyodaya weekly Express.

·Train No. 22920/22919 Ahmedabad - Chennai - AhmedabadHumsafar Express.

·Train No. 22833/22834 Bhubaneswar - Krishnarajapuram - Bhubaneswar Humsafar Express.

·Train No. 22415/22416 Visakhapatnam - New Delhi - Visakhapatnam A.P Express.

·Train No. 22801/22802 Visakhapatnam - Chennai - Visakhapatnam Weekly Express.

·Train No. 16793/16794 Rameswaram - Faizabad - Rameswaram weekly Express.

·Train No. 22841/22842 Santragachi - Chennai - Santragachi Anthyodaya Express


Additional Stoppages of provided for trains (60 stations)
originating / passing through Andhra Pradesh


·Train No.22204/22203 Secunderabad – Visakhapatnam – Secunderabad Duronto Express at Vijayawada.

·Train No. 12214/12213 Delhi Sarai Rohilla – Yeshvantpur – Delhi Sarai Rohilla Duronto Express at Guntakal.

·Train No. 12269/12270 Chennai – H.Nizamuddin – Chennai Duronto Express at Vijayawada.

·Train No. 12245 Howrah – Yeshvantapur Duronto Express at Vijayawada & Renigunta.

·Train No. 12841/12842 Chennai – Howrah – Chennai Coromandel Express at Eluru.

·Train No. 17209/17210 KSR Bengaluru – Kakinada Town – KSR Bengaluru at Kavali & Singarayakonda.

·Train No. 12703/12704 Secunderabad – Howrah – Secunderabad Falaknuma express at Ramannapet.

·Train No. 18519/18520 Visakhapatnam – Lokamanya Tilak Terminus – Visakhapatnam Express at Samalkot.

·Train No. 17229/17230 Thiruvanantapuram Central – Hyderabad – Thiruvanantapuram Central Sabari Express at Singarayakonda.

·Train No. 12717/12718 Visakahapatnam – Vijayawada – Visakhapatnam Ratnachal Express at Anaparti.

·Train No. 12806/12805 Visakhapatnam - Secunderbad - Visakhapatnam Janmabhoomi Exp at Nuzvid and Elamanchili.

·Train No. 16533/ 16534 KSR Bengaluru -Bhagat ki kothi (Jodhpur)- KSR BengaluruExpress at Anatapur.

·Train No. 12253/12254 Yeshvantpur – Bhagalpur – Yeshvantpur at Renigunta.

·Train No. 22663/22664 Chennai Egmore - Jodhpur - Chennai Egmore Express at o­ngole.

·Train no. 77401/77402/77403/77404 Nandyal - Kadapa - Nandyal DEMU express at Kamalapuram.

·Train No. 16733/16734 Rameswaram – Okha – Rameswaram Express at Renigunta.

·Train No. 17215/17216 Vijayawada – Dharmavaram – VijayawadaExpress at Koilakuntla.

·Train No. 17603/17604 Kacheguda - Yeshavntpur - Kacheguda Express at Maddikera.

·Train No. 12796/12795 Lingampalli – Vijayawada – Lingampalli Intercity Express at Mangalagiri.

·In addition, the operational stoppages for 8 pairs of trains at Mantralayam Road, for 5 pairs of trains at Diguvametta, 3 pairs of trains at Guntakal are converted as Commercial stoppages o­n permanent basis.

Extension of trains originating / passing through Andhra Pradesh


·Train No. 16583/16584 Yesvantpur - Bidar up to Latur.

·Train No. 12793/12794 Tirupati - Hyderabad up to Nizamabad.

·Train No. 12749/12750 Machilipatnam - Secunderabad up to Bidar.

·Train No. 12737/12738 Kakinada - Secunderabad up to Lingampalli.

·Train No. 12775/12776 Kakinada - Secunderabad AC Express up to Lingamapalli

·Train No. 17401/17402 Machilipatnam/Narsapur - Tirupati up to Dharmavaram.

·Train No. 17652/17651 Kacheguda - Chennai up to Chengalpattu.

·Train No. 17643/17644 Kakinada - Chennai up to Chengalpattu

·Train No. 57477/57478 Tirupati - Guntakal up to Kalyandurg

·Train No. 57477/57478 Tirupati - Kalyandurg up to KadiriDevarapalli

·Train No. 11304/11303 Kolhapur - Hyderabad up to Manuguru.

·Train No. 12503/12504 Bengaluru Cantt - Kamakhya up to Agartala.

·Train No. 17243/17244 Vijayawada - Rayagada up to Guntur.

·Train No. 12733/12734 Tirupati - Secunderabad up to Lingampalli.

·Train No. 12795/12796 Vijayawada - Secunderabad up to Lingampalli.

Chief Public Relations Officer

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