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1.Types of wagon

i)What are the different types of wagons used in IR?

ii)Write the Difference between BOXN and BOXNR wagon?

iii)Write the POH periodicity of the following wagons?


iv)What are the differences between BVZC and BVZI?

v)Brief the salient features of BLC wagons.

vi)Draw a neat sketch of BOXN wagon with dimensions?

vii)Explain numbering system of wagon stock being used currently.


2.Types of Repair and their procedure

i)Describe in detail how the wagons are categorized depending o­n the work content?

ii)Write down the various modifications that are carried out for BOXN wagon?

iii)What are the different types of wagons repaired in wagon Workshop?

iv)Write the POH procedure of BOXN wagon?

v)Write the POH procedure of BVZC wagon?

vi)Write the steps for converting BOXN wagon to BOXNR wagon?

vii)What are types of wagon modules (unit replacement)? Describe the main advantages?

viii)Write the procedure for replacement of a BCN roof module?

ix)Draw a macro level flow chart for POH activity in wagon work shop?

x)Write the painting procedure of BOXN wagon and BOXNR wagon?

xi)Write short notes o­n POH of tank wagon?


3.Bogie & Types

i)What are the various type of bogies used in IR wagons?

ii)What are the different types of CASNUB Bogies?

iii)Write the Salient features of CASNUB Bogies?

iv)List out the various components of the CASNUB bogie assembly?

v)Write the assembly and disassembly procedure of CASNUB Bogies

vi)Draw a simple diagram of Bogie Spring arrangement (Number of springs) of CASNUB 22NL (20.32T) and CASNUB 22HS (22.9T)


4.Wheel assembly & Types of Bearing and their POH

i)Write the difference between CTRB and Cylindrical Roller Bearing?

ii)Write the overhauling procedure of CTRB?

iii)Briefly explain the defects found in CTRB during POH?

iv)What are the various types of machines available in wheel shop?

v)What is meant by CNC machine and describe salient features of CNC?

vi)State the Wheel defects and their causes?

vii)Describe the worn out wheel profile with a neat sketch.

5.Heat Treatment.

i)What is heat treatment? What are the three main stages of any heat treatment process?

ii)What are the purposes of heat treatment?

iii)What are the different heat treatment methods/processes?

iv)What is the purpose of Annealing and how is it done?

v)What is the purpose of Normalizing and how is it done?

vi)Distinguish between Annealing and Normalising?

vii)Briefly explain a) Hardening b) Tempering

viii)Briefly explain a) Cyaniding b) Carburising c) Nitriding d) Induction hardening


6.Types of welding, Defects and their remedies.

i)What is welding? Into how many types welding is classified?

ii)What are different types of welding positions? Explain briefly?

iii)What are the welding defects and write the causes and remedies of each defect?

iv)What are the functions of flux coating of electrode?

v)What are different types, classes and sizes of electrodes used in wagon work shop?

vi)Why pre heating of electrodes is necessary? How do you select the correct size and class of electrode for welding of various joints o­n BOXNR wagon?

vii)How the calibration of current and voltage of welding machine is done? How you set the applicable current and voltage of Welding stainless steel?

viii)Differentiate between the Manual metal arc welding and CO2 welding?

ix)Describe the following

a. welding consumablesb. Welding Equipmentsc. Tools that are to be possessed by a welder

x)Explain the working of MIG/MAG welding plants with a neat sketch.

xi)What is Air Plasma Cutting? Explain the working with a neat sketch. What is its use in wagon POH?

xii)What are the different Types of Flames of Oxy-fuel cutting? What type of flame is used in cutting wagon components?

xiii)What is the ISO standard for Welder Qualification? Explain the each variable in the welder designation with respect to ISO standard


7.Safety precautions.

i)What are safety precautions to be taken while in welding?

ii)What are safety precautions to be taken while in gas cutting?

iii)What are different types of personal protective equipment used by welder?

iv)What are the precautions that are to be taken during welding of stainless steel material?

v)What are the safety precautions to be taken for storage of stain less steel IRS : M 44?

vi)What are the safety precautions to be taken at work place?

vii)What are the safety precautions to be taken for painting BCN/BCNHL/BVZC/ BVZI wagons?


8.Precision measuring instruments.

i)What is precision measuring instrument?

ii)Mention various precision measuring instruments?


9.Gauges and Templates

i)What is a gauge?

ii)What is a template?

iii)Distinguish between a Gauge and Templates?



i)What is a fastener?

ii)How fastener is useful in daily working?


11.Fits, Limits and Tolerances

i)Explain brief about Fits, Limits and Tolerance?

ii)What is the difference between limits and tolerances?


12.Jigs and Fixtures

i)Explain briefly about Jig & Fixture?

ii)Mention the different type of Jigs& Fixtures?

iii)Distinguish between Jig & Fixture?


13.Stripping of wagons.

i)What are the important portions that are to be stripped o­n BCNA wagon?

ii)What is the basis of marking of panel patches for stripping o­n a BOXN wagon?

iii)How the wagon will be stripped in stripping shop that is categorized as heavy?

iv)What are the steps to be followed in receiving a wagon from division for repairs?


14.Body repairs work including riveting and Welding work

i)Brief the critical areas of weld joints o­n BOXN wagon?

ii)Describe the advantages of welding over riveting?

iii)How many sizes and numbers of rivets are used o­n BOXN wagon? What are the precautions to be taken while riveting?

iv)Describe the difference between Riveting and Lock Bolting?

v)Write Advantages of lock bolting over Normal riveting?


15.Repairs to CBC Draft Gear.

i)What are the types of draft gears used o­n wagons? Explain the function of draft gear?

ii)Describe repair procedure of RF – 361 Draft gear?

iii)What is meant by TUP hammer? Write test procedure conducted o­n it?

iv)Describe the procedure of welding of RF 361 Draft gear rear wall plate.

v)What are the parts of RF 361 draft gear

vi)How many types of draft gears are there? Explain overhauling procedure of any o­ne?

vii)Name the components of CBC used o­n wagons?


16.Air Brake system.

i)What are the important components of Air brake system?

ii)Draw a neat sketch of single pipe air-brake system indicating various components and explain its charging, application and release of Brake?

iii)Explain the Working of Twin pipe Air Brake System. What are the advantages?

iv)Explain the Single wagon or Rake testing procedure of Air Brake wagons.

v)Explain the working of Bogie Mounted Brake System. What are the advantages?

vi)Write short notes o­n a) Distributor Valveb) Dirt Collectorc) Brake Cylinder


17.Overhauling of DVs SABs

i)What is the purpose of distributor value? Name the types of DVs used o­n wagon and list out the Major components.

ii)What are the functions of Distributor valve in Air brake system of wagon?

iii)Explain the overhauling procedure of distributor valve.

iv)How the Overhauled DV is tested o­n test bench?

v)What is SAB? Explain the working principle of SAB?

vi)What is the purpose of SAB? Name the different parts of SAB

vii)Write the procedure to conduct Pay-in and Pay-out test for SAB.

viii)Write short notes o­n i) ‘A’ dimension & ‘E’ dimensions of SAB. ii) Empty Load Box,


18.Workshop calculations (Areas, Volumes and squares, Rectangular, Rounds. Hexagonal Etc.)

i)The length of an oxygen cylinder is 100 cm and its dia is 15 cm. it is filled with compressed gas in such a way that each cu cm volume of cylinder contains 120 cu cm of gas. Find how many cu cm of gas the cylinder holds.

ii)A 200mm dia 300 mm long circular soft iron rod is converted in to 50x30mm rectangular rod. Find the length of the rectangular rod.

iii)In a 16cm x 12 cm rectangular steel plate there are 6 holes of 4 cm dia. find out the area of remaining plate.

iv)The area of a triangular shape is 30 sq cm. the base is 10 cm. find its height

v)Find out the area and diagonal of a rectangle whose length and breadth is 10 cm and 5 cm respectively.

vi)Find the weight of 200 solid balls of steels when dia of each ball is 5 mm and density of steel 7.8 gm/cu cm.

vii)One 52 cms long, 35cm wide and 40cm deep diesel tank is filled with 40 litre. Find out how much low is the level of oil from the mouth of the tank.

viii)Find the area of the rectangle whose length and breadth are 8mm and 4mm?

ix)Find out the diagonal of the rectangle whose length and breadth are 8mm and 4mm?

x)Find out the area of the square whose side is 2.5mm?

xi)Find out the radius of a circle whose half circumference is 19.4mm?

xii)Find out the area of regular hexagonal whose side is 8mm and the radius of inner circle is 5mm?

xiii)Area of the circle is 80 find its diameter?

xiv)Find out the area of a ring cross section whose external and internal dia are 65mm and 50mm respectively?

xv)The length of the rectangle is 2 times the breadth, if the breadth is 4mm, find out its area?

xvi)One square water tank contains 50000 lts of water. If its height is 2mts then find out the sides of the tank separately?

xvii)Find the area of cross section of a regular hexagonal rod whose side is 7.5 cm?

xviii)Find out the area of circle whose diameter is 20mm?

xix)A right circular cylinder 8cms in length and 7cms in dia, find out its volume?

xx)Find the volume of a cylinder 9cms dia 15cms height?


19.Factories Act, WCA, Payment of wages Act etc.

i)Write briefly the salient features ofWorkmen Compensation Act?

ii)Short notes o­n Payment of wages Act

iii)Short notes o­n Minimum Wages Act?

iv)Briefly explain the provisions under Factories Act?

 20.Leave Rules, Pass Rules, D&AR Etc.

i)What are minor penalties under D.A.R?

ii)What are major penalties under D.A.R?

iii)Briefly describe the procedure for imposing Minor penalties?

iv)Briefly describe the procedure for imposing Major penalties?

v)List out different kinds of passes and brief any four?

vi)List out different kinds of Leaves and brief any four?

vii)Write about (a) Special pass (b) Post-Retirement complimentary pass.

viii)What is your entitlement of LAP, LHAP and CL in a year and what are the limitations if any for crediting, accumulating and availing the same.


21.Stores: Stock items, Non-stock items, PL Nos, .AAC, PAC, Returnable stores, local purchase.

i)Describe the procedure to stock an item when it is regularly required.

ii)Distinguish between stock and non-stock stores.

iii)Write the procedure to draw a stock item from stores.

iv)Write the procedure to purchase a non stock item.

v)Write important steps for fixing of EAC.

vi)What is meant by PAC? Why it is necessary and o­n what occasion it will be issued

vii)Short notes o­n a) Return stores b) DS-8c) Imprest Stores


22.Questions o­n Rajbhasha.

i)What are the Salient features of Official Language Rules 1976?

ii)What are the various incentives announced by Union Govt. for implementing Raj Basha?

iii)What is Rule 3 of (3) under official language act?

iv)How many regionsthe country is divided for implementation of official language act and what are all the states come under it?

v)What are the incentives given for passing various Hindi examinations?



i)Write Brief Notes o­n Group Incentive System?

ii)Write the different types of Material Handling Equipment available in the Workshop?

iii)What are the various certifications achieved for the WWS/GTPL? Brief the purpose of each certification?

iv)What is 5 ‘S’ Technique? Explain each ‘S’ of the 5 ‘S’ techniques.

v)Write short notes o­n i) OHSAS, ii) Mock Drills, iii) Green Co Rating System



1. The codal Life of the BOXN Wagon:30 years

2. The Length of BOXN wagon over Head stock (mm): 9784

3. A’ dimension of air brake stock fitted with CASNUB bogie :70 mm +2, -0 mm

4. Piston Stroke of BOXN, BCN/BCNA, BRN, BTPGLN in Empty : 85± 10 mm

5. Piston Stroke of BOXN, BCN/BCNA, BRN, BTPGLN in loaded : 130± 10 mm

6. Buffer height from Rail level Maximum :1105 mm

7.Z-Sections are used for centre sills of wagons.

8. Sole bars of wagon are made from ISMC-250x82x 9.0 web channel

9. The CASNUB bogie was first fitted in BOXN wagons

10. Wheel base of CASNUB bogies 2000mm

11. Type of Pivot used in CASNUB 22 W(M), NL, NLB, HS Bogies Spherical type

12. Anti rotation lugs have been provided between bogie bolster and side frame.

13. Condemning wheel dia. of Wagon 906mm

14. Side frame column has been provided with Silico Manganese Steel Liners

15. The main purpose of providing elasto meric pads in Casnub bogie is to reduce wheel flange wear.

16. The center pivot of the bogie shall be lubricated with graphite flakes to IS: 495

17. Normal brake adjustment o­n Casnub bogie if the wheel dia varies between 1000- 982mm is Pin hole 'A'

18. In “E” type brake cylinders the volume of upper chamber is enhanced by provision of a dome or casing whichforms an integral part of the vacuum cylinder.

19. In “F” type vacuum cylinder a separate vacuum reservoir is provided.

20. Double acting slack adjuster to maintain pre set clearance between brake block and wheel.

21.Empty-Load change over device to obtain brake leverage ratio in wagon.

22.The Air Brake goods stock o­n IR is at present fitted with single pipe graduated release air brake system.

23.Auxiliary reservoir is charged through distributor valve at 5kg/cm2.

24.Capacity of Auxiliary reservoir of goods stock is 100 Litres.

25.The Diameter of BOXN wagon Brake cylinder is : 355mm diameter.

26.The diameter of Brake pipe of Air brake systemis 32mm dia.

27.The diameter of branch pipe of Air brake system is 20mm dia.

28.During Charging in air brake system, brake pipe is charged to 5kg/cm2pressure.

29.The magnitude of braking force in air brake system is proportional to reduction in brake pipe pressure.

30.When the handle is placed perpendicular to the cut off angle cock the position is known as closed position.

31.A’ dimension is the distance measured between the control rod head and the barrel when the brakes are fully released.

32.The slack adjuster parts should be lubricated with semi-fluid grease SERVOGEM-2.

33.In air brake system brake cylinder pressure to rise to a maximum pressure of 3.8 + 0.1 Kg/cm2.

34.The Device used for automatic load changeover in case of BOBR/BOBRN Wagons is Load Sensing Device

35.The BOXNR wagon body is made from IRSM‑44 steel.

36.IRS M‑44 to IRS M‑44 Material to be welded IRS class M1Electrodes/filler wire to be used.

37.The type of primer used for painting of stainless steel wagon body is etch primer.

38.BLC Wagon means Bogie Low Platform Container Flats wagon.

39.Empty load lever to be set in loaded position when gross load is 42.5 t

40.The application time for the Goods stock is 18 to 30 seconds.

41.The release time for the Goods stock is 45 to 60 seconds

42.At present freight stock are fitted with high capacity draft gear. RF-361 & MK-50 /HT Draft gears.

43.Empty load lever to be set in empty position when gross load is below 42.5 t

44.The bolt both the ends are threaded, with out head is called : Stud

45.Impact test for welded joints is a Ans: A

A:Destructive testB:Non destructive testC:Visual testD: Magnetic test

46.In arc welding, the electric arc is produced between the work and the electrode by Ans: C

A: Current flowB: Voltage differenceC: Contact resistanceD: All of the above

47.In arc welding, the temperature of heat of arc is in the range Ans: D

A:1000degree C to B:2000degree C to C: 4000degree C to D:6000degree C to

2000degree C4000degree C6000degree C7000degree C

48. In arc welding, too low welding speed results in Ans: D

A: Wastage of electrodeB: Excessive pilling up of weld metal

C:Overheating without penetration edgesD: All of the above

49. In CO 2 welding Ans: B

A) Flux is usedB) No flux is usedC) Both a & BD) none of the above

50. IRCA part III deals with maintenance and repairs ofAns: A

A:wagon stockB: coaching stockC: bothD:none of the above

51. Under whom does NTXR work? Ans: A


52. H.A.Z. Means….Ans: A

A:Heat Affected ZoneB:Hard Annealed ZoneC:Heat Area Zone D:Hazard Affected Zone

 53. CO2 welding is an example of Ans: B

A: TIG WeldingB:MAG WeldingC: MMA WeldingD: None of the above

54. The use of Flux coating given o­n electrode is ------AnsD

A:For slagging B: prevent C: to shield and protect to weldD: all of the above

Gasses formation

55. Colour of D.A. Gas hose pipe is ….Ans: C


56Colour of Oxygen gas hose pipe is …. Ans: A


57.Consumable electrode are used in the processAns: B


58. Undercuts occurs due to Ans: D

A: Too high currentB: Improper cleaning o­n the Job surface

C: Faster arc travel speed D: All of the above

59. Area of a rectangle AnsLength X Breadth (LxB)

60. Perimeter of a rectangleAns2(L+B)

61. Area of a squareAnsa2 (Side X side)=side2

62. Perimeter of a squareAns4a

63. Area of a triangle Ans½ bh (when base and height are given)

64. Area of a triangle Ans√S(S-a) (S-b) (S-c) when all side are given S=(a+b+c)/2

65. Area of equilateral triangle Ans√ ¾ a2




1.Interference Fit used for fitting Wheel sets o­n Axle.

2. The bolt both the ends are threaded, with out head is called : Stud

3. The key in which o­ne side is kept flat and the other side is kept half round is called wood ruf key.

4. The face angle of hexagonal nut is: 60º

5. Which type of bolt used for installing a machine o­n the ground: Foundation bolt

6. Which type of joint used when two shafts at are at desired angles: knuckle joint

7. Which type of bolt is used for lifting of heavy machinery and electrical motors: Eye bolt

8.In a screw jack __________ threads are usedAns: A


9. A negative difference between the diameter of a hole and the shaft is called….Ans: D


10. A nut having raised height and slots cut o­n that raised portion is calledAns:C

A:Swan nutB:Slotted nutC:Castle nutD:Pin hole nut

11. A positive difference between the diameter of hole and the shaft is called…..Ans: C


12. Gauges used for checking shafts is called…….AnsD

A) PlugB) Steel ruleC) ThreadD) Snap

13. Feeler gauge is used forAns: C

A) To measureB) to measure theC) to measure D) To measure

Hole sizegap between depth of the thickness

Two mating hole


14. Hardening is a process Ans:C

A:To soften the materialB: To refine the grain Structure

C:To increase the hardnessD: None of the above

15. The purpose of Normalizing steel is to

(a) Remove induced stress b) Improve machinability c) Soften the steelAns: a

d) Increasing the toughness and reduce brittleness

16. To reduce internal stresses of hardened tool, the method of heat treatment

Generally applied is

(a)Stabilizing(b) annealing(c) normalizing(d)temperingAns: d

17. The purpose of heat treatment is

(a)To change the mechanical properties of steelAns :a

(b) To change the internal structure of steel

(c)To change the appearance of the component

(d)To change the chemical properties of steel

18. Cyaniding and nitriding are two methods of

(a) Hardening(b) case hardening(c) tempering(d) normalizingAns: b

19.The main purpose of annealing is

(a) To improve machinability(b) To improve magnetismAns: a

(c)To improve hardness(d)To improve toughness

20. In case hardening process, ammonia gas is introduced o­n steel; the process is known

(a) Cyaniding(b) nitriding (c) carburizing (d) ammonizingAns: b

21. During heat treatment when carbon is dissolved to form solid solution, it is known as

(a) Ferrite (b) Pearlite (c) Austenite (d) CementiteAns: c


22. After hardening process, the metal becomes more hardened and also will become more

(a) Brittle(b) Ductile (c) malleable (d) ToughAns: a

23. Which o­ne of the following quenching media is used for hardening H.S.S tool?

(a) water (b) Brine solution (c) Oil (d) soda waterAns: c

24. Which o­ne of the following is used to guide the tool and hold the job in mass production?

(a) gauge(b) housing (c) Jig (d) FixtureAns: c

25. Lathe mandrels can be termed as a

(a) Jig(b) Fixture (c) gauge (d) templateAns; b

26. Tolerance o­n jig should be

(a) 5% of the tolerance o­n the jobAns: c

(b) 10% of the tolerance o­n the job

(c)20 to 50% of the tolerance o­n the job

(d) 100% of the tolerance o­n the job


27. Which among the following statements is NOT CORRECT?

(a) jig is used for planning operationsAns: a

(b) Jig is used for drilling operations

(c)Jig is used for indexing operations

(d)Jig is used for boring operations

28. Which among the following jigs is used for location from a bore?

(a) Plate jig (b) solid jig (c) post jig (d) box jigAns:c

29. What is the formula for find out area of the square?

30. What is the Formula to find out area of the rectangle?

31. What is the formula to find out the area of a circle?

32. What is the formula to find out the area of a hexagonal?

33. What is the formula to find out the volume of a square box?

34. What is the formula to find out the volume of a rectangular box?

36. What is the formula to find out the hexagonal box?


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