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Staff Quarters Electrical Consumption (Oct-2015 to Mar -2016) and Anticipated Charges  For the Upcoming Period


Secunderabad Division Electrical Maintenance organization is entrusted with Maintenance of all Electrical Equipments working on voltages up to 11,000 Volts, under its jurisdiction.
This Department is responsible for* Maintenance of power supply at 162 Electrified Stations.* Maintenance of 7937 Electrified Staff Quarters.* Maintenance of 44 Nos of 11KV/440. V, Sub-stations.* Maintenance of 366 Pumping Installations.* Maintenance of electrical equipments provided in 339 AC Coaches and 983 Non AC Coaches.* Maintenance of un-interrupted power supply at 76 PRS locations, 11 satellite terminals, 72 UTS terminals & 48 unified locations (UTS+PRS) [UTS=Unreserved ticketing System).* Maintenance of 30 Pantry cars and 21 Saloons.* Maintenance of Fans & Lighting arrangements at all stations, Staff quarters, service buildings and pumps houses.

Organizational Chart:

Senior Division Electrical Engineer (Maintenance) is in-charge of electrical maintenance (general service) Branch.
He is under the technical control of Chief Electrical Engineer and administrative control of Division Railway Manager.He is assisted by DEEs and ADEEs and a team of 59 Supervisors & 1141 of employees (Actual Staff).

To Look after Maintenance of Coaches, Main depots are located at Secunderabad, Hyderabad, Kazipet, and sub-depots at Warangal, Ramagundam , Vikarabad, Badrachalam and Dornakal.

To look after maintenance of power maintenance equipments at 156 stations there are 14 Main depots and 24 dub-depots.


Amenities Boards:-

Facilities available on different Platforms atSecunderabad Station Amenity board provided on Platform No.1(Cybercafé entrance & Platform No.10 Main Concourse) these type of Boards were provided at Bellampalli, Mancheriyal,Ramagundam, Bidar & Parli for the easy identification of facilities for the traveling passengers.

(Passenger Amenities Board (Tri-Lingual ) at Boiguda Side Main Concourse – SC)

(Passenger Amenities Board (Tri-Lingual ) at Boiguda Side Main Concourse – SC)
Passenger Amenities Board ( in English & Telugu) Fixedon the Columns on PF No.1- SC.

Amenity Boards:-on Pillars provided at 10 Locations on Platform No 1 for easy identification of amenities on PF.No.1&10.These type of Boards are planned on Platform No.6 Secunderabad , Platform No.4 Hyderabad , Platform No.1 Kazipet, Platform No.1 Warangal.

Passenger Amenities Board (Tri-Lingual )Passenger Amenities Board (in Hindi)
At PF No. 1-SC Fixed on the Columns on PF No.1- SC

Passenger Amenities Board (Tri-Lingual )Passenger Amenities Board (in Hindi)
At PF No. 1-SC Fixed on the Columns on PF No.1- SC

Glow Sign Boards:-

provided to identify various amenities for passengers on all platform at all A1,A,&B Class Stations.




For better Visibility in the Circulating areas High masts with powerful Metal Halide lights provided at A1,A, Class Stations.

The Division has made efforts to provide high mast lighting in circulating area with a view to ensure prescribed & uniform illumination with good aesthetics as well as energy-savings measure.As many as41 noshave been provided in circulating area at various stations.



At Secunderabad Station in General Waiting Hall,Centralized Air Cooling System has been provided.This is the first of its kind in entire Indian Railways.


At Secunderbad Station ahigh capacity modular chilled drinking water plants (1200 LPH) have been provided at ‘A1 A,B category Stations .These plants consume 45% less energy as compared with conventional water coolers.

For un-interrupted power supply UPS have been provided at ‘A’ category stations to overcome the situation of complete darkness onplatforms during sudden power interruptions at Secunderabad, Hyderabad, Warangal, Kazipet &Ranmagundam.


At All A1,A,B Class Station viz Secunderabad, Hyderabad, warangal, Kazjipet, Khammam ,Ranmagundam, Bellampalii, Vikarabad, Bidar Parli & Badrachalam Road DG.Sets withCapacity of 500 ,250,160,125,60,55,40 & 25 KVA are providedfor back up power supply.


Air Conditioned waiting halls are available atSecunderabad, Hyderabad, Begumpet, warangal, Kazipet, Kammam & Ranmagundam.


Air Conditioned Dormitory provided at Secunderabad Station.


Ultra Violet Purifiers provided at 5 Locations in Secunderbad Station to give purified water to passengers.


For the Convencience of Passengers Mobile Charging sockets have been provided on all the Plarforms to charge mobilePhones at A1 class Stations.


Every Year during 2nd Week ofDecemberEnergy Conservation week is Celebrated to bring awareness on Conservation of electricity at work place, home and surroundings so as toreduce carbon emissionof GLOBAL WARMING.

As part ofit , the following activities are carried out

Administration of "PLEDGE on Saving of Electricity " by Approximately 22,000 employees of the Secunderabad Division on the inaugural day by Honorable DRM.

Distribution of Pamphlets on " Energy Conservation TIPS " at Various stations, Colonies & Traveling public.

Display of Poster on Energy Conservation.

Organizingof Essay Competition among all staff of division to bring awareness on Conservation of energy.

Organizing Seminars by inviting eminent personalities from outside and educate the staff for saving Electricity at home and work places.

Mobile van to spread awareness on Energy conservation in Colonies.


Under Clean Development machinery(CDM project) 16500 no.of CFLs have been distributed among staff residing in Rly Qtrsat all stations to bring awarenessfor usage of energy efficient fittingsand as a measure to conserve electrical energy. (about 496 KW reduction in load, saving 2976 kwh per day ,Rs 13392 per day, Rs 48.8 lakhs per annum).One Kg of Carbon di-oxide is released for 1Kwh of Electricity 2976-2976 Kgs per month.

Electronic Fans Regulators:

3986Conventional Fan Regulators have been replaced with Electronic Fan regulators as a energy conservation measureand another 10,000 will be provided by December -11.

BEE Star Rated Pumps:

BEE star rated Pumps are provided in the borewells in phased manner for good output as well as Savingof Energy.

3 star & 5 star Rated Fans&AC units:

3 star & 5 star rated AC units and 5 star rated ceiling fans are provided in the offices, Waiting halls , Retiring Rooms, VIP loungers etc in place of Non-star rated AC's.

Provision of T5 Fittings :

10,150 T5 fittings are provided in services buildings, staff quarters , stations in place of Conventional fittings to save energy and to improve illumination.

Provision of Prepaid Energy Meters:

Provision of pre-paid energy meters a in stalls at station to avoid theft of energy and also to inculcate habitconservation of Electricity.

LED Lights at Stations:

LED lights are provided in Concourse & Circulating areas at Secunderbad, JAmmikunta & Bhadrachalam Road stations.

LED Lights in Yard:

LED lights are introduced and Provided in the Pit lines at Secunderabad , Hyderabad, Kazipet & for the Goods Lines at Sanathnagar Yard.

Provision of LED Street Lights

LED Street lights are provided at Railway colony at Jammikunta.

Provision of LEDlights for Rolling In/ Out Examination Lights

On a trail basis LED 100W fittings provided on either sides of thePF No. 8-9 for rolling In/Outexaminationand to check the safety equipments of trains during run, duly replacing existing 200 W Incandescent lamps
asa measure to conserve electrical energy.

Provision of 200W Induction type Highbay fittings:-

On a trail basis Three Nos. of 200W Induction type Highbay fittings providedat Main entrance & Concourse area at SC station, duly replacing existing 250 W MH fittingsasa measure to conserve electrical energy.


Provision of Solar Geysers:

Solar Geysers provided at the Retiring rooms at Secunderabad, Badrachalam, Parli, Chittapur & Ramagundam.


To ensure Safety of the Road, public, at level crossing gates during nights where power supply is not available, on experimental basis Wind cum Solarpower plant provided at LC. Gate No.117 in Vikarabad - Paril section which isfirst time in Indian Railways.


Electrical Safety Week:-
  • Every Year Electrical Safety Week is observed in First Week of May by organizingSeminars/Workshops at all the depots through out Secunderabad Divisionto create awareness among the staff. In this safety Seminars/Workshops many Power Point Presentations arealso made duly highlighting the points which were affecting the safety of the persons.
  • The Electrical safety Exhibition willalso be organized at Sanchalan Bhavan Annxureforbenefit of the staff.
  • During the Safety Week celebrations, DOs & DONTs on Electrical safety are exhibited at strategic locations in SC division.
  • Postersand Electrical Safety tips on Domestic appliances are Exhibited at Sanchalan Bhavan Annex as part of"Electrical Safety Week".
  • Skit on Electrical Safety duringElectrical Safety Week.

Provision of Break Down Equipments :

To provide better Illumination at the Break Down spots Aska Fittings & Stand of 2M and 6M are provided in the Break Down Vans.

For Extension of power supply to various lighting Equipment & Tools Weather proof extension boxes are provided in the Break Down Van.


A newtype of exhaust system (called Axial Fans) is provided in the Toilets of 2 ndClass Waiting hall at Major stationsto remove stale and pungent smell so as to give comfort to the passengers.In this fresh air is injected and the bad (Pungent ) air is removed.Toilets in Warangal , Secunderbad, Sirpurkhaz Nagar , Hyderabad station and at Running room at Kazipet, Ramagundam.Secunderbabd & Hybderabad planned to provide.



For the first time in power maintenance Schedule Maintenance of equipments of introduced due to which failures have been reduced especially inn CLS Panels. Apart from the above lot of educative material, listed below in the form of SOBs Circulars, JPOs were issued to bring awareness and safe working among supervisors and staff.
  • Important clauses of Indian Electricity Rules.
  • Electrical Symbols.
  • General power supply installations.
  • Working on RCCB's &MCCB's.
  • Maintenance of Hand book.
  • Maintenance of Asset Registers.
Solar Geyser has been provided in DRM’s staff canteen has been inaugurated by CEE/SC in presence of  DRM and all branch officers on 28.03.2013.

03 Nos of 200 LPD  Water Heaters have been provided KZJ Poly clinic ORH BIDR &HYB Running Room.

3 Nos of 11KW Escalators  have been commissioned and opened for public on 13.3.2013 on PF No.6&7 and on 21.3.2013 on PF.No.8&9 with this ‘4’ No.of escalators are commissioned at SC stations.  The work on PF No.1 is nearing completion and that of PF 2&3 will be commissioned by earlier.

Highlights / Events 

Energy Consumption: 
Energy Consumption for the month is 24,44,589  units as against  25,04,071  units of 2012. Energy consumption is less by 59,482  units  compared of to last year. The cumulative consumption is 13.12 MU as compared to 13.37 MU of last year.

Provision of Fan Regulators: 
114 nos of fan regulators have been provided in place of conventional fan regulators in services building.

Special drive in improvement in lighting:
A special drive on CLS panels has been initiated in all station s, cabin LCs, IBHs to measure IR values, proper functioning in AUTO, loose connection, earth value etc. 122 CLC panels so far checked out of total population of 227.

Provision of Timers:
14 nos of Timer based switches have been provided for Automatic Switching ON & OFF of water coolers on platforms and service buildings.

05 No of service building SSE/OHE/BPA office has been rewired in BPA section.


Source : South Central Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 29-12-2017  

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