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I. Sr.DOM:

1. Sr.DOM is the over all incharge of Freight and Passenger Traffic on Secunderabad Division.

2. DOM - Movement, AOM – Movement, DOM – Coaching and DOM – Planning will work under the administrative control of Sr.DOM and hence the subjects listed under each of them below also come under Sr.DOM.

3.Long term and short term planning.

4. Extended Runs for Crews.

5. EOL system of working.

6. Co-ordination with other departments.

7. Management of office and it’s assets.

8. Acquisition of assets.

9. Allotment of work among Traffic Inspectors.

10. Coordination with HQ Operations Department officials regarding various issues.

11. Preparation of Master Plans for various stations and sections.

12. Computerization of control charting.

13. Commissioning of Disaster Management room.

14. Computerization of stations and construction of Model Dy.SS or SS room at stations.

15. FOIS & COIS.


1. Loco Detentions and utilization (EKMs) of Electric and Diesel Locomotives. Efficient use or locomotives coming underBT locomotives category.

2. Implementation of Engine on load type of operations at the loading and unloading points. Reduction of detention to rakes at terminals.

3. CFTM and Dy.COM’s daily operations conference along with the AOM.

4. Movement of stray wagons from wayside stations.

5. Transhipment of contents from damaged or sick wagons with minimum detentions to wagons and cargo.

6. Rake allotments for loading – other than coal.

7. Obtaining permissions for loading from HQ as required.

8. Planning for the locomotives and divisional wagon holding to ensure efficient operations.

9. Management of Yards.

10. DAR enquiries as assigned.

11. Compliance with 10 Hour rule.

12. Implementation of Extended Runs for Crews.

13. Coordinating the work along with AOMs who work under the DOM.

14. Interacting with relevant customers.

15. Movement of locomotives from loco sheds & management.

16. Management of Goods Guards cadre.

17. Attending DOMs and other Divisional Level meetings which Sr.DOM has to normally attend and is unable to attend. DOM -coaching accompanies DOM movements in such postings to look after coaching issues.

18. Movement of Engineering Department’s rolling stock (BT blocks)

19. Scrutiny of control charts and counseling of staff on proper planning.

20. Any other subjects that would be allotted from time to time.

21. Guiding the office staff and the traffic Inspectors in correspondence regarding the subjects pertaining to the above items. (1 to 17)


1. Rake links

2. Daily punctuality of Mail Express and Passenger Trains.

3. Reporting to CPTM on punctuality matters.

4. Documentation work related to passenger services.

5. Planning work related to passenger trains.

6. Monitoring of MMTS services.

7. Expansion of MMTS services, related planning.

8. Time Table meetings at HQ level.

9. Passenger amenities at various stations – coordination with Sr.DCM

10. Any other subject related to passenger services.


1. Long term and short term planning.

2. Office management and maintenance of office assets like computers, printers, etc.

3. Maintenance of computers supplied to FOIS establishment at various stations.

4. Purchase and stores matters.

5. Coordination with CTPM regarding various planning issues, attending

6. Computerization of control charts.

8. Computerization of Railway stations.

9. Developing plan for model room of Dy.SS at stations and implementation at all stations.

10. FOIS

11. Computerization of Caution Orders Management system.

12. Safety items related to operating, SWRs, staff leave including field staff.

13. Compliance of Inspection reports of GM, COM, AGM, DRM and ADRMs.

14. Staff Matters – Group ‘C’,postings and transfers of Pointsman-A, Cabin Masters, Shunting Masters.

15. DOM Planning will act as Disciplinary Authority of staff upto Grade Pay Rs.2800 and below for both Group-D and Group-C categories.


1. Detentions to Jumbo and POL rakes at the terminals.

2. Participating in CFTM and Deputy COM’s daily operations conference along with DOM – Movements.

3. Help CHC in planning of blocks for various departments.

4. Inspecting various yards, stations and other units as per the standard schedule.

5. Managing availability of crew at various crew-booking points to ensure day-to-day train movements.

6. Interacting with relevant customers.

7. Reporting of unusual events.

8. Staff Matters (T.A.Bills, O.T.Slips)

9. Guiding the office staff and the traffic Inspectors in correspondence regarding the subjects pertaining to the above items.

10. Implementation of correct FOIS reporting.

11. Improvement of record keeping at stations and at control office.

12. Wagon census.

13. Ensuring that awards given at various levels to SC Division operations staff are delivered on time.

14. Assisting DOM-Coaching in coaching work, long term planning and day to day work when DOM- Coaching is on line or on leave.

15. All stores matters, chasing of purchase orders pending and material deliveries pending.

16. Ensuring the recouping of imprest cash amount sanctioned to various stations.

17. Guiding the office staff and the Traffic Inspectors in correspondence regarding the various subjects pertaining to the above items.

18. DAR enquiries as assigned.

19. Monitoring Chetak Operation.

20. Monitoring Engineering Blocks, Machine blocks, and planning for the blocks etc.

21. Any other subjects that would be allotted from tome to time.


1. Preparation of Rake Links for the movement of coal as more number of rakes are presently deployed on the Division than required and rakes are indiscriminately used across various streams of traffic.

2. Participating in CFTM and Deputy COM’s daily operations conference along with DOM – Movements.

3. Allotment of wagons for coal loading and meeting the coal linkage targets.

4. Section capacity utilization.

5. Implementation of Engine on Load Operations at thermal power stations and at the coal loading points.

6. Inspection of coal loading points with emphasis on adherence to safety procedures and improvement of efficiency.


1. Trouble shooting work on the Division

2. Tohelp Sr.DOM in introducing innovations in Operations.

3. Looking after SNF yard.

4. Monitoring of the KZJ bypass yard crew booking project.

5. Implementing running of crack specials on SNF – RTPS/RC section in coordination with GTL Division.

6. Speeding up crew change at various points.

7. Implementing computerized charting in control boards. To visit Vijayawada and other divisions where this system is implemented and importing best practices.

8. Coordinating the purchase of equipment required for the control office.

9. Issue of Caution Orders printed on Laser printers.

10. Study of Caution order management system, scope for computerization.

11. ISO certification for the Control office and SC station.

As on date the following Operating officers are working under Sr.DOM viz. DOM/Movement, DOM/Coaching, DOM/General, AOM/M and AOM/Coal at HQRS. In the field units, AO/SNF, AO/BPA, AO/RDM, AO/KZJ and AO/BDCR are working under Sr.DOM. The areas of work and geographical jurisdictions of various officers are given in the annexure. As on date, DOM/General is acting as Disciplinary Authority for Group-C staff upto grade Pay Rs.2800 and also for Group-D employees.


 AO/BPA: BPQ (excluding BPQ) – MMZ (including MMZ)

AO/RDM: MCI – Komatipalli

AO/BDCR: KI (excluding KI) – DKJ and DKJ – MUGR

(He will also look after crew issues at KI/BZA from the point

of view of SC Division).

AO/KZJ:DKJ (Excluding DKJ) – LGD.


Source : South Central Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 18-07-2017  

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