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         System Improvments
            MECH, ELEC,S&T

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System Improvements of S&T, Mechanical and Electrical Departments      Back

System Improvement IssuedLetter NoDept.
 Claiming_under_warrantee_failures&inclusion_of_penalty_clause CEGE letter E/207/6/P/HQ DT 19.032020 ELEC
Proper accountal, installation of exothermic welding material CSTE/Project's letter No.SCR-HQ0SNT(TEND)9/2019(e22648), Dt.22.7.2020 S&T
Releasing of SD after completion of maintenance & warranty period in tenders & contractsCSTE/Project's letter No.SCR-HQ0SNT(TEND)9/2019(e22648), Dt.4.2.2020 S&T


Inclusion of checklist of acceptable make or Part/Equipment of RMPUs of AC coachs  CESE's letter No.E/227/TL& AC / 4/61/RMPU/Vol.XI, Dt.16.12.2019  ELEC
Penalty Clause in AMC of S&T Equipments.CSTE's lr no. SG/36/AMC/Record dt 19.09.19 S&T
Penalty Clause of OBHS-CTS contractsPCME's lr no. M.249/Plg/WB Policy/409/Vol V dt 17.06.19 MECH
Uniformity In Consignee Inspection Certificate       FORMAT PCEE lr no. E/207/6/P/HQ dt 17.04.19 ELEC
Uniformity in system requirement and Tender schedule of EIMWBsCME/Plg's lr No.M.249/Plg/WB Policy/409/Vol.V dt.03.01.2019MECH


Inspection of Material in Tender_Schedule PCEE's lr.No.E/29/P/Vol.XI dt 04.10.18 ELEC
Comprehensive Maintenance contract of RMPUs in AC coachesCESE's lr.No.E/227/TL&AC/4/61/RMPU/X dt 1.6.18ELEC
Uniformity in Tenders of Mechanized Washing of LinenCRSE's lr.No. M.13/C&W/Linen/Laundry/215 dt 7.5.18MECH


Minotoring of Passenger Amenity failures(Telecom Items)PCSTE's lr.No. SG.167/I/C/II vol.IV dt 9.10.17S&T
Declaration of Private Cash by AC escorting StaffCESE's lr No. E.227/TL&AC/4/70/Vol.I dt 27.9.17ELEC
Standardization of inspection of items @ contractor's premisesCEE's lr No. E.61/TRS/BZA/Tender Corres. Dt 15.5.17ELEC
Temporary Posting of Ch.Crew ControllersPCEE's lr No.E.150/TR/8/xxvii dt 23.3.17ELEC


Adopting Uniform rates & Manpower requirementCESE's lr.No.E/227/TL&AC/4/OutSourcing/Vol.I dt 24.11.16ELEC
Tenders discharged/recalledPCE's lr No.W.496/Policy/Vol.III dt.8.9.16ENGG
CEE'S lr No.E.29/P/Vol.XI dt 6.7.16ELEC
Mentioning of Specific BrandsCEE's lr No.E.207/6/P/Vol.II dt 24.8.16ELEC
CSTE's lr No.S.G Con 19 dt.16.8.16S&T
Segregation_of_ferrous and Non-ferrous itemsE.207/TRD/SCRAP/2016-17 dt 8.7.16ELEC
Inclusion of penalty clause for non availability of Material in maint.contract of RMPUsCEE's lr No.E.227/TL&AC/4/61/RMPU/LEEL dt.3.2.16ELEC


Segregation_of_ferrous and Non-ferrous itemsCSTE's lr No.S.G Con 19 dt.23.6.15S&T
Tenders discharged/recalledCME's lr No.M.313/C&W/Tenders/286/Vol.III dt.23.4.15MECH
CSTE's lr No.S.G Con 19 dt.23.6.15S&T
Segregation_of_ferrous and Non-ferrous itemsE.207/TRD/SCRAP/2015-16 dt 5.5.15ELEC


Maintenance of Hindrance RegisterCSTE's lr No.S.G Con 19 dt.29.4.14S&T
CESE'S lr No.E.29/P/Vol.X dt 21.4.14ELEC
Technical AdvancementCSTE's lr No.S.G Con 19 dt.29.4.14S&T
CESE'S lr No.E.29/P/Vol.X dt 21.4.14ELEC
Consignee InspectionCESE'S lr No.E.29/P/Vol.X dt 21.4.14ELEC
Under Warrantee failuresCESE's lr.No.E/227/TL&AC/CONF/CESE/14 dt 8.1.14ELEC
CWE's lr No.M/226/Pers/DAR-Vigil-Law/12 dt 2.1.14MECH

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Source : South Central Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 14-10-2020  

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