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Registration Application form



   Issued to M/s. -----------------------------------------------------------------Date: ----------------


   Receipt No. ----------------------------------------------------------------


   Price Rs.6 (not refundable)



  Form of Application for use of firms in India for enlistment as approved contractors to this Railway


  NB: Complete and definite answers to the questions must be given, otherwise the application is liable to be ignored. Please also see instructions at page 9



Name of The firm:

Telegraphic Address:

Address of the Head Office


Address of the BranchesFax:

E Mail ID:

Fax No. 040- 27825316



Item or items of Stores giving reference to Group No. for which enlistment is desired



a) Is your incorporated under the Companys Law or any other Law of India, if not who are the partners/ proprietors (please give their names and addresses)

b) Is your firm registered under the Indian Partnership Act 1932?

c) Is your factory registered under Indian Factories Act 1948?



Does your firm come under the scope of the Industries (Development) and Regulation Act, 1951 and if so, the No. and the date of registration or license held under the Act.



If the firm is registered under the Indian Companies Act 1913/ Companys Act 1 of 1956, state

a) The name in which it is registered

b) The registrar with whom it is registered and his place

c) The date of registration and the no. of registration certificate

d)Subscribed capital



If the firm is registered under the Indian Partnership Act 1932 or any other Act requiring the registration of firm/ partnership.

a) The name and/or styled in which it is registered

b) The place of registrar of the firms with whom registered

c) The date of registration and the no. and the date of registration certificate

d) The name and addresses of all the partners and the extent of their shares

e) Whether under Partnership Deed any one partner has been authorized to sign and bind the firm in all contractual obligations

Including power to refer cases for arbitration. If not,whether a separate power of authority exists in favor of a particular partner to perform such functions. In the later case a copy duly attested by a Notary public should be submitted.



In any other case

The name and address of the proprietor and/ or all the partners and the nature and extent oftheir interest in the joint business (in the case of joint Hindu family firm give this information regarding all persons who have any interest in the business)






The Income Tax Circle/Ward/District in which the concern and each of its proprietors/partners are assessed to Income Tax and G.I.R No. each



If you are manufacturer:-

a) Location of manufacturing of Works/factory, factories owned by you (documentary evidence of ownership must be produced.


b) Brief description of the Factory (e.g. area, covered accommodation departments into which it is divided, laboratory etc.,)


c) Whether the firm comes under the scope of Industries (Development and Regulations) Act 1951 and if so the No. and the date of registration or license held under the Act.


d) Details ofPlant and Machinery erected and functioning in each department (monographs and descriptive pamphlets should be supplied, if available)


e) Whether the process of manufacture in the factory is carried out with aid of power or without it.


f) Details of Stores or class of Stores with the factory as equipped, is capable of production (specifying each item separately)


g) Details of arrangements for quality control of products, such as laboratory etc.


h) Whether stores were tested to any standard specification, if so copies of the original certificates should be submitted in triplicate.


i) (In case you do not own the factory but utilize the factory ofsome other firm for the manufacture/fabrication of the stores for which you apply for registration on lease or other basis, you should furnish a valid legal agreement that the factory of **_---------------------------- has been put at your disposal for the manufacture/fabrication of the stores for which registration has been applied for).

**Here indicate the name of the firm whose factory is being utilized.



If you are accredited agents of any Manufacturer give:-

a) Name and address the manufacturer


b) Articles for which you have Agencies


c)Stocks carried by you




If you are stockists:-

a) Items stocked


b) Approximate value of your stocks; and approximate value ofannual sales


c) Address of your shop or shops


d) Address of yourgodowns where your stocks can be inspected



Classes of articles imported by the firm




Classes of imported articles normally stocked by the firm



State particulars with value (approximate) and the date of any contract (of considerable magnitude) executed in the past 12 months by your firm for the industries and supplies department. Railway or local body.




Recognized cottage industries and Small Scale Industries Units should submit a certificate from the Regional Director of the Unit in support of their statement.




Are you on approved list of DGS&D, and if so give details of items for which enlisted and registration no. and date




If you were on the approved list of any other Railway give registration no. and item s for which registered.




Who are your bankers, give complete address and Account No.




Further remarks if any





Do you pay Income Tax, if so, current Income Tax Clearance Certificate to be furnished






Mr. -------------------------------------------------------- who has signed this application and of any other person who in future may be appointed by me/us in his stead to carry on business of the concern whether an intimation of such change is given to the Railway or not.



I / we ------------------------------------------------------- do herebydeclare that the entries made in this application from are true to the best of my / our knowledge and also that we shall be bound by the acts of my / our duly constituted attorney. I / we do hereby confirm that I / we have read the conditions governing Railway Contracts as amended from time to time and would abide by these conditions in all respects.




(Signature of Partners, Proprietors or Manager etc.,)


All subsequent changes in the constitution or working of firm affecting the accuracy of the answers now given will be promptly communicated to the Railway.



Designation of the Person signing the application form















Instructions for filling up Application form and supplying of other particulars required for Registration


1) Grouping of Stores


a)Stores are grouped in different sections as in the list attached. Separately lists of contractors are being maintained

for each group of stores.


b) Firms may apply in the prescribed form for registration for the supply of one or more groups of stores giving

reference to Sl.No. of the group of the attached list.

2)Security Deposit


Firms desiring to be enlisted for the supply of stores to this Railway must complete the application form attached.No security deposit is required to be taken from contractor for group for which they are registered with this Railway.

This is however necessary for items for which they are not particularly registered @5% of an order in cash subject to a minimum of Rs.10,000/- each case


3)Weekly Bulletin of Stores.


Offers are invited for the supply of Stores by advertisement either publicity or in theRailway Stores Weekly

Bulletins or throughlimited tenders.The Weekly Bulletins are sent to all approved suppliers who pay the annual

subscription of Rs.1200/- only in cash for it (not refundable).As most of this Railway requirements are published

in the Bulletins, it is in the interest of the suppliers to subscribe for the bulletins.


4)Right to refuse registration and removal from approved list.


The Controller of Stores reserves the right to decline to register any firm or to remove the name of any firm either for a specific period or permanently from the approved list without assigning any reason and his decision shall be final.


5) IRS Conditions of Contract


Firm will have to abide by the IRS Conditions of Contract and Rules and Regulations issued by the Controller of Stores from time to time in regard to the purchase of stores.


6) Cash receipt


The cash receipt for Rs.100/- being registration fee granted by the Chief Cashier, South Central Railway,Secunderabadshould invariably be affixed on the space provided for the purpose an inside front coverwhile submitting the application form .


7)Signing of application form


a)Proprietorship firm: The application form should be signed by the proprietor.

b)Partnership firm : The application form should be signed by all the partners or by any one of the partners whoholds a general power of attorney authorizing him to sign for and bind the firm in all contractual obligations.

c)Limited Concerns : The application form should be signed by any one of the directors or Managing Director of the firm

The application may also be signed by a person other than those mentioned above only when such a person holds a general power of attorney in his favor from the firm giving him authority to do so in which case such power of attorney in original (together with the copy thereof should also be forwarded along with application.)


NOTE: The firms desirous of applying for registration can down load the application available hereunder and submit duly filled in along with relevant documents and cash receipt for an amount of Rs.100/- (towards Application form and Registration fee) obtained from the Chief Cashier, South Central Railway, Secunderabad.


8)Ownership documents


All the firms should produce documentary evidence for ownership of their godowns and factories and machineryinstalled therein:


a)In case of manufacturing firm original rent receipt and cash vouchers, etc together with copies thereof for the Plant and Machineries installed in the factory should be forwarded.

b)In case stockists rent receipt for their godowns together with proof of ownership of the stocks with the copies of documents should be furnished.


Alternatively an affidavit sworn before the first class magistrate to the effect that Plant and Machinery building etc are owned by the applicant firms may be forwarded.


9)Income Tax Clearance Certificate


Current ITCC bearing seal and dt. signature of the Income Tax Officer concerned should invariably accompany the application.


State andCentral Tax Registration certificates should be submitted along with the application.


10) Other documents to be forwarded.


a)In case of limited company a copy of memorandum and articles of association and a certificate of incorporation, and in case of partnership concern, a copy of the entry in form (A)from the Registrar of firms concerned should accompany the application. In addition to this, list of sitting directors in case of limited concern and a certified copy of the partnership deed in case of partnership concern, should be submitted.

The following is the criteria for considering on an authorized agent

As per the general tender conditions.


Where a manufacturer appoints an agent or a distributor on the basis of a written agreement with him for a specific

territory or specific set of items, he shall give an undertaking to the following effect.

i) that he does not have sufficient marketing arrangements in respect of the specified territory or set of items to participate in Central Government/DGS & D purchases.

ii) that he will accept the responsibility for the satisfactory execution of orders placed on the authorized agents/distributors.

iii) that he will provide requisite inspection and testing facilities at this works in respect of orders placed on authorized agents/distributors.

iv) The authorized agents/distributors price will not exceed that which the manufacturer would have quoted:

v) that he will be responsible for all the contractual obligations including quality aspects, replacement of part/items and Warranty/Guarantee obligations.

vi)that he will be responsible for after-sale-service.


b) The vendor seeking registration with the monetary limit over Rs,10 lakhs ISO 9000 certificate is obligatory.


11)Registration of branches.


In case where the firm desire registration of their branches in addition to their head offices they should forward a declaration to the effect that the branch managers or competent to bind the firm in all contractual obligations and that the head office will be responsible for the commitment of their branch manager and for the satisfactory execution of the contract placed on them.











Sub: NEFT Payments


We refer to the National Electronic Fund Transfer (NEFT) being set up by South Central Railway for remittance of our payments using RBIs NEFT scheme and confirm that we are agreeable to our payments being made through the above scheme to our under noted account.



Name of City



Bank Code No.



Banks Name



Branch Address



Branch Telephone / Fax No.



Suppliers Account No.



Type of Account



IFSC code for NEFT



IFSC code for RTGS



Suppliers name as per Account



Telephone no. of supplier



Suppliers E-mail ID






Signature of supplier with

Stamp & Address

Confirmed by Bank


Enclose a copy of crossed cheque

NOTE: NEFT mandate can be made on letter head/plain paper.



13)Annual Report/Balance sheets/Profit and Loss Statements

One copy each of the following should be furnished.

1)Last Annual Report

2)Profit and Loss Account and Balance Sheet for and at the end of the last year.

3)A Statement showing the results ofoperation and financial position of the during the preceding three years in

the proforma given below:-


Year Ending

Year Ending

Year Ending












Gross Profit






Pretax Profit






Net profit after tax



Percentage of Net Profit on Sales



Dividend declared



Net Block



Capital Employed






Percentage Profit on capital employed


NOTE: The firms desirous of applying for registration can down load the application available hereunder and submit duly filled in along with relevant documents and cash receipt for an amount of Rs.100/- (towards Application form and Registration fee) obtained from the Chief Cashier, South Central Railway, Secunderabad.























(Effective From 1-5-1977


Group Brief Description


00. Metal Processing Group

0005Light C.I. casting (including machining) Upto 50 Kgs.

0006Medium C.I. casting (including machining)

Upto 1000 kgs.

0007Heavy C.I. casting (including machining)

Beyond 1000 kgs.

0008Spheroidal Graphite cast Iron, including machining.

0009Mohanite C. I. Items.

0010Steel castings with machining Upto 500 kgs.

0011Steel casting with machining above 500 kgs.

0016Malleable Castings with machining

0018Non-Ferrous Casting with machining

0020Die Castings

0021Forgings ligth with machining

0022Forgings medium with machining

0023Forgings heavy wih machining

0024Drop stampings and off sot forging

0025Wheels, Types, Axles for rolling stock

0026Wheels, Tyres, Axles for other than rolling stock

0027Glut rings

0029Gears and pinions for traction motors

0030Gears and pinions for other operations

0032Components involving Machining only

0034Heavy plate work

0035Heavy Fabrication work Special to rolling stock.

0036Fabricated components welded and revetied

0038Punching and Press work

0039Re-rolling rounds and flats etc.

0042Springs hellcal and volute

0043Springs laminated

0044Springs SS wire

0047Manganese steel components such as liners pins and brushes.

01 Conversion/Miscellaneous Process Group

0107Refining and smelting of non-ferrors scraps into vigin metals and alloys ingots

0108Heat treatments-flame, induction case hardening carbursing metalizing

0109Galvanising of Components hot dip electrolysis

0110Anodising of components

0111Chromium plating of components hard chromium, nickel, cadmium, lead plating of components

0112Non-metallic coating-rubber lining, epoxy coating-plastic coating etc.

0115Cutting and Shearing of steel sections including plates

0117Fabrication of bridge and other structures

0120Fabrication of garments stiching

0122Printing and binding work

0125Transporting of steel and other materials

0128Clearance of consignments from the ports

0130Automobile body building

0131Automobile repairs

03. Items Peculiar to steam Locos

0305VDO speedometer and its spares including recording charts and flexible shafts with end couplings

0308Standing gears and parts

0310Ejectors, steam brake valves and spares

0311Injectors and spares

0315Lubricators and spares

0316Guage glassers, Protactor glass and bulls eye (sight feed glass)

0318Pressure and vacuum gauges

0320Piston rod packing

0323Grease guns, nipples and cups

0325Super heater element complete or parts (torpedo ends)

0327Thermic syphon and parts

0328Fire box including combustion chamber tube and wrappper plates

0333Asbestos mattesses, asbestos packing etc.

0336Lubricator pads

0339Valves, valve gears and their parts

0379Sophisticated and high precision spares for steam locos not otherwise classified

*0380Gear boxes

*0381Seals oil

*0382Flexible drive

*0383Copper joint rings

10. Items peculiar to Diesel Locos

1005Engine block and main base and generator support

1008Cylinder liners

1009Pistons, piston rings, wrist pins

1010Cylinder head/valve lever assemblies and sub assembles

1011Inlet and exhaust valves seal Insert and valves guides, push rods fuel pump support fulcrums carn rollers spring seat and valve locks

1015Crank/Camshafts and extension shafts

1017Exhaust manifolds

1019Turbo super charger and spares including inlet and outer castings

1021Water Cooler, after cooler and lub oil cooler

1023Bimetal and trimetal bearings and bushings


1025Fuel injection system (imported mico)

1027Valves for lub, oil and fuel systems

1029Governors and governor drives including mounting and linkage

1031Overspeeding and acceleration control devices

1033Vibration damper clutch plates

1035Cardan shafts propeller shafts

1037Sock filters paper filters and oil bath filters and Strainers

1039Water pump lub oil pump, fuel pump and spares blowers over exhausters

1041Snubber valve assembly

1043Air pressure control valves

1044Tachometer generator assembly

1045Elbow, bends and fuel oil piping

1047Gasket metallic O rings and oil seals

1049Sophisticated and high precision spares for diesel locos not otherwise classified

11.Items peculiar to vehicle & chasis of Diesel locos.

1105Hydraulic and hydro-mechanical transmissions and spares

1110Vulcan couplings fluid couplings and gear type coupling

1113Air compressor vacuum exhauster, expressor and spares

1115Air brake and vigilance control and spares auto brake valve, independent brake valve, selector valve, pilot air valve, air reservioirs

1117Air compressor governor

1119Radiator fan, eddy current clutch and spares

1121Air horns

1123Sand conveyors and allied equipments

1125Widows wiper assembly with motor components

1126Insulated metallic fittings such as end bushes terminal strips handles etc.

1127Sunvisor assembly

1129Sliding window and componnents, door latch and door lock assembly

1135Speed recorder and allied equipment

1139Valves-sander control, born operating safety auto drains pressure regularising and needly valves, fuel-flo valve check, double check and globe valves

1141Cocks-angle cock combined cut-out cock and strainer three way cock drain and cut out cocks

1143Traction motor blower air duct boot and allied assembly

1179Other sophisticated and high precision spares for diesel locos not otherwise included in any of the serialised trade groups.

23.Items peculiar to Electric Locos EMUS and electrical portion of Diesel locos.

2305Pantograph and its components

2310Master controller and parts

2315Dynamic and regenerative brake equipments

2320Voltage regulation E type control, equipments excitation and transition control panels

2323Frequency regular

2326All protective relays like circuit brakers current, balance relay overhead relay etc.

2329All E. P. Contractors

2332Arno convertors and spares


2338Silicon and solenium rectifiers and parts


2345Tap change and parts

2347Smothering reactors and rectifiers

2349H.R.C. Fuses (high rupture accuracy)

2351Certain types of T.M.S used on WCM type locos and TAO 659

2353Static battery charges

2355Transformers (power & control)

2356Receptacles and control jumpers

2357Motor alternator and motor generator sets and spares

2379Sophisticated and high precision spares for electric locos and EMUS not otherwise classified

*2390Terminal blocks etc.

*2391Magnet valve bushes etc.

30.Items peculiar to Coaching stock & Wagons

3005Center buffer couplers, draft gear and buffer assemblies

3008Shacku type couplers, (for EMUS)

3010Screw coupling of all types

3013Vacuum brake fittings such as cylinders DA valves, alarm valves release valves etc. piston rods etc.

3017Hose pipe syphon, packing and rolling rings

3020Slack adjusters

3024Empty load box

3028Shock absorbers

3030Silent blocks


3036Window shutters and doors

3039Roof water tanks

3042Stainless steel fittings for C & W stock


3047Axle pulleys

3049Battery boxes for coaches

3051Carriage door locks

3052Miscellaneous coach fittings not included in other group lavatory

3055Misc. coach fittings not included in other groups exterior

3057Misc. coach fittings not included in other group interior

3059E. P. Air brake equipments and spares 40. Cables, Conductors, transmission Materials

4005Cables insulated VIR PVC PILS etc.

4010Cables insulated alumunium sheathed for signalling

4015Cables polychloroprene for wiring of diesel/Elec. locos and EMUS

4020Aluminium conductor steel enforced

4025Conductors wire bare for electrical purposes

4030Conductors copper other than wires

4035Wire winding super enamelled cotton covered

4040Resistance fuse wires etc.

41.Insulators and Insulating Materials

4105Sheets, rods blocks etc. synthetic resinbounded laminated

4115Ebonite sheets blocks etc.

4120Vulcanised fibre sheets, special resister panels rods blocks etc.

4125All types of insulating materials such as paper, black tape, cotton tape fibre, Glasswool, Asbestos, Ebonite, Mica sleeves etc.

4130Glass, Mica and Filicon tapes of class F and above insulation

4135Porcelain insulators for low voltage

4140Porcelain insulators for high voltage

4145Insulating varnishes, compounds and oils

4150Pile/Teflon sheets and insulators

4155Porcelain tubes, blocks clear and connectors

*4181Insulating materials, heat

*4182Mica sheets

42.General Electrical Fittings.

4205Switchgears for high voltage

4206Switches of all types, including switches special, rotary and toggle types, push button, low water alarm switches temperature switches, pressure switches etc.

4210Fans, house service/train service, air circulators, exhaustblowers etc. including regulators

4213Conduit pipes, flexible metalic tubes etc.

4216Electrical lamps of sorts and sizes including fluorescent lamps, mercury vapour lamps etc.

4219Electrical floodlight lamps, fittings and accessories other than carriage lamp fittings

4223Neon signs

4226Bowl glass lenses of sorts

4229Hire terminals, cable lugs, connection and allied terminal fittings

4230Code markers for cables

4232Battens, casing boards, wooden plugs rawl plugs

4235Adapters sockets and plugs of different varieties


4242Shades and shade parts

43.Electrical measuring instruments and appliances and components

4305Electrical measuring instruments-voltmetres ammeters meggers, potentio metres

Galvanometers,OHMmeters, watt meters, thermocouples etc.

4310Flaw detectors-ultrasonic, magnaflux radiography charts for recording instruments

4315Appliances for ventilation, air conditioners, refrigerators, air conditioning plant and spares room heaters, water heaters, waters coolers and their spares

4320All electrical household appliances and spares

4325Torches and other appliances for lighting

*4381Boiler house instruments

*4382Electric tools

*4383Industrial instruments

45.Cells all types, train lighting items of special nature and electrical amenities for passengers

4405Steam turbo generators and spares

4508Engine head light equipments and spares

4512Dynamo driving gear and switchgear

4513Spares for the above (4512)

4520Cells dry for torches and other instruments

4522Cells dry for telegraph and telephone circuits

4524Cells lead acid for train lighting automobile engine starting and stationary cells

4525Cell connectors

4528Air Conditioning equipments and spare parts pertaining to rolling stock only

4532Rectifiers, electrical couplers and their spare parts pertaining to rolling stock only

4535Sophisficated and high precision spares for the above (4532)

4579T. L. Fittings and spares not included elsewhere

*4581Generating sets petrol/diesel

46.Electric sub-station Transmission and distribution equipment.

4605Substation and track sectioning equipment

4606Spares for substation equipment

4609Rectifiers and spares

4612Isolators and spares

4615Circuit breakers, and switchgears

4618Lighting arrestors

4620All types of electrical and signalling ralays

4625Fabricated galvanised structures for mats

4629Overhead electric equipments for tradiction

4633Grooved contact wire and catenary wire for OHE

4637Shackles, thimbles and other straining equipments

4642NCC fittings for OHE.

47. Electric Machinery and parts

4705Motor, generators, starters convertors of various Types and sizes

4706Traction motors and generators and their accessories exclusive for Diesel Electric. AC/DC locos and EMU stock

4710Carbon Brushes for traction motors and generators

4712Carbon brushes for other applications

4716Transformers of various Types and sizes

4720Battery charges and rectifiers

4724Electric control panels

4728Electroplating, phosphating plant and equipments.

4732Lifts, escalators electric and accessories

4735Electric pumping screw

4738Electric and oven and Furnaces

4742Electric machineries (not included elswhere)

50. Telegraph and Telephone equipment

5005Telegraph equipment and spares

5006Telephone equipment and spares

5010Telephone exchange and spares including traffic control equipment and spares

5014Teleprinter equipments and spares

5018Loud speakers, microphones, amplifiers and allied equipments and spares

5022Train passing apparatus and spares

5026Bells bell pushes and buzzers

52. Wireless equipments including electronic components and spares for communication

5205Wireless equipments and spares

5210Microwave equipments and spares

5215Electronic computing equipments and calculators

5220Radios and accessories

5225Television sets and spares

5230Tape recordersand magnetic tape and cassette

5279Other sophisticated electronic equipments and spares

54.Mechanical signalling and interlocking equipments not covered by other groups

5410Interlocking frames, their parts and fittings, cranks compensators etc.

5415Signal arm, spectacles, slips roddings rollers etc.

5418Lenses and roundals for signals

5422Barriers, litting gates etc.

5426Signal poles tubular and lattice

5430Signal poles (RCC)

5608Signal machines electric

56.Signal and interlocking Equipments

5613Block instruments and spare

5618Control frames and cabin fittings, electrical circuit controllers, reversers, signal route Indicators, signals colour light multi unit Type, search light Type etc.

5622Shunt signals

5679Electrical signalling equipments and spares not otherwise classified

5905Micro processors, Micro Computers and Personal Computers

5907Line Printers, Desk Jet Laser Printer, Key Board Terminals, Mouse

5910Ribbons, Heads, Floppies, Hards Disk, CDs and other spares

5912System software - MS-DOS, UNIX, Windows 95, 97 Utility Software - Wordstar, Foxpro, Lotus D base, MS-Office, Oracle and other software, products

60.Permanent way and Bridge work


6006Crossings and switches

6009Tie Bars, Fish plates and Tie plates

6012Fish Bolts, Nuts keys and Fastenings

6015Steel sleepers

6017C I sleepers and Chairs

6019RCC sleepers

6021Wooden spleepers

6025Track tools exclusively used for permanentway work

6029Complete Bridge griders

6032Track Machines and Spares

6035Dip lorry, push trolly, motor trolly complete

6036Welded wheels for trolly

6042Hydraulic buffers at station ends

6079Sophisticated spares for track machines and equipments not otherwise classified

61.Building Materials and Sanitary Wares

6105Cement lime, sand and bricks

6108Tiles for flooring earthenware glazed

6113Roofing Materials

6116Waterproofing compund for buildings

6119Doors and windows, metal

6122Tiles roofing and ridges

6125Water tanks steel of sizes

6126Water tanks RCC

6128Turbular structures pre-fabricated

6131Collapsible steel gates, grills rolling shutters and similar items

6134Flushing Cistams tanks and fittings

6137Sanitary porcelainware

6140AC Sheets asbestos trafford sheets, ridges etc.

6142Bitumen washers and limpet washers

6145Pans dust, pans latrine drums, C.I. boxes

6148Water Columns and fittings

6151Yard enclosing materials

6154Ladders wooden steels and aluminium

6156Venetials Blinds

6158Stone ballast different sizes

6179Special items not listed elsewhere

62.Pipes and Pipe fittings

6205C.I. Pipes and fittings

6207G.I. Pipes and fittings

6209RCC Pipes and fittings

6211Pipes stoneware and fittings

6213Tubes bright

6215Stainless steel pipes and fittings

6218Copper and brass pipes

6221Other alloy pipes

6224Special pipings for diesel locos

6228Pipes seamless and ERW

6231Boiler tubes, flue tubes & element tubes

6235PVC Pipes, flexible and rigid and teflon pipes

6238Valves and cocks of sorts and sizes

6241Metres flow and water

*6281Pipes and fittings Asbestos cement and pressures

*6282Sluice valves and gates

*6283Tubular poles

65.Plant and machinery including complete units

6503Hydraulic presses and spares

6505Air compressors and spares not used in rolling stock

6507Pumping sets power operated and spares

6508Pumping sets hand operated and spares

6510Over head cranes, and spares

6512Mobile cranes, diesel or otherwise powered and spares

6514Stationery boilers, steam cranes, tarboilers and spares

6516Road rollers, concrets mixed and other engineering plan at and machines

6525Pnematic hammers, shearing, brake press, Punching, bolts and nuts forging machines, Pugmill etc.

6528Machines tools covered by electricity Pedestal grinders

6532Weighing machine and spares

6534Prime movers and spares (diesel and oil engines and spares)

6540Pnematic tools and machines

6542Earth moving equipments, bull dozer etc.

6544Blasting equipments

6546Pile driving equipments

6548Pulley blocks, winches and other pulling & hoisting appliances

6550Metal spraying equipments

6552Furnaces, oil fired of various sizes

6554Water treatment plant

6556Spray painting equipments

6557Machines, printing of all types & spares

6558Composing Machines, Binding Machines etc.

6559Machinery for cloth cutting hand/power operated etc.

6579Other machinery and plant and spares not otherwise classified

*6581Foundry machinery

*6582Boxes moulding, foundry

*6583Machines wood working

*6584Oil burning equipment

*6585Pumping plant (oil enginess set)

*6586Vessels pressure

*6587Weigh bridge

67.Road motors, auto trucks material handing equipment and spares

6705Complete trucks, lorries, cars or other road vehicles

6707Petrol and diesel powered engines and spares for cars, trucks and lorries

6712Tyres and tubes

6717Lister, jumbo auto trucks and their spares including engines

6519Battery operated auto trucks and spares

6722Fork lifts and spares

6727Bicycles and spares

6732Material handling equipment-different types and theirspares

6735Carts, trolleys wheel barrows etc. hand operated

6738Lawn movers

6742Jacks, hydraulic and screw

6748Conveyors belt, roller chain etc.

6759Authomatic spares of all sorts

*6781Lifts elevating


7005Grinding wheels of various types sizes and shapes

7010Coated abrasives on paper/cloth

7015Abrasive paste

7010 Abrasive powder

71.Brushes, brushware, baskets and bamboo products

7215Brushes, painters

7107Brushes, lettering

7110Brushes, wire

7115Brushes, other types


7125Cane, cane baskets, and other cane products

7130Baskets, bamboo handles, lathies, ladders and other aritcles

72.Tools accessories, components and instruments

7205Hand tools viz, hammers, spanners, wrenches drifts, punches and chisels.

7211Files of different sizes and varieties.

7215Carpenters, Tools

7218Screw drivers, pliers of different types and sizes

insulated or otherwise

7221Smithy, foundry and masonry tools

7224HSS tools drills reamers, taps die-chasers sockets and milling cutters of different varieties and sizes

7227Handsaws of all types/sizes

7230Blades, and saws of types and sizes

7233Cemented carbide tipped tools

7238Pickaxes, powrahs, shovels etc.

7243Forges portable

7245Bellows smith

7246Diamond-tipped tools

7248Measures, weights and volumes

7250Scales, weighting

7252Tapes, measuring metallic, steel

7254Handles wooden

7257Instruments survey

7266Measuring Instruments (non-electrical)

7279Special tools, not covered elsewhere in this book

*7281Blowers, hand

*7282Expanders, tube

*7283Precision gauges

*7284Scales, measuring wooden, steel straight edges etc.

73.Hardware items, fastners

7305Bolts, nuts, rivets, studs, screws all types and sizes (Ferrous)

7306do (Galvanised Iron)

7309Bolts, nuts, rivers, studs, screws all types and sizes (Cadmium, chromium, nickel etc. plated)

7311do (non-ferrous)

7313do (involving special raw meterials/tolerances etc. such as may be needed for Diesel/Electric locos)

7315Screws, wood etc., of all types

7318Washres, of all types and sizes, ferrous and non-ferrous

7321Washers, circlips etc., of spring steel

7325Pin-panel, cotters, split cotters, split taper solid taper

7330Wire nails of all types (ferrous and non-ferrous)

7335Tacks plain and covered

7339Misc or special type fastners not otherwise classified



74.Hardware (other than fastners) wire ropes, chains and allied fittings, oil lamps etc.

7405Steel wire ropes lifting, hosting general purposes and signalling

7408Chains of all types and sizes

7411Buckets, cans and drums, tin cases feeder oil, kettles, pans pots (Ferrous)

7414do (non-ferrous)

7417do (non-ferrous)

7420Fasteners, belt, lacing steel for belts alligator type etc., and hose clips

7424Lamps oil spares, lamps blow and spares pressure lamps, stoves and spares

7428 Wicks for lamps, tapes for sealing newar for costs etc.

7432Glass chimneys for lamps globes for light fittings etc.,

7436Builders hardware (Ferrous and non-ferrous) like tower bolts latches hings, locks etc.

7440Expanded metal, wiremesh weld mesh

*7481Closers, door

*7482Lamps oil special Type for Railway viz signal gate hand signaletc., and fittings

*7483Link belts

*7484Basket wire

75.Rubber, leather, canvas, plastic, fibering and kindred materials

7505Rubber and rubber products-foam rubber, rubber gloves, rubber sheets, rubber tubings

7510Leather and leather goods, apron, gauntlets, washers leather buckets, leather bellows, cash bags, suit cases brief cases etc.

7515Canvas and canvas goods including terpaulins, apron gauntlets raincoats etc

7520Plastic, linoleum, rexine and other coated products

7525Coir, jute, manila and other vegetable fibres and their products

7530Synthetic fibres and their products including nylon ropes

7535Hoses of types and sizes including rubber PVC armoured etc.

7538Houses of various sizes-canvas and flax braided woven etc.

7541Metallic flexible hoses

7544Belts, leather of types and sizes

7546Belts, canvas of sizes

7548Belts, rubber and rubber impregnated of type and sizes

7550Gaskets, rubber of synthetic material

7552Felt and felt products

7554Hessain and its products

7556Special rubber and plastic components including bouded sandwiched materials weather strips etc. exclusively required for diesel and electric locos

7557 Flooring composition and crystals etc. flooring tiles, sneets etc.

*7581Belting hair

*7582Chalmois leather

*7583Hides, skins

*7584Industrial laminates

*7585Rooting material and compound

*7586Tents and tentage

*7587Webbing and web-belting

76.Electrodes, cutting and welding accessories & electrical oxyacetylene

7605Electrodes and fluxes (ARC welding Ferrous and non-ferrous)

7610Welding rods gas welding (ferrous and non-ferrous)

7615Electrode holders of different type and makes

7620Flame cutting machines their spares

7625Welding plants machines and then spares electrical (including welding transformers, oil and Air-Cooled)

7630Welding plant machines and their spares machanical consisting of blow pipes, cutting nazzels, spanners etc.

7635Butt and ARC welding plant and spares

7640Welders protective equipments for eyes face head etc.

7645Electrodes, graphite for turnaces

77. Paints, varnishes and enamels including Painters oil


7706Paints of all varieties, ordinary type

7708Paints of all varieties enamel type

7709Bituminous paints

7710Paints-acid, alkali and heat resisting

7712Stove enamelling paints

7716Spray paints (special qualities)

7719Special paints not covered by standard specification

7720Paints luminous

7725Pigments of all varieties and colours

7728Paints removers

7732Special varnishes for insulating purposes

7735French polish and varnish for general use

7738Thinners and lacquers for painting and polishing turpentine, spirit methylated etc.

7741Puttis-wood and metal, in wet and dry form, fillers, gums, resins,

7744Distempers of all types

7747Linseed oil of all varieties

*7781 Paint aluminium

78.Crockery, Cetley, napery, ketchen and tableware furniture and other equipments including clocks, watches etc.

7805Crockery, porcelain, stainless steel brass, glass enamelware etc.

7808do Disposable, paper, plastic etc.


7820Utensils, non-ferrous stainless steel etc.

7825Canteen & kitchen equipments, cooking ranges, hearths, stoves, Hand trolleys etc.

7829Furniture (Wooden)

7830Furniture steel, including hospital furniture

7835Clocks and watches of various types and sizes

7843Enamelled sign boards

7846Cash safes, security lockers, cash boxes

7849Miscellaneous items not covered elsewhere

7881Chairs, wheel are invalid

*7882Dating machines or tickers

*7883Earthen ware



*7886Hoops, line clear

*7887Office equipments like cardex fillings cabinet etc.

*7888Shelving Steel

79.Cloth, clothing & personal equipments and cotton products like cord. twins ropes and waste cotton etc.

7903Cloth cotton printed and plain (khadi)

7905Cloth cotton other than khadi

7907Cloth woollen

7909Cloth other types, including synthetic

7910Garments khadi

7912 Garments cotton, other than khadi,

7913Garments of all other materials including synthetic

7914Garments (Wollen)

7917Blankets (Wollen)

7920Hoisery cotton & woolen

7921Bed sheets towels, table cloth napkine etc. of all types

7922Mosquito curtains

7927Mattesses and pillows (coir cotton, foam rubber)

7930Gamiture items, sewing threads-different quality and colours

7932Twines and cords

7935Buttons-other then metallic


7940Waste cotton

7942Yarn woollen

7945Capes with or without hood-water proofing

7947Rain coats rubberised and plastic

7949Umbrella hand, garden and suvey

7950Carpets of all materials

7951Foot-wear, gumboots shoes, boots, leather apron etc.

7952Polish boot of all colours

7954Flags, banner and buntings

7956Badges metal, whistles, etc.

7957Badges cloth and embroidery

7958Water bottles metallic, plastic etc.

7959Sola hat, felt and woollen caps, helmet kullahs

*7982Cotton loose for matresses

*7983Musketry stores

*7984Spring upholstry

*7985Waterproof cloth

*7986Belts-Leather, Canvas, Cotton etc.

*7987HABERDASHERY Ties and other small items of dress

80.Petroleum and petroleum products

8005Lubricating oils, greases

8010Oil transformer

8015Oil cutting, quenching

8020Fuel oil, furnace oil, L.P.G.

8025Ashphalt, tar, bitumen products

8030Preservatives wood, creasote etc.

8035Rust preventives and rust removers

*8081Tar and Tar products

81.Acids, chemicals and chemical products including soaps disinfectants, insecticides and explosives and vegetable oil.

8105Acids (boric hydrochloric, sulphuric etc.)

8108Chemicals general

8111Gases (accetylance, argon, carbon-dioxide, liquid chlorine, oxygen, nitrogen, neon and other refrigerants)

8114Soaps and detergents, cleaning compounds

8117Tallow, waxes, resin etc.

8120Disinfectants, deodarants and insecticides

8123Explosive items, for signals

8126Vegetable oil

8128Oil edible

8131Chemicals for electroplating and case hardering

8132Chemicals for water softenting

8133Chemicals for foundry use (other than foundry sand)

8134Calcium carbide


8140Metal polish in liquid, paste and powder from

8143Graphite and plum bago

8146Foundry sand

8149Lime stone, chalk

*8181Air freshners

*8182Boiler compounds


*8184Clearing compounds

*8185Compound brazing, case hardening welding and soldering

*8186Floor polish

*8187Fullers earth

*8188Salt common


82.Drugs pharmacueticals, hospital instruments and appliances.

8205Drugs and pharmacueticals

8210Bandaging cloth, cotton absorbent etc.

8215First aid kit boxes

8220Medical equipments for ambulance

8225Surgical instruments and equipments

8230Hospital wares and equipments

9235X-Ray plants and other special hospital machinery

8279Sophisticated instruments and equipments required for hospital use not otherwise classified

83.Stationery and photographic goods and equipments and laboratory equipments not covered elsewhere

8305Paper and cloth for tracings and drawings

8308Paper ordinary writing typing, carbon and other varieties

8309Paper printing flat

8310Paper printing in reels

8311Continuous stationery for EDP, telex/teleprinter and punch cards etc., for computer

8313Toilet paper

8315Packaging items of paper cartons, boxes kraft paper etc.

8318Paper board (paste) paper board ( ) blank foolscap etc.

8319Ticket boards, blank cards tickets

8325Mathematical and drawing office equipments and materials, instruments box drawing board,T-square, set square etc.

8328Binding materials-gum, detrim powder, gur, gum, etc.

8331Miscellaneous stationery items like eraser rubber cellotape, signature pad, paper weight, pins packets, pin safety, paper clips, gum, blotting paper, ink voilet folders eyelets and writing materials ink, pen pencils, ball pens, refills

8334Rubber blocks and stamps

8337Dulicating and typewriting machines spares etc.

8338Paper ammonia ferro prussiate etc.

8340Printing ink of all colours

8343Photographic goods and equipments Photographic files, X-Ray photographic papers, chemicals

8347Laboratory & Scientfic equipments, glass receptacles, instruments measuring/weighing etc.

8350Types for composing

*8381Seasling wax

*8382Nippers ticket


*8384Ammonia printers

*8385Calculating and accounting machine

*8586Drafting machines


84.Refractories, glass, glass substitutes, asbestos fibre and packing materials.

8405Fire bricks high heat duty

8406Fire bricks high heavy duty

8410Tiles refractory for electric furnace

8413Fire clay and mortars

8417Crucibles and accessories

8421Mirrors of all sizes and types

8424Glass sheets toughened and laminated

8425Glass items (other than not covered elsewhere)

8429Cork sheets

8432Fibre glass products

8436Tapes adhesive

8440Adhesiev-araidite, rubber jointing solution fevicol

8445Jointing and packing materials

85.Ball and roller bearings

8505Ball bearings of all types

8510Thrust ball bearing-single and double row

8515Roller bearings of all types spherical self allgning cylindrical taper etc., includingthose needed for rolling stock

8520Needle bearings

8525Bearing housing, balls and rolles steel for bearings

8579Special bearings not otherwise classified

86.Fire fighting equipments

8606Portable fire extinguishers of all types

8610Refills for fire extinguishers

8615Fire fighting equipments complete equipped with petrol engine, pumps, hoses and nozzles

8616Spare for the above

8620Fire hoses and couplings

8625Fire fighting buckets (sand and water)

8630Hydrants, fire


*8681Disinfecting apparatus

*8682Drain cleaning equipment

90.Raw materials (ferrous)

9005Pig iron of all grades

9007Ferrous scrap for melting

9009M. S. Channels I Beams, angles. tees.

9011M.S. Sections (flats, round bars, torsteel, squares, hexagonal etc.)

9013M. S. Plates and sheets

9015Tin plate, strips, hoops and sheets

9017Srping steel wires

9019Spring steel rounds, volute sections and flats

9021Tool steel (die blocks flats, steel H.S.S. etc.)

9023Stainless steel sheets and sections

9025Ferro alloys

9027Blooms, slabs, billets

9029Special steel sections

9031Steel plates and sheets other than mild steel

9033M.S. wires of all gauges

9035High tensile wires and rods

9040Steel shots, girts and balls

9081Wire signalling steel

91.Non-ferrous matels

9105Non-ferrous virgin ingots for melting

9107Non-ferrous alloye ingots for melting

9111Non-ferrous scrap for melting

9113Non-ferrous sections

9117Non-ferrous bars-flats, squares, round hexagonal, tubes, pipes etc.

9119Extrusions alumunium

9122Non-Ferrous sheets, plates and wires

9125Non-Ferrous suitable for springs (phospher, copper etc.)

9128Leads seals

9131Lead wool

9135Precious metals, like silver, nickel etc.

9179Special non-ferrous items not listed elsewhere

*9181Non-Ferrous scrap reconditioners


92.Fuel other than petroleum products

9205Coal and Coke



9305Logs teak wood

9307Logs hardwood

9315Sawn timber, including lining of all types


9325Plywoods and venner etc., of all types

9330Bamboos, ballies etc.,

9379Miscellaneous not covered elsewhere

*9381Decorative panelling wood and flush door

98.Scrap merchants

9805Ferrous scrap, general

9807Non-ferrous scrap

9810Rerollable ferrous scrap

9813Industrial scrap

9816Machinery scrap

9819Turning and borings scrap

9822Timber scrap (including shavings, saw dust)


9825Waste paper

9831Miscellaneous scrap







Source : South Central Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 21-03-2014  

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