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               Good Workdone

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Good Workdone

1.Good Work Done at ROH Wagon Depot, Gooty from April-2020 to Sept-2020


Performance of ROH Wagon Depot, Gooty as on Sep -2020

a)Even in outbreak of COVID with minimum permissible staff BOX–N ROH Depot Gooty has attended ROH and released 1315 number of wagons as against the target of 1650 were subjected to ROH and all the wagons were released to traffic.

b)During ROH 66 No. of CBC, 41 Nos. of draft gear 40 of yoke, 251 Nos.of knuckles and 97 Nos.of Top Pivot were replaced.

c)1798 Nos. of sick wagons attended and released.

d)15 Nos. of loaded train was examined during this month.

e)19 wagons were converted in to 11 digits.

f)151 BOXN unloadable “C” category wagons which arrived for ROH repairs have been attended and released by this depot.

g)4983 of CTRB wheels examined and 96 of wheels were rejected due to CTRB defect. UST examination was conducted on 1296 wheels and 2 Nos of axles were rejected.

h)Implementation of ROAMS-FMM, 521 of BPCs generated in yard application and issued to trains

i)5500 of Door Locking bolt & bracket assemblies are locally manufactured with in-house material.

j)15No. of wagons Hand-brake system provided with split collar (as instructed by RDSO) on hand-brake spindle to avoid protruding of HB spindle outwards due to failure of sleeve rivet/welded joint on spindle.

k)89 of wheels are having backing ring particulars and 4888of wheels are having grease seal particulars, 216 of wheels rejected for POH on account of Grease Seal/Backing Ring and 5 IOB wheels found.


A.Other activities:


a)Formation of new Rakes: In the month of JUNE 2020 total 09 Mini BCN Non CC rakes & 15 Non CC (i.e., 02 BOXN, 08 BOXNHL & 05 BCN) rakes were formed.

b)Fabrication of Side barer top plates : In the month of July 200 Nos. of Side Bearer Top Plate were manufactured with in-house material and used for BCCW wagons ROH attention.

c)Fabrication of Gadgets for operating the Doors of BCNHL wagons: In the month of August, as per the instructions of Sr.DME/C&W/GTL, 18 Nos. of BCNHL door opening/closing gadget (single sliding door & double sliding doors) were manufactured with in-house resources and supplied to the cement sidings and also 40 sets of BCNHL (1st generation wagons) door closing gadgets manufactured with in-house resources.

d)BOXN ROH Depot/GY has been working round the clock and maintaining the Freight stock effectively with minimum Manpower in view of COVID-19 and released the Rakes for traffic which made it possible to Operating department to move all the food grains and other essential items viz. Rice, Sugar, Wheat, Coal etc in time without delay. An average staff around 40% to 45% were utilized during the Pandemic situation for maintaining Freight stock as against normal strength. Even then average train examination carried out per day is around 4 to 5 rakes. And an average 12 to 15 sick wagons per day were made for traffic use.


Good work done at Coaching Depot TPTY from April-2020 to Sept-2020

Performance of TPTY (Special trains) depot as on Sep -20





VPU/VPH Coaches (Rake/coaches)


Milk Tanks (Including RU

depot rakes/coaches)


Migrants / Shramik. Special (Rakes/ coaches)


COVID (rakes / coaches)


Stabled (Rakes/ coaches)


Special trains (Regular service)


IOH/IML out turn during lock down from April-2020 to Sept-2020

S. No




Regular IOH out turn with unit exchange of ICF Bogies



Regular IOH out turn with U/E of LHB coaches (SS1)



No. of coaches lifted for extension of POH R/D



IOH extension of ICF coaches



POH extension of ICF coaches


1.Innovations / Good work done


1.Fabricated a gadget for attending repairs to Equalizing stay on Platforms.

Equalizing stay gadget is developed at coaching depot TPTY with in-house resources. It is used tosecure the broken equalizing stay rods on pass through trains without detaching the coach

2.Fabricated a gadget for Replacement of Bolster at Platforms

Attension of broken bolster springs by replacing the same on pass through train is tedious and time consuming. As it requires detachment of coach, shunting, placement of coach in sick line.

A gadget has been fabricated for attending to replacement ofBolster coil spring of Coach on platforms itself without detaching the coach and the replacement can be done within 20 minutes.

3.Provision of sanitary napkin vending machine in Train No. 22705

Lady passenger in trains was often facing difficulty in getting sanitary pads at en-route. As per DRM/GTL instructions, sanitary napkin vending machine, developed by “Happy Nari care products Pvt Ltd, was installed in B2 coach of Train No. 22705 (Humsafar Express).

Purpose and advantages of the Gadget :

Women passenger need of sanitary napkins at en-route can avail the facility by dropping five rupees coin in Vending Machine.

4.Fabricated a gadget for easy transportation of springs.

A gadget for carrying springs was fabricated by in-house staff for easy transportation of LHB springs from one place to another place.

By using this gadget physical strain on persons handling springs is reduced and material handling time also reduced.


5.Ladder for Physically challenged persons

Boarding of coaches by differently abled persons is difficult. As per IGBC (Indian green buildingcouncil) recommendations Coaching Depot TPTY has developed a Ramp with three stage folding arrangement ( 9.25X2.75ft) By using this gadget differently abled passengers can board coaches easily


6.Provision of Anti collission device on EOT Crane using inhouse resources

Anti Collision device in EOT:

If any one of the EOT in the shed moved closer to the other EOT and approaches approximately to a distance of 3 mtrs, the movement of EOT will automatically stopped. This gadget will also make sound and alerts the staff Woking on the EOT and well as nearby. The fitment was made by in house staff of TPTY.

The innovation was made in view of the safety of the staff working in IOH shed to avoid collision of EOT’s working in opposite side at the same time.

7.Fabricated Rake test rig (RTR) using in-house resources

A Rake test rig (RTR) with C2 relay valve, pressure regulator and A9 valve fabricated and installed in pit no.1 by in house staff of Coaching Depot Tirupati.

8.Fabrication of Trestles in house by BOX N Depot/GY for Maintenance of LHB coaches at TPTY

04 Nos of Trestles have been fabricated in house at BOXN depot,GY for the Maintenance of LHB coaches at Coaching TPTY depot.The same were handed over to CDO/TPTY on 24.02.2018.


9.Solar system modifications BOXN ROH depot/GY

As a prototype model GY depot has provided Solar system in Brake Van No. ER BVZI86020901787. Table fan, LED lights, Mobile charging facilities have been provided in BV.BOXN ROH depot GY has developed with in-house resources.


10.Gadget for attending Stanchion Repairs

During tippling the wagons by tipplers, wagon stanchions are getting damaged near sole bar To weld the stanchions to the sole bar it requires pressing the stanchions towards sole bar. To reduce the manpower this gadget is developed. After developing this gadget it consuming one welder and two staff within 30 minutes of time.

11.Gadget for AR tank replacement:

The Present procedure of manual dismounting AR tank is un-safe and time consuming.

A gadget for AR tank replacement has been developed in-house for attending the job in a safe and quick manner.

12.Fabrication of artefacts using scrap material.

With released scrap materials animal statues were fabricated and provided in he garden area near sickline in Coaching Depot TPTY for creating congenial atmosphere near the work area and to give asthetic look to Depot.

Source : South Central Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 26-10-2020  

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