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            MECHANICAL (DSL)

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·Provision of Tractive Effort (TE) limit switch in GE Microprocessor Locos

Earlier System:

TE limit is an important safety feature in locomotives where the Tractive effort of Loco is limited while passing over weak bridges/structures. In GE microprocessor locos, software was not upgraded by the firm to limit Tractive effort through programme logic. To overcome this problem, Tractive effort is limited by controlling the engine rpm through governor.

          Detailed Description and Implementation:

In Medha microprocessor locos the maximum Tractive effort  is limited to 30.5 ton by restricting the traction  alternator output current to 3000 Amps through programme logic which is not available in GE locos. To overcome this problem, Shed had taken initiative to modify the circuit in which Tractive effort is limited by controlling the engine rpm through governor.

A toggle switch is provided in the front panel to limit the power to 5th notch whenever LP keeps the Tractive Effort limit switch in ON position. This is achieved by incorporating a circuit with relay energising the solenoids required for 5th notch. All GE locos are provided with TE Limit switch.



TE limit is an important safety feature in locomotives and provided in all GE Locos.

vAutomatic standby change over switch for fuel pump & crank case motors

Whenever fuel pump or crank case exhaust motors fail this automatic change over unit takes supply from the dust exhaust motor inverter and starts working in the standby mode automatically without any intervention of Loco pilot. This modification helps in avoiding the burden on the crew incase of Inverter problem of either FPM or CCEM motors. The unit is provided with GREEN LED indication for normal working of respective motor and during standby mode the RED LED indication of respective motor along with buzzer sound. Loco pilots can suppress the buzzer sound by toggle switch provided ensuring the acknowledgment of crew of the stand by working so as to pass the a remark in repair log book for the information of the shed.


1. LP’s focus on FPM and CCEM is avoided.

2. To switch over to standby mode, loco to be brought to stand still which is eliminated.

3. Detention of Loco is completely avoided an account of FPM and CCEM.