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 दक्षिण मध्य रेलवे

South Central Railway

దక్షిణ మధ్య రైల్వే

(सवारीऔर माल डिब्बा) शाखा

Mechanical (C&W and Power) Department

యాంత్రిక (క్యారేజ్ & వాగన్ మరియు శక్తి ) శాఖ

हमारे बारे में: वरिष्ठ मंडल यांत्रिक इंजीनियर, सवारी व माल डिब्बा विभाग के प्रमुख हैं और उनके चार सहायक अधिकारी हैं.

ABOUT US: Sr.DME is the head of this department assisted by four ADMEs for C&W.

      सवारी और माल डिब्बा विभाग की गतिविधियाँ विजयवाड़ा मंडल में पांच बडे और पांच छोटे डिपो में फैली हुई है.

The activities of Carriage and Wagon department in Vijayawada division are spread over five major and five minor depots. 

संगठन चार्टविजयवाड़ा मंडल

Organization chart - BZA Division

Activities are carried outin the following depots:


1.Coaching Depot/Vijayawada

2.Wagon depot/Vijayawada

3.Kakinada/Carriage & Wagon Depot

4.Narsapur/Coaching depot

5.Machilipatnam/Coaching Depot

6.Rajahmundry/ Carriage & Wagon Depot

7.Kondapalli /Wagon

8.Gudur/ Carriage & Wagon Depot

9.Bitragunta/ Carriage & Wagon Depot

10.Ongole/ Carriage & Wagon Depot


Main Functions of Coaching Depots:

·Primary Maintenance: 

· Maintenance of coaches including schedule attention.

·Primary maintenance of 45 rakes is being done by division

·Other end Maintenance: 

·Interior dry cleaning, toilet cleaning, watering is done for trains which returns from platform.

·Other end maintenance of 35 trains is being done by division

·Pass through Attention:  

·Watering, toilet cleaning, minimum required passenger amenity will be done for pass through trains.

· All trains are given pass through attention in the division

·Rolling-in & Rolling-out examination: 

·This will be done for all PM, SM, other end & pass-through trains at all the depots

·Intermediate Over Hauling:

·IOH is being carried out on all types of coaches

· Vijayawada, Kakinada & Naraspur coaching depots are carrying out the IOH activities


·Sick Line Maintenance: 

·Facilities are provided for sick attention of coaches to carry out wheel changing, spring changing and other repairs.


·Linen Management:

·To provide clean & hygienic Bedroll to passengers

·Mechanical Department has taken over linen management from Commercial Department in the year 2010.

·BOOT laundries are functioning at COA (4T capacity) and Coaching depot Vijayawada (1.5T capacity). One more BOOT laundry is coming up at Narsapur to meet the requirement.


·Mechanized Coach Cleaning (MCC):

·MCC is provided for all PM/SM/OEM trains.

·The total cleaning of coaches is outsourced on a turnkey basis and all the trains originating from the division are completely attended in all respects before departure.

·Other Miscellaneous Activities:

·Stores Management

·Mill Wright (Wheel lathe, EOT crane, Fork lift etc)

·A.C. curtain maintenance

·Maintenance of SLR Safety equipments

·Breakdown activities    

·Inspection carriage maintenance

·Boiler certification of entire Zone.

.Fire extinguisher maintenance of entire division.

Freight Activities:


1.Freight examination


3types of examination is carried out in the division


i.Closed Circuit rake examination:

·These rakes owned by some depots and supposed to run in nominated circuit

·Will be certified for 7,500 kms/35 days whichever is earlier.

·CC base depots are BZA (BOXN, BCNHL) & COA (BTAP)


ii.Premium rake examination: 

·Will be certified for 12+3 days and does not have base depots.

·BZA & COA depots are carrying out the above examination


iii.End to End rake examination:

·Will be certified for first loading point to immediate unloading point only.

·Freight depots are BZA, COA, RJY and BTTR.


2.Sick line attention:

         At major freight train examination points, facilities are provided for sick attention of wagons to carry out wheel changing, medium welding repairs to body and under gear, medium nature draft gear attention. 


3.On train attention of repairs in sidings

         During train examination minor and medium welding repairs and body welding repairs etc. will be attended on-train without detachment of wagons.


4.Routine Over Hauling(ROH) of wagons


                    Routine overhauling will be done in the following depots



Type of stock



5. Miscellaneous activities:

i.Stores Management.

ii.Yard cleaning, scrap collection and disposal.

iii.Breakdown activities if attached.

iv.Maintenance of Electronic- In-Motion weigh bridges.

v.Management of fire extinguishers through AMC.


6. Breakdown specials:

The following breakdown specials are under control of Mechanical /    
          C&W department.








ART with Lukas

re-railing equipment

SPAMRV with BEMCO re-railing equipment


ART with Lukas

re-railing equipment

SPAMRV with BEMCO re-railing equipment


7. Area Training centre

Training centre is located at Vijayawada freight depot for imparting training to To conduct R.C for safety category of C&W staff, impart initial training to App. Artisans (CG & RRB), to conduct various pre- promotional courses, to conduct one day crash course for operating & running staff on C&W problems and remedial measures, skill development courses (for both BZA & GNT Divisions) and to impart trainingto Act. Apprentice appointed under Apprentice Act.1961 and registration of their details with RDAT, Ramanthapur, Hyderabad.

8.Electronic In-Motion Weigh Bridges

06 Railway owned electronic in-motion weigh bridges are maintained and they are located at Rajahmundry (RJY), Bitragunts (BTTR), Kikinada (COA),  
          Samalkot (SLO), Vijayawada (BZA) & Annavaram (ANV).


09 Privately owned electronic in-motion weigh bridges are available at  
          different locations over the Division.




1. BZA division has pioneered the system of in-situ replacement of Broken Bolster springs in station itself.Broken bolster springs have been replaced in 13coaches in pass through trains at BZA (7), RJY (4) & OGL (2) which otherwise were being detached on noticing the defects during rolling in examination. Earlier such facilities were available at BZA&RJY, same has been provided at OGL, BTTR & GDR.


2. 25.5% increase in holding of CC rakes homed at BZA division which has increased from 98 to 123.Increase in examination of freight rakes could be achieved in BZA division in this year as compared to last year.3258 no. of rakes have been examined over BZA division from April 2017 to March 2018 (average monthly examination is 271 rakesand 2779 no. of rakes have been examined over BZA division from April2018 to January 2019.This increase examination has contributed towards increased safety of rolling stock.


3. Installation and commissioning of 03 Electronic In Motion Weigh Bridges in RJY, BTTR, ANV have been done in this financial year.Periodical joint inspection by a team of JA grade officers of all Railway and Private Weigh bridges is being ensured with test wagons.


4. 16% increase in Scrap disposal could be achieved in the current financial year as compared to last year.492.32 tones of scrap has been disposed in this year against a proportionate target of 402 tones(From April 2018 to January 2019).


5. Setting up of a section exclusive for all women for Bogie overhauling in Wagon Depot/BZA has been done by engaging 50 lady staff.They have been instrumental in giving quality output.


6. Train detention at KAPT is being reduced by 1-2 hours by posting 07 C&W staff who are attending trouble shooting of wagons. This has helped in reduction of Pre Departure Detention of trains


7. BZA was the first division in SCR where evacuation of first chamber of bio toilets fitted in coaches was carried out.This has helped in a big way in reduction of foul smell in bio toilets.


8. Mechanized Laundry on BOOT basis with 1.5T capacity has been commissioned on 01.09.2018 at BZA. The quality of linen is satisfactory and this has contributed in a big way in reduction in passenger complaints.


9. System improvement has been brought enforced for quick attention of sick wagons which are detached for hot axles, wheel defects at various stations.One dedicated lorry with required material is kept ready which is used for sick attention on the same day.


10.2651 extra coaches and 383 special trains were examined in the division with existing C&W staff.


11.Venturi Type forced ventilation system has been provided in27 coaches in 02 trains departmentally at Coaching Depot/BZA & COA. With this, foul smell in bio-toilets is reduced and improved the hygiene in bio-toilets.


12.Number of IOH attention has increased to10.5% more than last year thereby improving the reliability and safety of coaches.


13.Two sets of test wagons have been formed in the division and standard test weights were loaded in these test wagons. With these test wagons, 06 Railway owned and 09 Private weigh bridges are being maintained and cross checking being done by repeatability test and calibration.

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Source : South Central Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 22-04-2019  

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