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Posting orders in Personnel Department - Gazetted arrangements

Posting orders in Personnel Department - Gazetted arrangements, 2023

Name of the Officer (s) Shri/Smt., & Post
Transferred to / Posted as
 Gaz/102/2024 26.03.2024 N. Sreenivasa Reddy, DGM/Co-ord & Secy. to GM/SC Chairman, RRB/SC 
 Gaz/96/2024 22.03.2024 Dr. Sopan Kasinath, Associate Professor  -- Is detailed to look after the duties of the post of Principal/RDC/LGD in addition to his own duties temporarily till regular Professor arrangements are made consequent on superannuation of Dr. G. Bhashyam, Associate Professor on 31.03.2024
Gaz/79/2024 06.03.2024J. Srinivas, SPO/Con.
D. Malathi, WPO/LGDS
 Gaz/57/2024 12.02.2024 Gangireddy Sreenivasarao, SAG/IRPS/SWRCPO/Admin/SCR ----
 Gaz/49/2024 01.02.2024 M. Balaji Naik, APO-1/GNT Is detailed to look after the duties of Assistant Registrar, RCT/AMVT temporarily in addition to his existing duties vice Sri Rajashekar Naik, APO-II/GNT. 
 Gaz/33/202419.01.20241. G.R.Sudheer Kumar, Dy.CPO/IR
2.. M.B. Muralidhar, Sr.DPO/BZA
3. N. Subhash, WPO/RYPS
4. A.J.V. Prakash Kumar, DPO/Co-ord/HYB
5. S. Rajashekar Naik, APO-II/GNT
6. N. Santhosh Kumar Reddy, APO/Engg./HYB
7. P. Mnaikya Rao, APO/Bills/BZA
1. Sr. DPO/HYB
2. Dy.CPO/IR
5. APO/Engg/GTL
6. Retained in HYB Division.
 Sl.No.6: Shri N. Santhosh Kumar Reddy, who is issued with the transfer orders to GTL division as APO/Engg./GTL in terms of O.O.No.317/2023 DATED 20.12.2023 is retained at HYB Division duly cancelling his transfer orders to GTL Division.
 Gaz/30/2024 16.01.2024 M.K.Nagaraju, RBA/HQ
Hemanth Wadekar, RBA/SC
Asha Mahesh Kumar, RBA/BZA
Akilesh Sharma, RBA/NED
 -- The officers who are presently in Level-8 of 7th CPC Pay Matrix, are placed in Level-10 w.e.f. 28.04.2020
 Gaz/03/2024 03.01.2024 G.R.Sudheer Kumar, Dy.CPO/IR -- Is placed in Selection Grade in Level-13 of 7th CPC Pay Matrix w.e.f.01.01.2024.
 Gaz/320/2023 29.12.2023Selva Kumar, SS/IRPS, DPO/Co-ord/NED
Katta Anand, SS/IRPS, DPO/BZA
Sr.DPO/BZA vice Shri M. Bala Muralidhar.
Officers are Promoted to JA Grade on adhoc basis.
 Gaz/317/2023 20.12.2023N. Santosh Kumar Reddy, JS/IRPS, APO/Engg,/HYB
P. Manikya Rao, JS/Gr-B, APO/Bills/BZA
 Gaz/298/2023 20.11.2023-- -- The vacant SAG post of CPO/Gaz will ow be operated in General Administration department as DGM/Co-ord & Secretary to GM.
 Gaz/288/2023 07.11.20231. G.R.Sudheer Kumar, Dy.CPO/Co-ord/HQ
2. G. Srinivasa Naik, SPO/Bills
3. S.N.Haq, SPO/Cadre
4. Katta Ananad, DPO/II/SC
5. K. Yettaiah, SPO/HQ
6. K. Ravi Kumar, DPO/Co-ord/NED
7. Selva Kumar, DPO/GTL
8. S.Laxman Rao, Secy. to PCPO & SPO/Engg.
9. K. Balraj, SPO/CH/Medical, CH/LGD
10. Capril Arora, APO/GTL
11. M. Girija, APO/IR
12. Sk. Peer Babu, APO/Confidential
13. M.V. Prasad, APO/Cadre
1. Dy.CPO/IR
2. Secy. to PCPO
5. SPO/Stores
7. DPO/Co-ord/NED
8. SPO/Engg.
10. DPO/GTL (on promotion)
12. APO/Traffic
13. APO/Bills
 Gaz/284/2023 02.11.2023 K. Yettaiah, SPO/HQ Is detailed to look after the duties of WPO/LGDS w.e.f. 19.10.2023 temporarily in addition to his exiting duties vide Smt. D. Malathi, WPO/LGDS, proceed on ex-India leave from 18.10.2023 till further advice 
 Gaz/203/2023 26.07.2023 1. Mudam Anirudh,IRPS-2019
 2. N.Santosh Kumar Reddy, IRPS-2019
2. APO/Cadre/HQ
 1. Posted against existing vacancy
 2. Duly operating the vacant Jr. Scale post of APO/Engg/HQ as APO/Cadre temporarily.
 Gaz/174/2023 06.07.2023D. Narasimha, APO/Engg./HqrsAPO/GazThe vacant post post of APO/Confidential will now be operated as APO/Gaz
 Gaz/172/2023 05.07.2023Sk. Shahbaaz Hanoor, DPO/BZASr.DPO/GNT
vice Smt. Sita Sreenivas Who has retired from Railway Services on 30.06.2023
Enlisted for promotion to JA Grade on adhoc basis, is promoted to JAG on adhoc basis.
 GAZ/157/2023 26.06.2023P. Kishore Babu, NF-HAG/IRPS, CPO/Gaz.Is detailed to look after the duties of the post of PCPO in addition to his own, vice Shri Rajiv Kishore, HAG/IRPS, transferred to Railway Board. 
 Gaz/152/2023 21.06.2023Rajiv Kishore, PCPO/SCR Additional Member
(Human Resources), Railway Board
 Gaz/147/2023 09.06.2023P.Venkateswarlu, JS/Gr.B, APO/HQAEO in Genl. Admin Dept. 
 Gaz/90/2023 05.04.2023Gummalla Valli, Steno Gr-I, Sr.DCM/O/BZAAPO/M/GTLEmpanelled for promotion to the Gr-B post of APO in Level-8 vide Panel No.399/2023 dated 05.04.2023
 Gaz/70/2023 13.03.2023Kishore Kumar Borasi, APO/M/GTLTransferred to West Central Railway on his own request. 

D. Narasimha, APO/M/SC
G. Laxmi Surekha, APO/T/HYB
P. Sreenath, APO-1/GNT
G.Jitender, APO/T/GTL
M.Balaji Naik, APO/NED
Hanumaiah, Ch.OS, PCPO/O/SC
Kamod Kumar Jha, Ch.OS/Sr.DEE/O/NED

On promotion
 Gaz/31/2023 24.01.2023Abhilash Yedla, Sr.DPO/SC - Placed in JA Grade in Level-12 in 7th CPC w.e.f.04.01.2023
 Gaz/02/2023 05.01.2023Prem Kumar Lakavath, JAG/IRPS,
Chairman/RRC & Dy.CPO/A&R/HQ
 -Placed in Selection Grade in Level-13 w.e.f.01.01.2023

Source : South Central Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed : 13-04-2024  

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