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2019 Memorandums


185-Intershop transfer of supervisory staff

184-Select list for promotion to OS.Stores dept.

183-Allotment of Rly.Qrs.-Type.IV

182-Sanction of CCL-Stores dept.staff

181-Sanction of Group Cash Award-CF Shop staff

180-Select ist for MACP

179-Allotment of Rly.Qrs-Type.II


176-VR-B.Hussain Nai,Sr.Tech.CBR

175-Immovable property-U.Kavitha,OS.P

171-Sanction of CTG-K.K.M.Reddy,Rtd.Tech.I.CBR

170-Grant of CCL-D.Vanitha,NS.SDH

169-Allotment of Rly.Qrs-Type.III

168-Grant of honororium for conducting DAR Enquiry-Mohit Tiwari,PE

167-Grant of honororium for conducting DAR Enquiry-U.Ramesh,WM

166-Sanction of settlement dues-Y.Sunkanna,Dy.CMM

165-Sanction of settlement dues-V.Ramaswamy,Sr.Tech.MW

164-Sanction of settlement dues-K.Durgaiah,Sr.Tech.CBR

163-Sanction of settlement dues-C.Kannaiah

162-Sanction of settlement dues-B.Narayana

161-Sanction of settlement dues-D.KUMAR

160-Sanction of settlement dues-C.S.D.Maharaj

159-Sanction of settlement dues-G.Prabhakarmurthy,OS,Stores

158-Sanction of Group Cash Award-Stores Dept.

157-Preparation and supply of ID cum MD card

156-Rounding off to the next multiple of Rs.10-

155-Sanction of CCL staff- Medical Dept.

154-Sanction of CCL staff-Stores Dept.

152-Special Casual Leave in favour of SCRES Office bearers

151-Revision of pay staff of CRS.TPTY

149-Allotment of Rly.Qrs.Type.II

147-Allotment of Rly.Qrs.Type.III

145-Sanction of Maternity Leave

144-Sanction of Paternity Leave

143-Regularisation of absent period of staff

142-Sanction of Encashment of Leave

141-Sanction of CCL

140-Noting of transaction of immovable property-S.Nagendraprasad,Ch.Lab.supdt.RH

138-Rounding off to the next multiple Rs.10- in pay fixation-Sri B.Hussain Naik,Sr.Tech.CBR

137-Sanction of Encashment of Leave

136-Sanction of CCL

135-Sanction of SCL for Scouts people

134-Allotment of Rly.Qrs.Type.II

133-Sanction of paternity leave

132-Group cash award-sanctioned by GM.SCR

131-Sanction of Expr.70th Republic Day celebrations-2019

130-Revision of pay-G.Ramprasad,SSE.Mech.

129-Allotment of Rly.Qrs.Type.III (11.03.2019)

128-Creation of supernumerary post of Tech.I,Mech.(11.03.2019)

127-Sanction of CCL-T.Gowridevi,Tech.3.TL(11.03.2019)

126-Sanction of Paternity leave (09.03.2019)

125-Restoration of pay - S.Feroz,Tech.3,CBR(08.03.2019)

124-Restoration of pay - M.Surendra Reddy,Sr.Tech.CBR(08.03.2019)

123-Making entry of Higher education qualification in SRs(08.03.2019)

122-Allotment of Rly.Qrs.Type.iIII (08.03.2019)

121-Deduction of transport allowance staff of CRS.TPTY(08.03.2019)

120-Voluntary retirement-D.V.Ramana,Sr.Tech.Paint(07.03.2019)

119-Allotment of Rly.Qrs.Type.III (02.03.2019)

118-Noting of Immovable property-D.Thejawini,Sr.Nursing Supdt.SDH(01.03.2019)

117-Change of initial-P.S.Hemalatha,w.o.K.Raju,Sr.Tech.CBR(11.03.2019)

116-Subjecting for typing test-results (01.03.2019)

115-Sanction of Paternity leave(01.03.2019)

114-Revision of pay-Sri Prasantkumar,Tech.II.TL(27.02.2019)

113-Sanction of Group Cash Award by MRS (27.02.2019)

112-Allotment of Rly.Qrs.Type.IV(27.02.2019)

111-Sanction of SCL to RI members(25.02.2019)

110-Sanction of sett.dues-N.Sankarachary,Tech.I,CBR(25.02.2019)

109-Sanction of sett.dues-D.Jayapal,Asst.Depot.Stores(25.02.2019)

108-Revision of inc. - N.Sankarachary,Tech.I.CBR (22.02.2019)

107-Grant of honororium for conducting DAR inquiry to WPO.CRS (22.02.2019)

106-Allotment of Rly.Qrs.Type.IV(21.02.2019)
Corrigendum to memorandum No.106.2019(25.02.2019)

105-Sanction forr Procurement of LAPTOP to WPO.CRS(21.02.2019)

104-Sanction of sett.dues-P.Rajasekhar,Ex.Tech.CF(19.02.2019)

103-Mutual Exchange of Rly.Qrs.Type.III(19.02.2019)

102-Sanction of FA to next kith and kin of deceased employee(19.02.2019)

101-Sanction of sett.dues-C.Nagi Reddy,Sr.Tech.TL(19.02.2019)

100-Sanction of Encashment of leave(19.02.2019)

99-Sanction of sett.dues-C.Venkateswarlu,Dresser(18.02.2019)

98-Allotment of Rly.Qrs.Type.III (18.02.2019)

97-Sanction of absent period of employees(18.02.2019)

96-Sanction of Legal fee(18.02.2019)

95-Sanction of sett.dues-V.Divakar,Ex.SSE.Mech(06.02.2019)

94-Refixation of pay for grant advance inc-S.Subramanyamraju,Ex.Tech.I,Paint(15.02.2019)

93-Termination of service-P.Muniramaiah,Sr.Tech.CBR(14.02.2019)

92-Grant of funeral advance-P.Muniramaiah,Ex.SrTech.CBR(14.02.2019)

91-Sanction of CCL(14.02.2019)

90-Allotment of Rly.Qrs.Type.IV (14.02.2019)

89-Retention of Rly.Qrs.Type.III(14.02.2019)

88-Sanction of PL-Dr.Y.Venkatesh,ADMO.SDH(13.02.2019)

87-Intershop transfers(13.02.2019)

86-Sanction of CCL (12.02.2019)

85-Excess avaling of LAP-C.Venkateswarlu,HA.SDH (11.02.2019)

84-Revision of Inc.-G.P.Murthy,Ex.Guard,now OS.Stores(11.02.2019)

83-Allotment of Rly.Qrs.Type.I (11.02.2019)

82-Procurement of HP Laserjet Printer(11.02.2019)

81-Sanction of PL(11.02.2019)

80-Inclusion of divorced daughter in PRCP-P.Surendra Reddy,Ex.Sr.Tech.MW(11.02.2019)

79-Allotment of Rly.Qrs.Type.II (09.02.2019)

78-Allotment of Rly.Qrs.Type.II (09.02.2019)

77-Sanction of sett.dues-P.Venkateswarlu,Ex.Tech.I,Paint(08.02.2019)

76-Sanction of sett.dues-M.Sathyanarayana,,Ex.Sr.Tech,TL(08.02.2019)

75-Sanction of sett.dues-P.Munirathnam,Ex.Tech.I,CBR(08.02.2019)

74-Grant of Reimb.cost of spectacles(08.02.2019)

73-Deduction of Tranp.allow.for long ab,leave,sick (08.02.2019)

72-Allotment of Rly.Qrs.Type.III (07.02.2019)

71-Sanction of Ex.India Leave (07.02.2019)

70-Allotment of Rly.Qrs.Type.I (06.02.2019)

69-Allotment of Rly.Qrs.Type.III (06.02.2019)

68-Grant of CTG (05.02.2019)

67-Sanction of Settlement dues-S.Arulmurugan,Tech.III.TL(06.02.2019)

66-Sanction of CCL(05.02.2019)

65-Sanction of paternility leave(05.02.2019)

64-Select list of Mech.Dept(04.02.2019)

63-Select list of Mech.Dept(04.02.2019)

62-IRMT - B.Pothuraju,as HelperMWF(02.02.2019)

61-Revision of seniority of WMF Trade (31.01.2019)

60-Retention of Rly.Qrs.CRS-Ch.Ramasatyanarana,JE.W.GTL(01.02.2019)

59-Retention of CRS-G.Prakash,JE.W.GTL(01.02.2019)

58-Allotment of Rly.Qrs.Type.I(31.01.2019)

57-Allotment of Rly.Qrs.Type.III(31.01.2019)

56-Sanction of sett.dues-N.Venkataswamy,Tech.I,Wheel(29.01.2019)

55-Sanction of sett.dues-M.C.Raghuram,SSE.Mech.(29.01.2019)

54- Sanction of Settlement Dues of A.K.Winston(29.01.2019)

53- Sanction for Payment of Compensation under ECA-1923

52- Sanction of Paternity Leave (28.01.2019)

51-Formation of panel JE.Elec.(25.01.2019)

50-Sanction of Pay in f.o.J.Mamatha,Pharmacist(24.01.2019)

49-Sanction of Cash

48-Absorprition of SK.Art.-CG-(24.01.2019)

47- Allotment of Type-II Railway Quarters (23.01.2019)

46-Grant of TPTA at double the normal rate for PH employees(23.01.2019)

45-Sanction of EL in f.o.Stores Dept.staff(23.01.2019)

44-Sanction of EL in f.o.staff of Mech.Dept.CRS(23.01.2019)

43- Regularization of Absent Period (23.01.2019)

42- Permission for Retention of Railway Quarters

41-Revision of pay-MC.Raghuram,SSE.Mech.(19.01.2019)

40- Scouts and Guides onduty on 17.01.2019 in honour to CRB/NDLS

39- Sanction of Leave Encashment (23.01.2019)

38-Sanction for procurement of 3 nos.HP Laser jet printer catridges(19.01.2019)

37- Allotment of Type-II Railway Quarters (19.01.2019)

36-JE-Elec.witten exam results (22.01.2019)


34- Sanction of Child Care Leave (19.01.2019)

33- Regularization of Absent Period

32-Sanction of PL-Dr.P.V.P.Kumar,ADMO.CRS(18.01.2019)

31- Civil Defence Training from 18.01.2019 to28.01.2019 (17.01.2019)

30-Cash Awards to TA personnel (12.01.2019)

29-Sanction of sett.dues case of K.Lakshmaiah,Ex.Helper.Stores(12.01.2019)

28- Termination of Service (11.01.2019)

27-Retention of Rly.Qrs in f.o.Smt.K.Danalaksh,wife of late K.Narasimhulu,Sr.Tech.CBR(11.01.2019)

26- Sanction of Paternity Leave (11.01.2019)

25- Sanction of Maternity Leave (11.01.2019)

24-Annual Increment of staff.CRS.TPTY (09.01.2019)

23-Sanction of Funeral Advance case of S.Venkatachalapathy,Ex.Sr.Tech.TL(09.01.2019)

22- Regularization of Absent Period (08.01.2019)

21- Allotment of Type-III Railway Quarters (08.01.2019)

20- Inter Railway Mutual Transfer (08.01.2019)

19- Allotment of Type-II Railway Quarters (07.01.2019)

18-Conversion of LAP into CCL-K.Leelavathi,OS.Pbr.(27.2.2019)

17- DAR Action  Major Penalty-S.Meeraiah,Sr.Tech (05.01.2019)

16- Sanction of Group Cash Award to CD staff(05.01.2019)

15- Callining up Notice for Annual Training Camp for TA personal(04.01.2019)

14- Revision of stipendiary scales case of Sri S.Pradeep,Tr.Tech(08.01.2019)

13- Payment of Stipend to Act Apprentice (04.01.2019)

12- Select List-Tech-II & Tech-III_Welder Trade (04.01.2019)

11- Termination of Service (04.01.2019)

10- Deduction of Transport Allowance of Artisan Staff (05.01.2019)

09- Allotment of Rly.Qrs(MIG)Type.III(04.01.2019)

08- Inclusion of Invalid Son (09.01.2019)

07- Revision of pay case of Sri P.Rajasekhar,Tech.II,T.No.6162(04.01.2019)

06- Termination of Service (03.01.2019)

05- Allotment of Type-I Railway Quarters (03.01.2019)

04- Select list of Tech-II of Carpenter Trade (03.01.2019)

03- Sanction of Funeral Advance case of K.Narasimhulu, Ex.Sr.Tech.CBR(03.01.2019)

02- Sanction of Hospital Leave towards IOD (03.01.2019)

01- Inter Shop Transfer -Mechanical Department (02.01.2019)

Source : South Central Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed : 08-07-2019  

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